June 22, 2009

Canada Day Fun Runs 2009

Runners get their just desserts at finish line


For Canadian high commission intern Kalinda Cripwell, gobbling a taste of home was the perfect antidote to the inclement conditions. Numbers for the 20th annual Canada Fun Run were down on last year but an estimated 1400 people still donned their running shoes and broke the record for the amount collected. ''Today went really well. Everyone that was there was very happy,'' Ms Cripwell said . ''And we raised $41,000 for the Cancer Council ACT, which is the most we've ever raised.'' Individuals donated steadily while long-time supporter Can-Weld donated a large sum. Runners were rewarded with a breakfast of pancakes served with fresh fruit and maple syrup. The Belconnen Lions Club was first on the scene yesterday morning, working flat-out to produce thousands of pancakes. Each year 60 litres of pure maple syrup is imported from Canada specifically for the run. Reports indicate all 60 litres were consumed. Participants ran either a 5km or 10km course, starting and finishing at the Canadian high commission. The certified tracks worked their way along the lake and through Weston Park.Source:- The Canberra Times Monday 22 June 2009.



Canada Day Fun Runs
21 JUNE 2009.

5k Men; Julian Dent 15.35 Michael Chapman 16.07, Declan Wilson 16.37, Shane Farrant 16.56, Mark Terracini 17.53, Steve Rohan-Jones 17.58, Murray Scown 18.07, Conor Sproule 18.09, James Humphreys 18.22, Steve Karvels 19.44, Anthony Cheung 19.51, Simon Rohan-Jones 20.18, Eu Ho Siew 20.29, Chris Oberscheider 20.44, Ned McRae 21.00, Alex Gosman 21.14, Sandy White 21.18, Scott Poynter 21.47, Steve Richardson 21.55, Liam Sproule 21.56, Andrew Owens 22.00, Darren Leseberg 22.10 and Max Graham 22.255k Women: Shannon Jones 18.02, Naomi Stewart 18.56, Betsy Anderson-Smith 19.25, Kim Wilmshurst 20.06, Natalie Archer 20.09, Felicity Brown 20.13, Hannah McClusky 20.34, Hayley Gorman 20.42, Aparna Nanayakkara 22.20, Annalise Hedditch 22.25, Amanda Walker 22.30, Thea Zimpel 22.30, Rachelle Ellis- Brownlee 23.01, Fiona Wisbey 23.15, Esther Glover 23.26, Susannah Hiron 23.44, Alice Damsel 24.00, Hanna Burger 24.08, Bonnie Andrews 24.10, Christine Sproule 24.11, Kelley Flood 24.22, Karen Daniels 24.38, Maria Donohue 25.10, Lisa Cox 25.11 and Siobhan Carrigy.25.13.

10k Men: Rohan Walker 30.50 then Michael Wager 31.50, Brad White 31.57, Matthew Riches 33.39, Bruce Graham 34.40, Scott Imhoff 34.44, Josh Berry 35.18, Ian McConville 35.21, Kieran Kirk 35.26, Brad Hetharia 35.27, Alex Miller 35.36, Andrew White 35.37, Ben Crabb 36.04, Grant Blue 36.18, Ben Wisbey 36.22, Peter Haynes 37.03, Anthony Walker 37.20, Greg Regester 37.22, Trevor Jacobs 37.24, Gordon McGurk 37.43, Adrian Kennett 37.59, Daniel Striegl 38.45, Ross Hamilton 38.40 and Steve Nolan 38.56.10k Women: 1. Andrea Ilakovac 37.20 then Sally Parker 38.05, Jennifer Dixon 38.14, Hannah Flannery 39.19, Fleur Flannery 39.19, Jane Zeller 40.06, Kate Molineaux 40.11, Sarah Fien 40.12, Laura Garvican 40.16, Elizabeth Humphries 42.31, Melissa Carters 43.41, Susie Kluth 43.51, Kate Vandenberg 44.00, Fiona Jorgensen 44.12, Nicole Riding 44.02, Andina Faragher 44.57, Louisa Lobigs 45,13, Helen Larmour 45.42, Teresa Barker 45.44, Michelle Greenwood 45.51, Skye Cappuccio 45.51, Sue Archer 45.55, Bronwyn Calver 46.50, Ady Elmitt 47.32 then Heidi Johnston 47.49.

Canada Day Fun Runs – Sunday 21st June 2009 – Reports

Over 1200 runners, joggers and walkers came out to celebrate some good winter rain, participate in the 20th Canada Day 10k and 5k Fun Run/Walk and raise money for the Cancer Society ACT.

This year the events raised over $40,000 for the Cancer Society ACT and brought the total raised over the 20-year period to in excess of $400,000.

The fun runs, which start and finish at the rear of the Canadian High Commission, proceed along Coronation Drive and then Alexandrina Drive to Yarralumla Bay for 5k and onto Weston Park for those running10k.

First male in the 10k was Rohan Walker 30 minutes 50 seconds followed by Michael Rieger 31 minutes.50 seconds and Brad White third in 31 minutes 57 seconds. Queanbeyan’s Andrea Ilakovac continued her recent great form in winning her third major event in this area in coming first in 37 minutes 20 seconds followed by Sally Parker 38 minutes 05 seconds second and Jennifer Dixon 38 minutes 14 seconds third.

The 5k event was a clean sweep for Orienteering with Australian Representatives Julian Dent and Shannon Jones first male and female respectively. Julian Dent was first male in 15 minutes 35 seconds followed by Michael Chapman 16 minutes 07 seconds and Declan Wilson 16 minutes 37 seconds third. First female was Shannon Jones 18 minutes 02 seconds, followed by the very young Naomi Stewart 18 minutes 56 seconds and in third place the very consistent Betsy Anderson-Smith 19 minutes 25 seconds.

A big thank you should go to the staff of the Canadian High Commission who put in a lot of time and effort to stage this event each year.

Cheers and thank you,

Report by Ken Eynon


Blogger allrounder said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3:19 pm, June 22, 2009  
Blogger allrounder said...

my time was missing from the 10k women - 46:50 (23rd)

3:32 pm, June 22, 2009  
Blogger Friar said...

The initial post was as from The Canberra Times, Bronwyn Calver now posted as 23rd woman at 46:50

3:46 pm, June 22, 2009  
Blogger speedygeoff said...

No less than 7 of the speedygeese girls were placed: Amanda, Thea, Rachelle, Kelley-with-an-e, Helen, Bronwyn, Heidi. But we Ganders? Not a sausage!
Thanks for publishing the report, Doug. This is one of the best events of the year, and really cheers us up in a gloomy Canberra winter.

9:18 pm, June 22, 2009  
Blogger Ewen said...

Thanks Doug. Sorry I couldn't be there.

6:41 pm, June 23, 2009  
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