August 03, 2011

BBQ Stakes 3 rd August 2011

BBQ Stakes 3 rd August 2011

Daniel Buckley was looking for a win today after winning the Lake Tuggeranong Stakes handicap yesterday.

Daniel finished in second place today, after being rehandicapped to start off scratch. Winner today was Terry Levings, which he did with plenty in reserve, as he crossed the line, a long way in front of second placed Dan Buckley. The team trophy went to Health. Elle Knight ran with Kerrie Tanner, Roger Pilkington (now on 895 BBQ Stakes runs) came in rather slowly, these all ran in the Bush Capital events on the weekend. Kerrie in 4:03:00 and Elle in 4:07:00.

60 finishers today in what could have been a prelude to the summer of running events, about to get under way.

Ruth Baussmann ran with Jennifer today. It is always good to have Ruth in the field because of her bubbly personality, and as a member of the speedygeese runnung group.


Blogger strewth said...

Aaaw - you are so sweet:) I really enjoyed the run. It's challenging and I'll definitely get lost if I run on my own!!

10:00 pm, August 03, 2011  

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