March 13, 2013

BBQ Stakes 13 th March 2013

Doug Fry ran the course today with an early start in 70 minutes 36 seconds.It was a fine sunny day with a forecast top of 30 degrees.

Only 41 competed today, with Caroline Campbell running injured in 42:20 minutes, her usual time is a lot faster.

Adrian Plunkett is to be on holidays for the next few weeks, so will have to delegate voucher presentations, and T-shirt duties  to others.

Speedygeoff made another appearance today, as did Roger Pilkington, still injured with sciatica,   and Helen Larmour, two of his flock.

Jen Bright  made a late appearance but finished full of running, being  fastest female in 27:44, she talked afterwards about her current gardening projects, and how her son likes home grown strawberries.

Hotter than we thought as winner finished in 50.43 (gross time) Abel Miles net 29:57,  his 10 th run,  followed by  second placed Matthew Murphy, backmarker, and fastest at 23:29,   and third  place was  Gordon Calicino in 30:33.

Participants today were Andrew Walker 31:50, had to get back to work early, Phil Toomey 48:06, Adrian Plunkett 44:43, Ben Reay 38:53, running strongly at the end, Steve Smith 31:38, had an injured right hand, Geoff Moore 29:55, Joel Pearson 27:01, Simon Heinecke 30:08, Abel Miles 29:57, Matthew Murphy 23:29, Gordon Calcino 30:22, Kerrie Tanner 29:08, under 30 minutes, David Forsyth 34:21, Paul Baumgarten 31:28, Lloyd Edwards 31:44, Roger Pilkington 47:04, still injured sciatica, Neill Siobhan 50:06, Alisa Olsen 50:07, Rodd Rundle 54:08, Karl Heys 28:50, second fastest male, Terry Dixon 31:52, Danny Hansen 30:11, Heather Powrie 35:16, John Barrett 29:49, Tony Wynd 29:35, Bruce Wight 26:38, another backmarker, Kevin Chapman 37:12, ran with Kerrie and pink ladies at the arboretun on the weekendm, Leonie Doyle 33:29 (Dolph's partner), Leah Afiabo 35:07, Helen Larmour 34:53, Andrew Guild 32:41, recent winner, Lloyd Donnelly 34:30, Alex Kachalkov 33:34, Gary Bowen 32:36, keen on Vets Athletics and 5km may be his favorite distance, Daniel Buckley 42:18, Stephen Wells 32:24, Jennifer Bright 27:44, fastest female, Gabrielle Wright 32:57, Caroline Campbell 42:20, Simon Tuan, another late starter,  29:17, Victor Daoud 48:19, Doug Fry 59:59, Judy Kuleas 59:59.  


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