April 23, 2012

Anzac Relays

Saturday 21st April - Anzac Relays - The relays will be held on the Cycling Criterium Track at Stromlo Forest Park commencing at 1pm. Team of 4, all welcome. Try something different for a change. A team of vets including Jim White, Rad Leovic, Hugh Jorgensen,competed in this event but the vets were hoping for two teams. I don't know the results as of now, but it was a fine day, and it was run around the criteriun circuit, normally used only by cyclists, the circuit is something like 1.2 km around, so the runners would have run around 3 circuits to cover the distance of each leg at 3.6 km. Jim White was favouring his leg, as he strives to run 200 Vets monthly handicaps in succession.

April 20, 2012

Lake Ginninderra Handicap -- Tuesday 24 th April

Lake Ginninderra Handicap (run number 344) is on next Tuesday 24th April
Contact:-: "Gerard Wildie"

Just a reminder that the Lake Ginninderra Handicap (run number 344) is on next Tuesday 24th April. This is the last handicap before the ABS Fun Run.

The New Face of The Canberra Times Fun Run

Imagine my surprise to see the New Face of The Canberra Times Family Fun run.

When I opened the Canberra Times on Thursday April 19th, I saw this huge photo of Garry Bowen and the advert that entries for this year's Fun Run entries are now open.

The run will be held on Sunday September 9th, so get your entries in and start/continue your training for this Canberra Iconic event.

April 18, 2012

BBQ Stakes 18 th April 2012

Next Wednesday, being Anzac Day, the BBQ Stakes will be held on the day after, being Thursday 26th April

Today's run was won by Lloyd Edwards in a net time of 31:40, who achieved 3rd placing last week, with 54 runners today participating after a weekend of Canberra Running events including 5km, 10km, half marathon, marathon, and ultra 50 km runs. Heather Powrie was second with Geoff King third placed.

Some of the weekend runners, did not run today, but Elle Knight ran, she was said to have achieved a half hour PB in the Marathon.

Her Daughter, helped today, (a nine year old, and her friend), handed out some of the finish place cards, to the earlier finishers, before the rush of finishers took place. She is no stranger to the running scene, being a participant of the running scene, and Jogalong events.

Finishers today were Ante Peric, (second Stakes run) in 35:58, Ian Hore 33:40 net, Kerrie Tanner 33:32 net. Elle Knight 33:33 net, Peter Clarke 26:52 net, Matthew Fisher 32:40 net, Anthony Kennedy 23:48 net, Lloyd Edwards 31:40 net. Heather Powrie 32:58 net, Geoff King 29:45 net, Caroline Campbell 36:40 net,Tony Wynd 28:41 net, Daniel Buckley 39:30 net, George Pagotelis 22:37 net, Terry Levings 32:08 net, Paul Baumgarten 27:38 net, Sandy Lolicato 23:55 net, Gary Bowen 26:56 net, Alex Kachalkov 32:57 net, Rodd Rundle 35:07 net, Galvin Koh 34:55 net, Jennifer Bright 27:36 net, Kevin Chapman 35:26 net, Alison Hale 39:11 net, Hamish Armstrong 26;15 net, senjeet Johal 40:48 net, Daniel Sheahan 26:01 net, Talwar Singh 30:24 net, hugh Moore 29:13 net, Dolph Page 34:22 net, Stuart Stockwell 35:43 net, John Hall 34:31 net, Geoff Hawke 26:47 net, Kess McKay 42:51 net, Andrew Jones 25:40 net, Bruce Wight 25:54 net, Stephen Wells 30:48 net, Dinesh Indraharan 33:19 net, Ben Reay 35:16 net, Sean O'Halloran 32:34 net, Sonja McKenna 35:22 net, Terry Dixon 32:57 net, Fern Lees 44:22 net (new runner), Lisa Listama 33:22 net, John Barrett 32:30 net, Helen Larmour 34:17 net, Jack Larmour 34:20 net, Kathleen Bleakley 34:21 net, Anne Young 47:52 net, Marc Wilson 48:00 net, Adrian Plunkett 48:00 net, John Busteed 48:00 net, Judy Kuleas 48:00 net.

April 11, 2012

BBQ Stakes 11 April 2012

47 Runners today, with the winner Leanne Wilkes, coming in first, 6th across the line at 39:33, followed in second by Matthew Fisher, and Lloyd Edwards, 9th across the line, filling in the third place. Kevin Chapman, following his 400 th Stakes last week, took up the time keeping duties, and did a sterling job. Jim White was slowed by an injury today, but has hopes of a quick recovery. He is looking to do the Nail Can Hill Run, so is optimistic he can finish that run, of which he is a regular participant. Gabrielle Wright also ran today, at the back of the field, and Heather Powrie, arrived early for her start. George Pagotelis and Matthew Murphy were the backmarkers today, and set out at a very fast pace.

Adrian Plunkett is back from his American holiday, and finished the run towards the back of the field in 40 th place. The track was failly dry today, but has plenty of ruts in parts of the track after some very heavy rain in Canberra recently. The Anzac Day run (Wednesday) will still go ahead but it will be held on the Thursday after. Helen Larmour ran today, after returning from the Vets world Indoor Championships recently. Roger Pilkington and Rad Leovic have not yet returned from that event, but they ran well and collected lots of medals.

