March 24, 2010

BBQ Stakes 24th March 2010

A field of 58 ran in the BBQ Stakes today.

Winner was Garry Lee in a time of 39:56 across the line, then followed Terry Levings (40:01) in second place, with Bob Harlow crossing the line at 40:15 to take third place on the day.

Garry Lee has a PB from 7 May 1980 of 19:23 and a recent PB of 28:41 it being 44 runs since his last win. Garry has a total of 376 runs in the Stakes.

Terry Levings after his recent string of high placings will probably take out a win soon , judging by seeming to have plenty in reserve for third place today. John Barrett who drives to the event weekly, didn't recover his keys today after the run. However, keys of Roger Braid were left in the box, so that may explain John's missing keys.

I am led to believe that Sharene Hurman got her name in the weekend Australian over her wearing of Vibram socks.

Note my other Blogspot about Vibram Socks / running barefoot which was in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Sharene is saving herself for a 100 mile event in May of this year. Good Luck.


Blogger Friar said...

Adrian Plunkett returned to the Stakes today, having toured to play Golf at Barnbougle Golf Course in Victoria over the past two weeks or so.

4:42 pm, March 24, 2010  

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