January 15, 2007

How Far Is It

Stromlo Forest Park Cycling Circuit


The notice board beside the track entry indicates a distance of 1200 metres.

When we ran around it during the official opening ceremony in conjunction with the Brindabella Challenge cycling event, Forerunner Man measured in the vicinity of 4.9 km, for 4 laps.

Using a professional measuring wheel today, the distance was measured at 1225 metres.

So 4 x 1225 m = 4.90 km.

Now that's close enough to what Forerunner Man measured during the event referred to above.

So how can any reliance be placed on the notice board distance, when the measure today was on the inside of the track, and given that cyclists during a race would take a "Runners Line" around the circuit.

Until Next Time.


Blogger Ewen said...

A shame they couldn't have made it a bit longer so 4 laps equalled 5km.

3:18 pm, January 15, 2007  
Blogger Friar said...

When the running track becomes available (Forecast for later this year, when the oversown grass has had a chance to bed down.), that's a lesson for us not to rely on their measurements.

Don't run on the grass or even walk on those areas until the all clear is given by the managers of Stromlo Forest Park!!!

8:01 am, January 17, 2007  

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