Paul Baumgarten, self timed at 27:50, went early today, Ante Peric, first run, finished at 34:12, Ian Hore at 34:21, Yili Wang 4th, Gordon Calcino 39:12, Leanne Wilkes 39:33, Matthew Fisher 39:33, Jo Arrouk, 8th, Lloyd Edwards 9th, George Pagotelis 40:02, 10th, Geoff King 11th, Richard Jukes 12 th, Kathryn Hodges 13 th, matthew Murphy 14 th, Rachel Matthews 15 th, Megan Pitman 16 th, Bruce Wight 17th, Gary Bowen 18th, Jen Bright 19th, Kerrie Tanner 20 th, Daniel Buckley 21 st, Julie Quibb 22 nd, Galvin Kohn 23 rd, Simon Tuan 24 th, Sean O'Halloran 25 th, Heather Powrie 26 th, Ben Reay 27 th, Simon Heinecke 28 th, Andrew Matthews 29 th, Terry Levings 30 th, Alison Hale 31 st, Helen Larmour 32 nd, Andrew Blyton 33 rd, Raymonf Chao 34 th, John Hall 35 th, Melissa Carters 36 th, Stuart Stockwell 37 th, andrew Guild 38 th, Michael Te Velde 39th, Adrian Plunkett 40 th, Talwar Singh 41, Katherine Butler 42 nd, Sonya McKenna 43 rd, Simon McAlister 44 th, Jim White 45 th, Gabrielle Wright 46 th.

April 05, 2012

Lake Ginninderra Handicap 27th March 2012

The Lake Ginninderra 7 km Handicap
Supporting the ACT Cancer Council $6346

Number 343 on Tue 27/03/2012
Perfect conditions for fast times greeted a respectable turnout for the March handicap and the runners duly took advantage with 1 in 3 recording a PB.

Last month's winner Sam Spencer turned up without the trophy suggesting a high level of confidence of back to back wins (or just plain forgetfulness) and was odds-on favourite. Unbeknownst to officials Sam realised 10 minutes before race time that he had forgotten his shoes and socks and had to borrow a pair from co-runner Gerard Wilde. In an impressive effort considering the shoes Sam finished with a sprint and yet another PB to successfully retain the trophy (and now owes Gerard a beer!). Sam's progress augers well for his first half-marathon attempt in the upcoming Canberra running festival. Running machine Jeff Grey recorded yet another PB and his 1st sub 27 minute run to take 2nd place, and Nicole Maher finished 3rd also with a PB.

We welcomed a new starter in Mathew Horne who, despite missing the turn at the 2nd bridge and starting out to Giralang before having to backtrack, finished well before his estimated 40 minute run time in exceedingly lightweight shoes and boardshorts.

Officials Simon Wall, Alistair Rogers.

April 04, 2012

Kevin Chapman a winner on his 400th run

BBQ Stakes 4 th April 2012

Kevin Chapman had a good lead near the finishing line, and crossed the line first to win today's BBQ Stakes, it alo being his 400 th run in the event.

There were 49 runners today, which was run as an out and back course to the "christmas relay" change point, The 3km mark now delimited by a green post?.

Alex Matthews was second and Terry Levings was third.

The teams prize went to health. Adrian Plunkett back from holidays, finished in 47 th place, Heather Powrie in 35 th place, Kerrie Tanner in 37 th place, Terry Dixon in 40 th place. Rad was across the line at 46:38, followed by Helen Larmour in 46:48, both Helen and Rad are shortly heading to the Veterans Easter National Championships.,

April 03, 2012

Mt Ainslie Run Up 3rd April 2012

Mt Ainslie Run Up
2.3km, ACT
Tuesday 3 April 2012

1 David Osmond 11.47, 2 Stuart Doyle 11.53, 3 Rob Walter 12.35, 4 Peter Young 13.24, 5 Trevor Jacobs 13.56, 6 Svenn Wittchen 14.51, 7 Anthony Scott 15.18, 8 Tony Olliffe 15.49, 9 Jayson Corbett 15.56, 10 Brendan McKinley 17.18, 11 Craig Wurtz 17.58, 12 Peter Lambert 18.19, 13 Tony Beasley 18.25, 14 Yili Zhu 18.34, 15 Grant Arnold 18.56, 16 Andrew Sutcliffe 19.26, 17 Andrew Bowman 20.10, 18 Michael Burt 20.23, 19 Rad Leovic 26.29, 20 John Balkwell 26.56, 21 Nick Blackaby 27.01.
1 Penny Deacon 18.58, 2 Monika Short 21.43.

Carolyne Kramae was there on her scooter and Friar was there as a spectator, and a couple from France were having a barbeque at the base of Mt Ainslie. They are heading off to the East Coast and travelling to Cairns.

April 02, 2012

Mystery death of legendary long distance runner Micah True

Mystery death of legendary long distance runner Micah True
April 2, 2012 - 1:03PM

Found dead ... Micah True, known as Caballo Blanco - the White Horse - for his extraordinary running feats.

