January 31, 2013

A new Printer Installed,

Got a new printer today, and it was installed by the folks from "Office Essentials" in Woden.

They came at exactly the time they had indicated and spent almost one hour installing it, and doing the set up process.

Delivery was included and set up was an extra fee.  There were a couple of peculiarities, which the "technician" sorted out and got me to print a few  page while he was here in order to ensure everything was working as it should.

So, I am quite happy to have made the purchase, the old printer was here for about 4 years, and had served to print out numerous copies of Vetrunner, run results, TV Programes, etc..

Easybiz is a company that set up my new computer when the old computer collapsed.Mike is good to deal with, mobile number 0408 402 917, very knowledgable and helpful. The old printer sent a message as "U 052 error,  the type of print head is incorrect, install the correct print head", query on internet had all sorts of answers that were tried, pressing buttons in sequence, and in combination.  I thought it was time I got a new printer, and I am happy with it .
I had only recently put in new cartridges, after printing an 100 page document,

Even got it to print from the paper tray, whereas initially it would only print from the reserve  tray.

A canon technician in Fyshwick 6280 6498 charges $66 to have a look and diagnose the problems, and then will charge $189 for a full repair.


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