August 10, 2011

BBQ Stakes 10th August 2011

BBQ Stakes 10th August 2011

Today's winner was Daniel Buckley, having a purple patch with his running recently..

Second was Sonja McKenna followed in third place by Roger Palazzo.

Dolph Page is due for a T-Shirt after another 3 runs.

Nathan Smythe is back at the Stakes after an absence for several weeks, and still running well from the backmarkers, while Bill Bennett and Matthew Murphy are also among the backmarkers.

Gabrielle Wright continues to run although almost last to finish, she has lost some weight recently, and it is easier for her to get to the run, since she moved to Woden a few months previously. Tim however, has not yet rejoined running at the stakes.

Kathleen Bleakley was early to the start today, after having returned from a holiday in Morocco.


Blogger strewth said...

You're a week ahead of yourself Doug:) I wonder if the results on 19th will be the same!! I think I prefered the run going this direction instead of the other way like last week:)It was great to see so many familiar faces including yours!

10:03 pm, August 11, 2011  
Blogger Friar said...

Thanks to Strewth, I have now corrected the incorrectness of the post

11:19 am, August 13, 2011  

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