Up mountainsides, through deserts and the wildest of rugged terrain, there was little that could break the serenity or solitude of American ultra-marathon runner Micah True.

Only, perhaps, the pounding beat of his heart or the rhythm of his feet as they hit the trail, mile after mile after mile.

For True - known by his nickname, Caballo Blanco (White Horse) - running, the pure act of travelling relentlessly long distances, was a passion that needed no justification.

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To those who knew him well, it also brought forth an intense playfulness in the 58-year-old runner.

"When he was out on the trail running, it was like someone just rang the school bell and said, 'Recess.' It was utter playfulness," recalled Chris McDougall, a friend of True and author of the non-fiction bestseller Born to Run.

True's body was found on Saturday evening in a remote part of southern New Mexico's Gila Wilderness. The search began for him days earlier after he failed to return from a 19-kilometre run on Tuesday.

He was found near a cold stream, his legs still in the water and his water bottle next to him, about 1.6 kilometres south-east of the Gila Cliff Dwellings.

The cause of death was not known yesterday. There were no obvious signs of trauma, and State Police Lieutenant Robert McDonald said it could take a couple of days before authorities knew what happened.

But word of his death spread immediately through the community of runners, both amateur and accomplished, some of whom view True as an inspiration, a reason they took up the sport.

Friends and admirers also posted condolences and shared fond memories on social networking sites of a man who, by nearly all of those accounts, was a truly memorable person.

Barry Anderson, a manager at Runner's Den in Phoenix, said the sport would greatly miss True.

"He was both an international running celebrity, and the first person to smile and shake your hand when you crossed the finish line behind him," Anderson wrote in a posting on Runner's Den's Facebook page.

"The fact that so many people from all over the country dropped everything and immediately went to his aid is testimony to the way he lived his life and the way he himself treated his friends."

Many on Sunday described True in the most reverential and laudatory of terms, with "legendary" and "inspirational" chief among them.

Brian Metzler, who lives in Boulder, Colorado, and edits the running magazine Competitor, had known True for about 12 years. He described True as "very real and very pure of heart" and someone who liked to "go out there and connect with the earth and connect with the world".

"He was in it for spreading that gospel, spreading that joy of running," Metzler said.

True was the race director of The Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon, an 80-plus kilometre extreme race that took place in Urique, Mexico.

This year's race marked a record turnout with hundreds of runners, most of them local Tarahumara, or Raramuri, Indians who are known for their extreme running. The prize money and corn vouchers awarded to finishers were all aimed at helping the Tarahumara.

True was featured in articles in running magazines and was a central character in McDougall's Born to Run.

McDougall, who left New Mexico on Sunday after helping with the search, based his book on the first Copper Canyon run that True organised in 2003.

Without True, McDougall said he was not sure whether the Copper Canyon race would be able to continue.

The Tarahumara are extraordinarily reclusive and True was able to build a relationship with them based on trust and confidence, he said.

"He is the only person, I think, in our lifetime who has done a great job of very respectfully bringing awareness of that tradition to the rest of the world and creating a race that is a celebration of who they are."

A trail guide for hire, True spent his time travelling between Copper Canyon and Boulder, making stops now and then in New Mexico and Arizona.

Last Tuesday, True had a few hours to spare before leaving The Wilderness Lodge and Hot Springs, where he often stayed while in New Mexico. After eating breakfast, he set off on what would have been a routine 19-kilometre run. He had run 10 kilometres the day before. He never returned.

He left his dog at the lodge.

Dozens of searchers combed the rugged wilderness looking for him. Two of the best ultra-runners in the US - Scott Jurek and Kyle Skaggs - joined McDougall and others who gathered from around the country to help.

McDougall, in a Twitter message sent late on Saturday, said: "Caballo had the only funeral he would have wanted: his friends spent days running in the wilderness in his honor."

Because True knew the area and wasn't one for trying new trails without being shown around, McDougall said they all hoped that he would walk out of the woods with "that goofy grin" on his face.

True's smile was recognisable by runners around the country.

Mark Cosmas, owner of iRun in Phoenix, said True was all about living life and helping other people enjoy running.

"He might not have been the fastest or the most talented, but the joy and the passion that he brought to the ultra-running community was just infectious," Cosmas said.

Some found solace in the fact that True died doing what he loved most - what he did almost every day of his life.

To grasp the importance of running to True and a glimpse of that playfulness all his friends talked about, look no further than the short greeting on his voicemail: "Chances are I'm either running up a mountain, or I'm drinking a cerveza ... "

April 01, 2012

Daylight saving

Daylight saving has ended today, although I didn't get up at 2 am to change the clocks, it was done between 8 am and 9 am this morning. I had the computer fired up for the last clock to be changed, and set my difficult watch in synch with computer time. It takes a while, and one of my watches has run out of battery, so that was one less to change this year. The battery operated wall clock battery had to be changed about two weeks previously, the timer on the TV and the Video recorders were changed , now there is only the car clock to change, I must get out to change that right now, and I will be able to sleep the rest of the day.