September 29, 2010

BBQ Stakes 29 th September 2010

Andrew Guild stood in the timekeepers shoes today.

Despite having a reasonably light to heavy cold, Andrew stood in for the winner from last week, who was unable to come today. Andrew would not have come except he needed a signature from a person at his workplace who was at meetings all morning.

He was going to have the afternoon off after getting the required signature.

48 competed today with the winner being Colin Phillips, a relative newcomer with 23 runs and a PB of 35:02 on 9 th June 2010. Colin agreed to do the timekeeping next week.Second place went to Peter Marlton finishing on 41:06, 3 rd placed Nathan Smythe, finished in 41:06.

Returning today from his trip overseas was Roger Pilkington, who jogged around with Robert Ey. Robert and Roger have run many marathons between them and are good running pals. Roger filled us in on Carolyne's medical condition and trials and tribulations, having been in touch with her recently.

Results courtesy of Kerrie Tanner.
Finish Number Runner Name Net Time,
1 Tanner Kerrie 33:56, 2 Stakelum Patrick 31:40, 3 Braid Rodger 30:25, 4 Stockwell Stuart 33:35, 5 Robinson Belinda 34:50, 6 Phillips Colin 34:50, Marlton Peter 30:17, 8 Smyth Nathan 24:36, 9 Larmour Helen 27:14, 10 Wight Bruce 25:24, 11 Carters Emma 31:25, 12 Lee Garry 26:49, 13 Levings Terry 30:37, 14 Swann James 25:55, 15 Walker Andrew 29:56, 16 Adams Eddie 26:43, 17 Sheahan Daniel 27:01, 18 White Felix 24:49, 19 Blyton Andrew 24:35, 20 Donnelly Lloyd 32:52, 21 Chao Raymond 27:40, 22 Quinn Julie 26:14, 23 Farrington Paul 37:30, 24 Thompson Simon 29:18, 25 Bowen Gary 25:50, 26 Barr Lorna 28:51, 27 Baumgarten Paul 29:23, 28 King Geoff 28:43, 29 Dixon Terry 30:06, 30 Borgo Travis 32:24, 31 Bilos Peter 30:12, 32 Godeck Axel 32:42, 33 Bleakley Kathleen 33:13, 34 Scheding John 36:36, 35 Campbell Caroline 38:05, 36 Paniagua John 27:12, 37 Powrie Heather 36:48, 38 Carters Melissa 28:50, 39 Leseberg Darren 29:24, 40 Pilkington Roger 33:03, 41 Ey Robert 33:04, 42 Brown Des 27:39, 43 Luton Andrew 32:37, 44 Busteed John 46:47, 45 Hore Ian 37:32, 46 Plunkett Adrian 47:40, 47 Wilson Marc 47:41, 48 McAullay Damien 32:24.

September 23, 2010

The 33rd Weston Creek Family Fun Run is on at 10am on the 24th October 2010

The 33rd Weston Creek Family Fun Run is on at 10am on the 24th October 2010
The race starts and finishes at the Irish Club in Weston. The course is 6km long and follows bike paths around Weston Creek.

There are lots of category and random draw prizes.

To register online go to

Also, R4YL Magazine is offering runners entered in all events over the Western Creek Fun Run a special 12-month subscription for just $9.95. That's a saving of over 75%

BBQ Stakes 22 September 2010

A Huge field turned out today, for the occasion of Hugh Moore being awarded his 300 th run T-Shirt.

67 runners applauded the award, especially since only 12 months previously, Hugh was hospitalised for a long time, and it was touch and go for his recovery.

Hugh has had 53 runs since his last win with a personal best of 20:25 back on 4th August 1982.

His finishing time today was 40:19, so he was well placed in today's field. Eddie Adams was second placed today, with Terrt Levings in third place.

Detailed results will be posted when available.

September 17, 2010

ACTVAC Winter Throwing Championshipsmembers:

Volunteers are needed for the Winter Throwing Championships.
ACTVAC is running the WTC over 2,3,4 October at Masson St, Turner.
Proceeds go to our club - ACTVAC.If you could spare an hour or more it will lighten our load.

