April 04, 2012

Kevin Chapman a winner on his 400th run

BBQ Stakes 4 th April 2012

Kevin Chapman had a good lead near the finishing line, and crossed the line first to win today's BBQ Stakes, it alo being his 400 th run in the event.

There were 49 runners today, which was run as an out and back course to the "christmas relay" change point, The 3km mark now delimited by a green post?.

Alex Matthews was second and Terry Levings was third.

The teams prize went to health. Adrian Plunkett back from holidays, finished in 47 th place, Heather Powrie in 35 th place, Kerrie Tanner in 37 th place, Terry Dixon in 40 th place. Rad was across the line at 46:38, followed by Helen Larmour in 46:48, both Helen and Rad are shortly heading to the Veterans Easter National Championships.,


Blogger Carolyne said...

Thanks for the heads up Doug. It was good to see you the other day, I hope that it all goes well

9:13 pm, April 04, 2012  

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