March 20, 2006

Cloud Cover Contributes Cool Conditions

For my last long run before the Marathon.

No, I'm not doing the marathon, just doing some training, today was the Cotter 15 (miles), which turns out to be 23.3 kilometres.

Just over 3 hours today, cutting 10 minutes off from a month ago, and a massive 20 minutes off the 2005 end of year run, when John D celebrated his birthday.

Hope I can get out there at monthly intervals for the rest of the year.
That is number 205 now, and a couple of years ago, my aim was to stay in front of my Vets Handicap Tally. I now have that comfortably in hand, with 183 Vets Handicaps.

A large number of people were camping at the Cotter Camping area, and a huge number of people were at the Cotter reserve having picnics on this public holiday.

A welcome sight was a portable van selling soft drinks and Coffee.
Sadly, I had no money to buy a coffee, so had to wait until reaching home for coffee with lunch.

Maybe I should take a small amount of money with me next time, but then, the van may not be there.

Met Julie and John C who were investigating the walking trails around the Cotter, so told then about the trails from Pine Island to Casuarina Sands, and left them to explore those walking trails at the Cotter reserve.

Until next Time.

March 19, 2006

Dare I Look

28km from Duffy to the bike path around LBG and around West Basin and Return, in 1 hour 48 minutes.

Forerunner Man was hanging on for dear life, and beeping at regular intervals.

This was especially so, for I travelled clockwise, and going down the hill just past the Governor General's place, I dare not look to see why Forerunner man was beeping quicker than previously.

He was travelling at over 35 kph, and unforunately I dare not look for too long, because the tunnel under Lady Denman drive was faaaast approaching.

Yes, my new (still relatively unused) Schwinn Bike was almost flying.

Best Pace was a 1 minute 37 seconds kilometre.

Only 546 calories used. But the exhilaration of wind at that speed really made for a great ride out and back. Even a few riders on horses, stopped and waited for me to pass by, before they proceeded to cross the bike path. (Shared recreational path.)

Until next time.

March 13, 2006

Weston Creek Half Marathon 2006

Good to be a part of this event, and it was good to be a member in two relay teams.

One team had three runners, with legs of 7km, 7km, 7.1km.

The other team had two runners, each with legs of 10.5km.

Was a cloud covered start, which cloud cleared after reaching the half way point.

Then I jogged back to the 14km mark to record the time of our second leg runner in the 3 person team, and got a lift back to the finish to see a lot of runners finishing, as well as our 3rd person in the 3 member team.

Times were Doug 1:00.16, Yumiko 1:02.13 for a total of 2:02.29, andDoug 39:23, Josie 52:32, Neil 46:04 for a total of 2:17.55.

We didn't win any barrel draws, but I'm sure that they are a feature of this event, and the Venue of the Irish Club is great for the organising before, and the presentations afterwards.

Thinking of next year already, how can I increase my participation in Relay teams??

Until Next Time

March 07, 2006

Wrestling With The Wind

Running around Narrabundah Hill yesterday afternoon, I thought the Westerly wind was pretty strong. First lap was Clockwise, second lap was Anticlockwise.

Second lap, running westward, Forerunner Man had me travelling just under 6 minutes/km, and as I rounded the corner was travelling at over 6 minutes /km.

So, I must have used a bit of power against the wind.

And then I read in the paper today, of a tree being blown down onto a house by the wind.

Lucky there are no trees left in the forest to be blown down, although there are plenty of small pine trees growing now. I didn't think they had plans to plant any more.??

Until Next Time.

March 04, 2006

Triathlon Traffic

Run today was around West Basin commencing at the bottom of Novar Street.

A triathlon was in progress around my run start time, and they were on their run leg, only to Banks St, then into Weston Park Road, and return.

On heading around the lake, after Banks St, there were only joggers, walkers bike riders, etc.

Then L from the Jogalong ladies was on her early morming Jog, and we said hello.

Some lads were fishing beyond Scrivener dam, which helped prepare for the hill, done easily but at a slow pace, past the 7.1km relay changeover spot for the Weston Creek Half Marathon.

That was actually my reason for choosing this run, so as to refamiliarise myself with the terrain for the WC Half. I will be in two relay teams, a team of three, and a team of two.

So I'll be running with two team numbers on the chest. :-)

Hope I tag the right person at each changeover point.

After the 8km mark, G caught up, and ran with me to the Black Mountain Peninsula, he was on his second lap in training for the Canberra Marathon, having met with M on his first lap in training for the Six Foot Track. Just before the Commonwealth Ave Bridge, a couple of girls asked another to take their photo. Then after the bridge, a few were riding back from the Triathlon. The run leg had finished, and I got back to the car at Novar Street, to watch a family of Four (2kids), feeding/playing around the swans.

Surprised by having a recent Pb for this course, even though I expected to be slower, and with a Loo stop thrown in at Nara Peace Park. and a water stop at the Ferry Terminal.

Until Next Time