Phone Jayne Hardy 0412262257 if you can help with:
Setting up ground, including tents
Dismantling ground, including tents, delivering chairs / equipment to throwing areas.
Helping with equipment

Phone Sharon Gibbins 49751750 or Email if you can help with:
Small canteen each day
Organising the BBQ Sunday night (food prep, tables, balloons, dismantle)

Phone Ray Green 49751750 or 62316712 or email above if you can help with:
Writing place cards
Collecting implements

Thank you,
Sharon Gibbins
Organising committee WTC

Bathurst Edgell Jog 2010

EDGELL JOG: Rowe burns jog rivals on flats

13 Sep, 2010

SYDNEY runner Tim Rowe has sealed what he describes as the highlight of his career after a comfortable all-the-way win in the 35th Edgell Jog yesterday.
Rowe led from the early stages of the race, was never seriously headed and delivered on his pre-race plan to make the most of the downhill and flat sections as he clocked a winning time of 22 minutes, 52 seconds.
Former winners Phillo Saunders and Thomas Crasti gave chase along with Canberra runner Thomas Do Canto after pulling well clear of the rest of the field within the first few kilometres.
Having opened up a gap of around 50 metres into the Esrom Street hill climb, Rowe maintained the buffer he then extended his lead further. He had effectively doubled his advantage as he reached Rocket Street after the half-way mark.
There were a handful of hopeful attempts from the chasing trio to run him down but none of them could make a dent in his lead and the race became a battle for second spot over the closing kilometres.
With the benefit of experience on his side having twice finished second in addition to his victory in 2007, Saunders (23.03) who had looked to be struggling at one stage, kicked clear of Do Canto (23.08) in the run to the line with Crasti (23.23) following for fourth.
The winning time was just under a minute slower than that of race record holder Shaun Creighton who won the eight kilometre event in 1997.
“It was a bit warm, it was my first time on the course and to be honest I wasn’t expecting that hill [Esrom Street] to be so tough, it just seemed to go on forever,” Rowe said afterwards.
“I had thought about trying to pace myself with the leaders and then kick at the end but I decided to go out pretty hard instead and hope I could hold on and fortunately it did.
“I haven’t don’t a lot of hill work lately so all the climbs hurt, even the last one to the finish line. I planned pretty early on to go as hard as I could on the downs and flats and just hang on going up the hills.”
The Sydney runner nominated his previous athletic highlight as a sixth place in the 2008 City 2 Surf, but said this win easily surpassed that.
“This is number one now for sure. It was great to come out here and get a win,” he said.
Saunders said that his track running background helped him fight back in the dying stages to claim second after he looked in trouble mid-way through the race.
“I pretty much held my own going up the hills and then on the way down Thomas Crasti came past and put me under a bit of pressure,” the Canberra runner said.
“My track background holds me in pretty good stead though in terms of running around other people in the late stages of a race.”

September 16, 2010

BBQ Stakes 15 th September 2010

A field of of 57 today, with the winner of the tuggeranong Stakes on the previous day, Danny Hansen also competing. Matthew Murphy one of the last to start, finished well up in the field. Matthew Murphy ran 36:20 in the 10 km Canberra Times Run last Sunday. Lloyd Edwards was the first to finish, but was not eligible to win. The winner was Danny Hansen who also won the Lake Tuggeranong Stakes Handicap on the previous day. Second was Julie Quinn with John Barret taking out the bronze position. Lloyd Donnelly was awarded his 300th run T-Shirt, his first run was in March 1995, with a PB of 25;00 minutes. He has had 11 wins in that time. Raymod Chao celebrates 1 year of running the BBQ Stakes. Kerrie Tanner ran in the Canberra Times Fun Run with the training group of more than 100, in a time of 54:04. Bob Harlow reports that Carolyne has been in Dorset County Hospital for 8 days, and has been very sick. She is likely to be there for several more days. At last she has started to perk up a little.

Results courtesy Kerrie Tanner

Finish Number Runner Name Net Time,
1 Edwards Lloyd 32:17, 2 Srejic Rade 37:21, 3 Hansen Danny 28:16,
4 Quinn Julie 25:25, 5 Barrett John 29:02, 6 Swann James 26:18,
7 Moore Hugh 29:22, 8 Walker Andrew 29:40, 9 Gatley Simon 25:44,
10 Smyth Nathan 25:15, 11 Phillips Colin 35:47, 12 Murphy Matthew 22:45, 13 Levings Terry 31:11, 14 Plunkett Adrian 39:14, 15 Larmour Helen 27:47,
16 Adams Eddie 27:21, 17 Scheding John 35:40, 18 Leovic Rad 40:43,
19 King Geoff 28:59, 20 Ey Robert 29:53, 21 Bowen Gary 26:27,
22 Marlton Peter 32:04, 23 Wight Bruce 26:38, 24 Gardiner Paul 30:39,
25 Tanner Kerrie 30:15, 26 Wilks Leanne 35:06, 27 Borgo Travis 32:07,
28 Stokkel Inge 37:11, 29 Chao Raymond 29:04, 30 Bennett Bill 25:36,
31 Rigby Linda 39:25, 32 Simeonovic Bill 39:26, 33 Dixon Terry 30:43,
34 Diamond Judy 32:46, 35 Stakelum Patrick 32:05, 36 Smith Steve 31:26,
37 Matthews Tavishi 30:20, 38 Sheahan Daniel 27:44, 39 Heinicke Simon 33:00,
40 Powrie Heather 36:07, 41 Hennig Victoria 30:56, 42 Guild Andrew 32:31,
43 McAullay Damien 27:38, 44 Donnelly Lloyd 33:15, 45 Farrington Paul 40:01,
46 Chapman Kevin 38:17, 47 Blyton Andrew 27:10, 48 Talwar Singh 32:51,
49 Busteed John 44:22, 50 Leseberg Darren 29:39, 51 Campbell Caroline 39:49,
52 Stockwell Stuart 40:43, 53 Hore Ian 37:33, 54 Bleakley Kathleen 34:41, 55 Fox Keith 42:14, 56 Dimitriou Ana 50:32.

