December 31, 2007

Six Brave Heat Loaded Runners

We ran the Cotter 15 yesterday, Sunday, on JD's birthday.

Rad brought a Michelle's fruity custard cake. It was delicious after the run, and some cool drinks were also welcome.

Rad, who is now 80 yo, becomes the first 80 year old (and the oldest) to have run the Cotter 15.

Twas a bit hot, but since we were not racing, it was a pleasant run.

With stops at Padovans and Vanities for drinks, the run was well split up, we had to wade through Vanity's crossing, cooling water being very welcome.

An intrepid 6 souls, made the adventure/journey.

Rad provided the Gateaux (Cake) and drinks were had afterwards.

Not sure the temperature for the day, but I'm sure it was hot.

Until Next Time

December 28, 2007

Closer to the Cotter Again

We will be at The Cotter for a run this Sunday, I think we are to start at 6:30 am, in order to beat the rising heat for the day, which is expected to reach 30 degrees.

This is the annual birthday run, with John D, who has been doing it for a number of years now.

Hope that Vanitys crossing is not under six feet of water with a raging torrent, it is a good place to have a few minutes rest before the long climb up the following hills, and on, to and through, Pierces creek, past the sole remaining house.

Until Next Time

December 25, 2007

Ainslie Run on Christmas Day

Deceptive Title was meant to spark your interest.

We went for a run by two cars to Ainslie Football Club for Christmas Day Lunch, with free drinks and lollies on arrival.

A 3 course meal was on offer, of course we had to pay, on 4th December we made a booking, and added another person to the booking last Friday.

Our table was located in the Choices Restaurant area, and was pleasantly sited next to the windows for extra lighting. The food was served at a good, but not a fast pace, with Entree, main course and dessert.

Servings were alternated between two menu items for each, so there was a bit of swapping for each course, and the bar was open, although we did not over-indulge.

Ari wandered around making lots of friends, mostly children of his age, (children Under 2 were not charged), although the waitresses brought Ari some ice-cream, which he didn't eat.

Coffee to finish off, and we didn't mind the wait for two pots of freshly brewed coffee.
Ran into Mike W, who was also partaking of the Christmas Lunch with his parents.

Until Next Time

December 24, 2007

Tuggie Turkey Run

About 4km.

Well, before the run, the course was measured at 1.88mn, and two laps were run for the event.

Peter Hosking estimate of time was exact, and he was announced the winner (Clockwork Pete).

Two were equal second, with both estimates being different by 12 seconds.

My estimate was 17 seconds off target. Boo Hoo.

About 50 participated, with SCT's Mike Sexton being official starter, and Geoff Monro, being official announcer and MC in charge of presentations and lucky number draws.

The sausage sizzle and cool drinks afterwards were enjoyed by many.

Next SCT event will be the Tuggie Mile on Friday 15 th February 2008.

Until Next Time

December 22, 2007

After the Storm

The report we had from our "over the road" neighbours, was that we had 40 ml of rain.

Just having cleaned up all the leaves yesterday, the storm left another collection of leaves strewn around the front today.

Unlike yesterday, when they were all dry, and easy to collect, today's deposits of leaves were wet and consequently more difficult to collect.
Making it harder was a gale from the west, blowing more rubbish around.

So there was no running by me today, that has been saved for tomorrow (Sunday) morning.
It's a Turkey run, over "about" 4km, two loops of the schools cross country course at Fadden Pines, and I've already made an estimate.

Weather is looking good, but the company, and the event will make an enjoyable start to the day. Start time is 10:00 am, with drinks and a sausage sizzle afterwards.

Until Next Time.

December 19, 2007

Thirsty Work

Don't need an excuse to have a drink at Christmas and New Year.

Plenty of us though, have a drink during, before or after a run, (or all three).

This was evident by the number of discarded bottles around West Basin of LGB last Monday morning. Also a number of sports drink bottles, had been discarded besides Parkes Way. Possibly by persons in the Triathlon held the previous day.

Now we all know that Sunday was a bit rainy, so why drink.
And why discard the bottle afterwards?
If it's good enough to carry it with you until it has been drunk, then it's good enough to carry it all the way, or to the next bin.

There were other things to notice and think about on the run, the number of ducks and ducklings (maybe some were drakelings), the number of swans and swanettes, and the deafening calls of the cicadas.

Lots of visitors were doing a cycle tour of West Basin also, and workers were repairing the "suspension" bridge on the way to Weston Creek.

