July 28, 2007

Tired and Contented

It might have taken a lot longer then I'd hoped, but I completed the 25km Bush capital Marathon Event today after a 9:00 am start, with so many others, I think probably second last in the 25km event. 3:18:10, now that was slow, but the plan was to start slow, and keep on going, since my form over the distance was a big unknown less than 3 weeks previously.

Now it looks like the Vets Half Marathon is a possibility.

The drink stations were welcome at 5.5km, 11km, 16 km, 20km, and a drink at the finish after changing shirts and putting on the track suit. Jubes at the 20km station were also welcome (had 2) and at the 16km (had 1).

Thanks to the drink station people being out there for such a long time, and being so cheerful.

Also thanks to Jaggad for the Running singlet after the event. It was provided to all finishers.
Thanks for the mug which will be well used in the weeks to come, probably drink morning coffee from it.

Now for the Vets Mt Taylor handicap tomorrow. :-)

Until Next Time

July 26, 2007

Monday Morning Purchase

Harry Potter book released on saturday, among much hype and excitement/anticipation.

Yes, at Angus and Robertson at about 11:00 am on the following monday, , there were the usual small amount of customers in the shop, and a display of the latest Harry Potter Book, and Yes, I bought one, and No, I haven't read it yet, or even started to read it.

Might get around to a read by the end of September.

The Canberra Bush Capital Marathon events are on this Saturday, and I've entered for the 25km run. Might be a long day, as the plan is to start slow, and keep on going.

After the 11km mark the turn is right towards the Federal Highway turn around, so by then will know whether noonday is still a target finishing time or not. The target time is not a prime mover, only reaching the finishing line.

Record fields should create a great atmosphere, with plenty of people to get passed by, although a start at the back of the field should fit in with my aim of starting slowly.

Until Next Time

July 24, 2007

I'm glad I didn't

Saturday morning dawned, and I was NOT in any queue for a copy of the latest Harry Potter book.

I ventured out to Weston Park for the AACT Championships, at 9:30am.

By then, all the courses had been marked as early helpers had mostly finished their tasks, and others were waiting to be allocated tasks by the race manager, Michael Daly.

Some races were packed wheras one of the junior races had only 6 runners.

I think altogether it was an enjoyable event for the runners, though some commented that the courses were tough, but the day was cooler than when the World Cross Country Championships selectiom Trial was held in extremely hot conditions earlier in the year.

Until next Time

July 20, 2007

I had Dreams

With the Vets Half Marathon fast approaching, I have been thinking of running in the event, after some 16 years of being a helper.

With that in mind, my longer training runs have been going well.

Well enough to run West Basin and East Basin combined 20 kms, in a time which was looking good, until the final few Kms, which turned out to be a struggle, but I made it.

Now the question remains as to whether it is sensible to be in the Half Marathon.

The form has been filled in, and is just sitting here, awaiting the final cut off date for early entry of 20th August.

The crunch will come next weekend when the Bush Capital Marathon evets are held.

I'm entered in the 25km event, along with 53 others.

Until Next Time

July 11, 2007

BBQ Stakes Runners Shattered by SAD News

Today's running of the BBQ Stakes was an extremely SAD Occasion.

Part way around the course, John Carmody collapsed.

He was attended by a large number of runners, who called an Ambulance, the participants treated John as best they could, before and after the Ambulance arrived.

Reports were that John was not breathing normally, and was treated with injections and was electronically monitored.

John was taken by Ambulance to the Canberra Hospital, and news in the early afternoon, was that John had passed away.

His wife was informed as soon as possible, and she was taken to the Hospital by Taxi to be with John.

He was a stalwart of the BBQ Stakes, and took over the handicapping a number of years ago. He proceeded to populate the data on an Access database, and delved into past information, and sorted out many anomolies. He was involved at the time the Data was placed onto the Internet under the Lunchtime Running Banner, and came up with much interesting information on a weekly basis.

He was a friendly person, talked to, and had a good word for everyone.

He and his wife, Julie, competed with the Veterans Athletic Club in the Monthly Run/Walk Handicaps, John won 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal, while Julie won 1 Gold and 2 Bronze medals.

John will be sadly missed by all.