September 15, 2010

Lake Tuggeranong Stakes Tuesday 14 th September 2010

A regular turnout of runners today with one new runner on the day.

Danny Hansen was awarded his 100 runs T-Shirt and was also the winner of today's handicap.

Danny has a PB of 23:57 which he ran on 30th April 2003. He finished on 39 minutes.

Rad completed the course in 38:51 gross, being the first to commence from a handicap of zero.

Gordon Calcino tuned up, pushing a shopping trolley, which he regularly does, I think he does a collection of rubbish on the way to the handicap, and he was one of the first to finish.

The Woden bunch turned up, with Ian Hore starting off something like 6 minutes.

However, Dolph Page was not with them, probably due to a tough run in The Canberra Times Fun Run the previous Sunday.

September 08, 2010

BBQ Stakes Resuts 8 th September 2010

BBQ Stakes 8 th September 2010.

First eligible across the line was Lorna Barr, who last week, finished in 7 th place. Second eligible was Matthew Murphy, and 3rd eligible was Hugh Moore. A field more like usual size, of 56 ran today, with Binh Dang being the first to return due to being injured. That's the second time in the last few weeks, when he has finished early due to being injured. (He was in both cases, unable to complete the 6 km course. Geoff Moore has been hit with a sore Achilles, so did not compete today, it may be a while before he recovers. This comes soon after suffering a hamstring injury. Roger Pilkington recently completed an overseas marathon, and is probably looking for a further race to run, he is a regular runner of the BBQ Stakws.

Brian Crowe after his recent holiday, recorded the finishers, with Doug Fry handing out place cards, Helen Larmour arrived in plenty of time time to start off her handicap, as did Matthew Murphy with another great time, last week he ran 22:48.

Kerrie Tanner ran with Leah Afiabo, who hadn't run for a few weeks, and they crossed the line together, with Kerrie letting Leah take the earlier place card.

Kerrie is associated with The Canberra Times traing group, of about 150 or so who will be competing in The Canberra Times Family Fun Run, with about 3500 others, this coming Sunday. Good luck to all the training Group and to the BBQ stakes runners competing in that run.

With the VFL season progressing to the finals, a remark was made to some of the more ardent AFL supporters, about their teams' fate in the current season.

Lloyd Donnelly will be due for his 300 th T-Shirt next week, provided he completes the run.

September 06, 2010

World Mountain Running Championships results

World Mountain Running Championships results

Thanks to John Harding for these.

Full results:
Vanessa finished 42nd, Scott McTaggart 49th, John Winsbury 116th.

Top 10 and Australian results:

26th World Mountain Running Championships
Kamnik/SLO – 5. Sept. 2010

Start: Kisovec (1240 m) Length: 4,5 km
Finish: Gradisce (1660 m) Ascent: 430 m
Number of finishers: 51 Descent: 10 m
1 316 CAN Yasemin 92 TUR 0:24:04
2 317 DAG Burcu 91 TUR 0:24:42
3 113 PANTHEON Adelaide 91 FRA 0:24:48
4 229 WENG Heidi 91 NOR 0:25:25
5 262 NEGRU Cristina 91 RUM 0:26:01
6 288 EINFALT Lea 94 SLO 0:26:15
7 129 BUCHANAN Catriona 91 GBR 0:26:26
8 261 DRAGOMIR Denisa 92 RUM 0:26:30
9 318 TARHAN Yagmur 91 TUR 0:26:34
10 242 PALUCH Kamila 94 POL 0:26:39
13 13 HUMPHRY Bronwyn 92 AUS 0:26:49
39 12 DONEGAN Laura Rose 93 AUS 0:29:44

