May 24, 2009

"the proof is in the pudding"

"the proof is in the pudding"

This was used on the TV show entitled "Master Chef" on Saturday 24th May.

The misuse has grated with me for some time now, however I have not posted in deference to those more knowledgeable than me.

And what purpose will this one post serve?

Hopefully only to note that it has been noted by me.

The phrase should be "The proof of the pudding is in the eating" as a Google search will reveal. I remember this phrase from aeons past.

Pudding was something we had as kids, especially at Christmas, now we have dessert.

Isn't language wonderful the way it changes??


Blogger strewth said...

I remember that quote well - my mum used it often and it definitely remains in the back of my mind. How funny the little things and phrases that we remember!

9:57 pm, May 24, 2009  

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