June 16, 2006

Diamond is a Gem

John Diamond, a regular visitor to Canberra for the Marathon in April, made a huge trip from Queensland by air to be present at the 30th Anniversary of the Customs Joggers Handicap today, 16th June 2006.

He flew yesterday, but because of the fog, Canberra airport was closed to inbound flights until later in the day, so the plane was diverted to Sydney, refuelled and came back to Canberra.

Altogether some 5 hours flying.

There was a great attendance of others numbering about 86 in total, for today's reunion, some bringing photos of earlier runs, running events, and memories of earlier runs.

Rick Hatcher as M C, revealed the Pointscore winners were Paul Blessington 1st, Bronwyn Calver 2nd, and Jodie Davis 3rd.

Lucky barrel draws were then conducted and then Garry Hand gave a speech in which he revealed he was the first run organiser and handicapper, and of course he was the first winner.

Mike Stracey, Nick Blackaby, Carolyne Kramar, Thea Zimpel were to the forefront in the organisation of the day, and they all deserve thanks for the food and drinks which were enjoyed by all.

Until Next Time.


Blogger R2B said...

Nice informative post there!
How did you go yourself?


6:23 pm, June 16, 2006  
Blogger Friar said...

My time was 30:18 from a handicao of 7 minutes.

Started with Phil, then caught Tim at about the 2km mark (Ferry Terminal), he stayed with us for another 2km and then we dropped him behind, the pace must have been too steep.

Near the last km, Mighty and Leane ran past and goaded me into a "sprint finish", which I faked.

2:36 pm, June 17, 2006  
Blogger Luckylegs said...

How do you 'fake' a sprint finish?? No such thing....well done!

4:48 pm, June 18, 2006  

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