I missed the Tour de Mountain (which I now regret) coz at 5:15am, looked out at the rain and the heavy dark clouds, and with the previous day's forecast in mind, thought out loud, NO, I don't want to run for over 2 hours in the rain.

As it eventuated, my fears were groundless, since the weather only caused some light patchy showers during the event, with no heavy stuff until after the presentations.

I've vowed to be there next year.

Until Next Time

December 09, 2007

An Even Dozen

That's the twelth time I've run-up Black Mountain in the Woden Harriers' Black Mountain Challenge.
Nigel Coldrick and Tom van Gerwen have run it 16 times.

A good crows of about 147 competed today, but with a corporate triathlon located in the same start area, it made parking a bit crowded at the starting area.

Just after 8:00 am, we were sent on our way, and wound around to the pathway leading to the bottom of Black Mountain Road, it was another 3.0 km or so to the summit.

This is where I just put the head down, and plugged away, I think in about 39 minutes overall, which included a drink station stop for water. Even though it was misty when we parked our cars at the top before jogging down to the start, the sun had come out, so it was getting hotter with every passing moment.

As J and H were just behind me at the drink station, I kept goimg but was outsprinted with 4oo metres to go, by a Mother and Daughter.

It was good to finish and have a drink and some eats provided by Baker's delight, and some fruit salad, cut by the Ryan family, the night before.

Presentations were then made and lots of barrel prizes were awarded.

I don't know my exact time, because I started "Uncle Tom", but must have stopped him shortly afterwards.
It was only after 300 metres into the run, when checking on "Uncle Tom", that I noticed he was lagging behind in distance covered.

So, I waited until the base of the Black Mountain Road, where I restarted him.

He recorded 2.89 km at a Max Heart Rate of 115 bpm.

Until Next Time

December 07, 2007

From Next, then From Above

Customs joggers run today started under threatening skies, dark clouds, thunder and lightning.

So after 500 metres , when turning onto the path beside LBG, and having drops blowing into my face, I thought the rain had started, but No, it was the sprinkle from the Lake Fountain, being blown from the side.

But just before and after the Ferry Terminal, it had definitely started to sprinkle from above.

A walker by the lake started to deploy her Umbrella, and I commented that she was well prepared.

Just afterwards, noticed lots of ducks and ducklings on the water near the lake edge.

The rain came down harder after we had finished, and all the paper work got soaked.
Hope NB can read it after it dries out. The field today included two who had run the 10km at Vets the night before. Had a good run despite the sprinkles, and the ride home afterwards, was made off normal, by the heavy rain causing the windows to fog up, despitr the anti-misting system working at full force.

Now at 3 o'clock, with the sun out again and the skies turned blue, it's a wonder how two hours ago, it was such a contrast.

Until Next Time

December 04, 2007

Heart Rate

Got to a max of 129 bpm at Mt Ainslie Run Up today at 0.8km and 2.1 km, the steepest and hardest parts, whereas Saturday Morning on the grass track at SFP the max was 174 bpm.

On a slow and easy run, max Heart Rate was higher than on a hard competitive run.

Uncle Tom is keeping an eye on me, but his advice must be taken with a grain of salt sometimes.

The 2.5km loop at Stromlo was stated to be 2.56km, and the 1km loop was stated to be 1.04km.
So, we'll test Uncle Tom tonight to see what he states, in another event at Stromlo Forest Park.

Until Next Time

December 03, 2007

Stromlo Forest Park

Spring Series 2007

At SFP 6:00pm, Tuesday 4th December 2007.

2km and 5km.

The 2km event will start first, so that those runners can clear the hill loop before the 5km runners reach the end of the hill loop.

Come along and enjoy the location, and the track, some runners at the SFP official opening, ran barefoot, and it was a great day.

The grass is lush, and is well looked after, plenty of water is available in the storage dam, and the rainfall of the last few days has freshened the surrounding area.

Until Next Time

December 01, 2007

Stromlo Forest Park

Was a bit of a risk going to SFP this morning.
So took "Uncle Tom" along to ward off the herds of cyclists who were participating in the Brindabella Challenge.

The grass track had stood up well to the pounding rain of the previous Friday night of rain and thunderstorms over Canberra. It was solid underfoot, and well groomed, the only damp spots were off the sides of the track and a little damp in the centre of the finishing area.

Was a delight to run on (I didn't run on the Official opening day) and a pleasure to go at a slow pace, but Uncle Tom told me my haeart rate was a maximum of 174 bpm, whereas at Customs yesterday, I didn't get near 110 bpm.

Must have been the excitement of running on the new grass track.

Until Next Time