Start: Primoz (700 m) Length: 8,5 km
Finish: Gradisce (1660 m) Ascent: 1035 m
Number of finishers: 76 Descent: 75 m
1 103 ANDEMICHAEL Yossief T. 92 ERI 0:42:30
2 313 BOZKURT Ridvan 91 TUR 0:46:00
3 38 JOLY Jente 91 BEL 0:46:29
4 315 ULAS Ergin 92 TUR 0:46:59
5 110 GRAS Michael 91 FRA 0:47:14
6 123 GRIFFITHS Dewi 91 GBR 0:47:36
7 237 BIERCZAK Maciej 91 POL 0:48:15
8 143 PALZER Toni 93 GER 0:48:44
9 141 ALRUAN Fabian 91 GER 0:49:03
10 24 MATTLE Martin 91 AUT 0:49:07
35 8 BAYLEY David 92 AUS 0:51:49
51 11 NELSON Jordan 92 AUS 0:54:17
52 10 BUCKINGHAM Ben 91 AUS 0:54:26
53 9 DUFFUS Ben 92 AUS 0:54:45
Teams: 1 Turkey 20 pts, 2 Germany 33 pts, 3 Italy 41 pts, 15 Australia 138 pts.

Start: Primoz (700 m) Length: 8,5 km
Finish: Gradisce (1660 m) Ascent: 1035 m
Number of finishers: 69 Descent: 75 m
1 37 MAYR Andrea 79 AUT 0:49:30
2 194 BELOTTI Valentina 80 ITA 0:50:08
3 308 STRAEHL Martina 87 SUI 0:50:42
4 280 SEMOVA Svetlana 76 RUS 0:51:02
5 299 KOSOVELJ Mateja 88 SLO 0:51:24
6 195 CONFORTOLA Antonella 75 ITA 0:52:19
7 282 RUKHLYADA Elena 86 RUS 0:52:30
8 306 HELFENBERGER Claudia 66 SUI 0:52:35
9 197 ROBERTI Maria Grazia 66 ITA 0:52:42
10 307 MEIER‐B. Bernadette 72 SUI 0:52:57
42 18 HAVERD Vanessa 77 AUS 0:58:26
51 19 O'KANE Ellie 88 AUS 0:59:23
55 21 MIDDLETON Colleen 62 AUS 1:00:52
61 20 TURNBULL Deahne 79 AUS 1:03:24
Teams: 1 Italy 17 pts, 2 Switzerland 21 pts, 3 Russia 36 pts, 13 Australia 148 pts.

Start: OS Stranje (440 m) Length: 12,0 km
Finish: Gradisce (1660 m) Ascent: 1295 m
Number of finishers: 149 Descent: 75 m
1 106 GASHAZGHI Samson K. 84 ERI 0:56:25
2 104 WELDEMARIAM A. Teklay 78 ERI 0:56:28
3 328 KUSURO Geoffrey 89 UGA 0:56:57
4 105 SHAKU Petro Mamu 84 ERI 0:57:00
5 331 KIPROTICH Stephan 89 UGA 0:57:16
6 108 HABTOM Abraham K. 74 ERI 0:57:55
7 319 ARSLAN Ahmet 86 TUR 0:58:14
8 234 WYATT Jonathan 72 NZL 0:58:23
9 107 MOHAMED Haben I. 87 ERI 0:58:59
10 345 GRAY Joe 84 USA 0:59:27
49 14 MCTAGGART Scott 77 AUS 1:03:57
116 17 WINSBURY John 75 AUS 1:12:45
117 15 BROWN Stephen 85 AUS 1:12:52
127 16 BYLES Adam 82 AUS 1:16:13
Teams: 1 Eritrea 13 pts, 2 USA 71 pts, 3 Italy 77 pts, 17 Australia 409 pts.

September 04, 2010

New trail running association for NSW

New trail running association for NSW

‘Running Wild Trail Association’ was formed recently to promote and organise trail running in New South Wales.The initial program of events is a six race ‘Mountain Series’ and three major races. The mountain series was established with the goal of providing monthly lead in races to Six Foot Track in March. It will run from September to February and be over a series of courses in Glenbrook, Woodford, Wentworth Falls and Katoomba.26/09/2010 – Mt Portal 18km31/10/2010 – Woodford Dam 19km21/11/2010 – Wentworth Falls 14km18/12/2010 – Narrowneck night run 18km15/01/2010 – Kedumba Challenge 20km27/02/2010 – St Helena Fire Trail 30kmThe 3 major races are:27/11/2010 - Glenbrook Trail Marathon – 25/34/42km26/01/2010 - Blue Mountains 3/6/12 hr race24/04/2010 - Mt Solitary Marathon – 22/44kmFurther information will be updated on the website in the coming months. This organisation is being built from scratch and is looking to attract members. Membership is $30 per year and will include discounts to all races, a point series incorporating other trail races as well as Running Wild major events and being able to contribute to new events throughout NSW.

