February 01, 2013

BBQ Stakes 30 th January 2013

The winner was Danny Hansen, who came in at 10 th place, and in accordance with new start times, across the line at 50:09, in a net time of 30:09.

Finishers were Francine Austin 30:38, Rachel Favero 43:42, Peter Clarke 38:51, Anna Weissel 35:01, Dolph Page 34:46, Victor Daoud 46:23, Jenny Trudinger 29:19, Maria Donohue 29:56, Matt Deavin 26:04. Danny Hansen 30:09, Andrew Walker 29:42, Julie Quinn, Richard Juckes 23:37, Lisa McCory 48:23, Paul Baumgarten 48:28, Bruce Wight 26:17, Simon Tuan 26:40, Gordon Calcino 30:07, Peter Burke 25:10, Kerrie Tanner 29:26, Steven Murphy 30:16, Andrew Blyton 25:06, Geoff King 31:22, Simon Heinecke 31:22, Matthew Murphy 33:42, Florian Benz 31:17, Yili Wang 41:39, Andrew Matthews 27:55, Axwl Godeck 39:47, Terry Dixon 32:21, Senjeet johal 40:57, Terry Levings 33:50, Phil Toomey 45:36, Karl Keys 28:58, Bryn Griffiths 28:19, Alex Kachalkov 32:16, Robert Ey 35:36, Craig Wurtz 29:30, Sandy Lolicato 25:34, Caroline Campbell 38:50, Talwar Singh 33:39, David Forsyth 36:10, Lincoln Hawkins 35:34, Rodd Rundle 36:05, Kevin Chapman 38:22, Tony Wynd 29:47, Daniel Sheahan 30:19, Jennifer Bright 31:36, Gary Bowen 31:37, Daniel Buckley 41:22, Leanne Wilkes 34:36, Sandeep Chandra 33:37, Michael Debenham 33:37, Stuart Stockwell 35:17, Stephen wells 33:09, Roger Pilkington 46:12, Bernie Crowe 55:19, Adrian Plunkett 56:35, Marc Wilson 56:35, John Busteed 56:35, Judy Kuleas 56:35.

Roger Pilkington walked all the way due to having a sore back, even though he rode his bike to and from the event, Jennifer Bright chose a start time not her correct handicap, Helen Larmour was the timekeeper, let her son stay at Questacon, and returned later using her passout, to collect him, alex Kachalkov didn't learn the new starting system until today, George has now moved to Melbourne, Stuart Stockwell receives a participation T-Shirt next run, Phil Toomey is now becoming a regular "Staker", Pater Burke is also regular, and at other events in Canberra including Vets track and field at the AIS.

It was noted that one of the Thredbo running week participants was Jo Cullen, who regularly ran Vets handicaps, and had duels with Maryann Busteed for annual awards. 


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