December 27, 2012

Restoration to Bathroom

We have an end of lease restoration work under way, and this is part of the restored bathroom.

Lots of work needed elsewhere, but work is proceeding well.

Being near the Christmas holiday period, means it is difficult to get tradesmen to commit, so there are a few holdups in that department.

It's a two bedroom unit in Queanbeyan, top floor and a garage,  in a block of 10 units.
Easy travel to Canberra, only a few minutes drive.

Our tenant was there for over 20 years.

December 22, 2012

Duffy Shops Coffee "Cafe"

Just as they got this "word of mouth" advertising, they close down until 12 th January.

December 19, 2012

Recently opened Coffee Shop at Duffy

Posted on Coffee and Chat of PC Users Group.


If anyone would like to have a light meal or drink/buy some good coffee, they could treat themselves at a recently-opened shop at Duffy (where the computer shop used be).

The shop attracts a steady clientele, and they have indoor and outdoor tables; a printed menu offers light snacks as well as a variety of coffee, fresh brewed to order.

An extensive parking area is available, and a local supermarket provides a good shopping experience.

Milk and Bread are staples sold, fresh vegetables are also stocked

They also act as the local post office


And a follow up comment :-

Having moved from Duffy to Dungog I am somewhat peeved that Duffy has a decent coffee shop. Given that almost the entire population of Weston Creek are now retired its about time they had some appropriate activities at our shops!!!!!


BBQ Stakes 19th December 2012

The Honest John award (in memory of John Carmody) was this year awarded to Julie Quinn.  She was also the second leg fastest in the annual Christmas Relay.  Her time last week was 26:03, fastest female, and Sandy Lolicato was fastest male in 26:07.

Alex was the winner today, with across the line in 40:27,  His P.B. is 31:15,on 19th December 2012, with 41 runs, this is his second win.

Last time he was timekeeping, he messed the clock by pressing the wrong button, so hope he does better next time.

December 13, 2012

BBQ Stakes 13 December 2012 Christmas Relay

On this occasion, a field of 24 relay teams started assembling from 5:00 pm, for the 5:30 pm start to this imaginative Christmas relay event, devised by Terry Levings. 

As well as others, Judy Kuleas took on the role of Masterchef for the Sausage cooking and did a master chef job in keeping all fed and happy after the relay event had finished.

There were also vegetarian mince patties for those inclined.

And one of the vegetarian regular runners brought their own eats, to be on the safe side. 

She has been wearing a running skort for the last few weeks, and sometimes rides her bike to the event.

Bob Harlow and Alex were awarded a barrel draw prize, for some unknown reason. Perhaps it was a  special award?

First across the line in the relay were Simon Heinicken and Geoff King at 39:51. second over the line were Daniel Buckley and Lloyd Edwards, while Rad Leovic and Roger Pilkington, the eventual relay winners, 14th across the line.   For a photo of them holding the winning trophy, refer below from Kerrie Tanner's facebook page.

The pointscore for the year 2012 was won by Richard Jukes, second was Matthew Murphy, and third was Julie Quinn.

Matthew Murphy was consistent his fastest 22:44, and slowest at 34:22.

800th T-shirt was presented to Ian Hore, while 100th run T-Shirt was presented to Richard Jukes.

Richard's P.B. stands at 23:19.

Ian Hore's P.B. is 23:52 achieved on 29 May 1991.  He now runs the Lake Ginninderra Handicap, as well as the BBQ Stakes, when he can get there..

Mentioned for their contributions to the good running of this event during the year were, Kerrie Tanner, Terry Dixon, Brian Crowe, Doug Fry, Adrian Plunkett, Garry Bowen, Nick Walshe and the Runners Shop. I'm sure Adrian Plunkett, and Garry Bowen fit into that group as well.

December 06, 2012

SCT Turkey Run will be held on the 22nd of December.

South Canberra Tuggeranong Athletics Club

Turkey Run
It's back again! One of the most anticipated events of the year, the annual SCT Turkey Run will be held on the 22nd of December.
Starting at 9am the run (which changes course each year), will be approximately 4km. Competitors run without a watch and guess their time before the race starts. The fastest runner does not neccesarily win, it is the runner that is closest to the time they guessed who wins.
Sponsored by The Runners Shop Canberra there will be vouchers and barrel draw prizes, including an actual turkey.

To be held at Fadden Pines Tuggeranong.

December 05, 2012

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 5 th December 2012

Last Week's winner was Michael Debenham from IP Australia.

The team trophy today was won by the Others, even though Geoff King was 2 nd today, an IPAustralia team member.

Terry Levings was middle of the field, Daniel Buckley thought he may come in 50th or more today, but finished higher placed than he thought he would.

A string of about 6 runners didn't run in reverse today, the teams trophy day.

They were told however when starting, that today was in reverse. 

Lloyd Donnelly, recently returned, was the winner at 39:54.  He will no doubt continue to improve now he is regularly running. 

 Roger Pilkington and Robert Ey, looked as though they had a struggle today, with no Zip over the finish line.  There were a couple of new starters today, and a couple of recent starters adding to their run totals.

Next Week the Christmas relay is to be held, 12 th December, at a start time of 5:30 pm.

Presentations and awards are to be made at about 6:45 pm.

Contact Adrian Plunkett at IPAustralia 6283 2388, or Terry Levings at 0409891616, for more details.

Cost of BBQ is $2 per head with a variety of food and drinks to be available, including some vegetarian food.

Contacts for more information:-

Adrian.Plunkett (62832388)

terry levings (0409891616)

December 04, 2012

Mt Ainslie Run Up Tuesday 4 December 2012

The annual Trevor Jacobs Mt Ainslie Run Up Christmas Handicap was held on Tuesday 4 th December.

The event started  from Remembrance Park across Treloar Cres from the War Memorial.

Rad Leovic, who does 25 mins at age 85, was front marker starting at 12.45pm.

It is free. Newcomers are welcome but will not be eligible for the prizes.

Runners arrived early  to get their  names ticked off on the handicap start list. 

There was a special presentation to Trevor Jacobs (aka Gramps) as it was his 100th Mt Ainslie Run Up.  He ran up to the top carrying a bottle of wine for each of the male and female winners. The male winner was Andrew Sutcliffe, the female winner was Caroline Campbell, who I think was the only female runner today.  Trevor Jacobs won the deep space marathon this year and is a regular at this run.  Adrian Sheppard, another regular asked for a tougher handicap on the interests of fairness to others.  Martin Dent also entered the run, and was the backmarker.  There were over 25 runners today, on a very windy course, and that made it a little cooler for running.  Thane Siharaff crossed the line first, but was declared ineligible because of insufficient runs during the year, his friend, John Dimitriou finished about 6th place after starting off 6 minutes, I think. 

Andrew Sutcliffe was declared the winner, he ran in a top, to protect himself from the weather. 

Nick Blackaby took home a Christmas pudding as a prize for being given a tough handicap.

 Rad's time was 25:12, and Nick's time was 25:10.

Peter Burke, Craig Wurtz, Michael Brown, Paul Veldkamp, Giles Lamb, Tony Beasley, also competed amongst the field.

Geoff Monro made an announcement about the South Canberra Tuggeraniong Turkey run to be held on 22 nd December over 4km  in Bugden Avenue.

Refer another blog on this posting.