September 02, 2010

"Our Lauren"

In Rieti

Women's 400 m hurdles, Lauren Boden finished fourth in 55.48 s.

Melissa Breen finished sixth in 11.59s in the Women's 100 metres.

Not long to the Commonwealth Games.

September 01, 2010

BBQ Stakes 1 st September 2010

Greg Regester was awarded his 200th run T-Shirt. He is one of the faster runners competing in the BBQ Stakes on a regular basis.

Today was the team event, and most had already recognised this run as being in Reverse today.

46 runners competed today, with a few notable absentees, possibly due to the cool wind.

Andrew Guild was first home having to leave early afterwards for work commitments.

Talwar Singh was the timekeeper today, and performed admirably.

The teams trophy went to the "Others"

Geoff Hawke was 5th over the line to take out first place, he has 69 runs, this being his first win, clocking in at 40:09, Lorna Barr was second eligible, 7th over the line, third was Hugh Moore, 9th over the line, with Rad Leovic taking 4th place 10th over the line, after performing in a duathlon over the weekend. (two run legs and two cycle legs. And having a half page spread in The Canberra Times about his performance amd on his birthday.

Detailed results courtesy of Kerrie Tanner.

1 Guild Andrew 32:48 2 Edwards Lloyd 33:09
3 Stockwell Stuart 36:17 4 Koh Galvin 38:16
5 Hawke Geoff 23:24, 6 Smith Steve 32:15
7 Barr Lorna 29:53 8 Sheahan Daniel 28:37
9 Moore Hugh 29:38 10 Leovic Rad 39:58
11 Bilos Peter 29:32 12 Murphy Matthew 22:48,
13 Adams Eddie 26:51 14 Regester Greg 22:52,
15 Dixon Terry 29:08 16 Donnelly Lloyd 32:54
17 Swann James 26:55 18 Stakelum Patrick 30:28
19 Levings Terry 31:00 20 Phillips Colin 36:07
21 Campbell Caroline 36:30 22 Tanner Kerrie 29:46
23 White Felix 25:03 24 Plunkett Adrian 39:36
25 Ey Robert 29:57 26 Walker Andrew 31:03
27 King Geoff 29:23 28 Larmour Helen 28:30
29 Bhatia Sandhya 37:38 30 Bennett Bill 25:13
31 Sergi Tony 36:17 32 Baumgarten Paul 28:28
33 Farrington Paul 38:35 34 Leseberg Darren 28:23
35 Wilks Leanne 36:04 36 McAullay Damien 27:33
37 Fox Keith 41:06 38 Wight Bruce 29:08
39 Busteed John 45:10 40 Wynd Tony 27:45
41 Moore Geoff 32:02 42 Hore Ian 43:20
43 Bleakley Kathleen 33:12 44 Luton Andrew 32:59
45 Hansen Danny 29:20 46 Green Alison 49:30.

Lake Ginninderra Handicap Tuesday 31 August 2010

23 runners competed today, the report (by Andrew Sutcliffe) is as follows:- :-

Ginninderra Handicap No 324 on Tue 31/08/2010

Although the conditions looked tough with a cold wind the results did not show this!. The winner Phillip Hennig not only won but set the pace in the Ron Sidnell award with a handicap finish of 44.06. Several other runners got PB's but Alistair Rogers did it again running the fastest time for five years with a 23.23. This moves Alistair to 15th on the all time list of fastest runs, that is only 14 other individuals have run faster in the past 27 years. Those in front of Alistair include Paul Sutcliffe a former 3min 51secs 1500 runner, Tony Murray who once held the world record for the M40 mile in 4min 12 secs, Rob Walter an Australian Orienteering representative and Danny O'Dea who once just missed selection for the world cross country championships by 1 meter. With Alistairs great run this month we put the challenge out yet again to the best runners in Australia or the world to come out to the Ginninderra Handicap one month an beat the record which is now nearly 23 years old. The high numbers runners were out in force as well with Jim Robers (183 runs), Philip Carruthers (170 runs) and Rad Leovic (127 runs).Officials Philip Carruthers, Andrew Sutcliffe, Doug Fry

While the handicap was being run, there were a few "runners" riding around the lake, including Ruth Baussmann, Margaret McSpadden and Roy Jones. They all stopped to say hello. And in the future the ladies may join in the run.