June 20, 2006

I Think I Can

Well I found out that I could.

After a few weeks without a long run, I set out to do the West Basin, Monday, and thought that I might turn around after 4km, then I might turn around before Black Mtn, then after a pit stop at the super loos, I continued on around the lake, since it was 8.5km at that stage, it was past the point of No Return, in a run distance of 15.8km.

My time was comfortable, after about 4km I got into an easy stride, and overall time was nearly the same as a few weeks previously.

Then in the afternoon, at home I dug out information of when I had competed in The Terry Fox Fun Run.

It was on 26th June 1994, in a time of 54:47.

I don't have a certificate, it is in my running diary.

Since then I think I have been doing the timekeeping, and compiling the results to post to The Terry Fox Website, to The Canadian High Commission, and to The Canberra Times.

This year's results were published in The Canberra Times on Monday.

Until Next Time.


Blogger Tuggeranong Don said...

Hi Doug

When you think that you can, I am sure that you can! Nice post, and I love that West Basin run. I am surprised that it has been over 10 years since you ran the Terry Fox run. Have you thought about doing it again!

I haven't forgotten the Vets handicap and plan to be there this Sunday.


8:53 pm, June 22, 2006  

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