May 19, 2009


A couple or more posts ago, mention was made of our next project being landscaping.

A step in that direction has been taken by contact with the following company.
Foxy's Landscapes.

A bit about us...Foxy's Landscapes Australia Pty Ltd was founded by Terry Fox (Managing Director) in 1987 after extensive studies at the ACT School of Horticulture. Terry's passion for horticulture lead him to become a member of the teaching staff from 1986 through to 1992.

Terrry told us about a nearby project for which they won an award.

We have set out our requirements in a verbal discussion while wandering about our front and back, and he will come back with a map and details of what can be done.

Then we will progress from there.

Until next time.


Blogger Friar said...

I'll chase Google Street Maps to post an update of our street, when and during and after the landscaping project

3:15 pm, May 20, 2009  

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