October 31, 2011

60 th Birthday Celebrations

This was the occasion to travel to Traralgon (Victoria) for a family get together for my brother -in - law's 60th Birthday Celebration.

We travelled on Thursday morning 28th October 2011, and returned Saturday 29 th October 2011. Travel time was a leisurely 9 hours or so on each day, including regular stops for Diesel (petrol) and snacks. We travelled in a new Ford Territory Diesel engined model.

It was a slightly heavier model since it is to be set up for towing a caravan around Australia next year, or so the plan is. It belongs to another brother-in-law.

Another brother-in-law came from Melbourne for the celebrations, so the house was rather full.

My sister=in-law gave up their super bed for us and we all had a good sleep, although one night turned into a bed-time of about 3 am.

We took a lot of presents (including some bought at the local Korean shop in Civic and the load in the car was much reduced on the return trip.

We also visited a local hall, while a Karate lesson was being conducted and were entertained as the 20 or so students were put through their paces. This was a mixed class of various standards and thus various abilities. Some of the local parents were also there to wish the Karate school master, my brother-in-law a happy Birthday, and they presented him with a bound album of pictures, put together by one of the parents.

Return trip was progressed in heavy rain until after the NSW border was reached. We ended the trip at a Thai restaurant in the Erindale centre.

That restaurant had been awarded a best award recently, and the locals love it because it was practically full.

October 26, 2011

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 26th October 2011

Nick Walshe ran the fastest time in today's stakes with cool weather prevalent. His Time, I believe was 40:18 from the back Marker spot.

Gary Bowen was given his 100 th run T-Shirt today, his PB was 25:02 and his first stakes was 8th July 2009.

He races and trains for the 5km distance, and always races hard at the BBQ Stakes. Helen and roger were 54 th and 55 th today, with many of the runners having competed in the two peaks mountain runs over the past weekend.

Tony Sergi was timekeeper today after his 4th win, and Matthew Murphy was given his winner's voucher after not being able to time keep the week following his win. Laura Toyne was second today, following Daniel Strachan's win, with Andrew Blyton coming home in third place.

John Busteed and Marc Wilson headed the field home, having started early.

October 25, 2011

Robert de Castella

From his facebook page.

Robert Francois de Castella MBE (born 27 February 1957 in Melbourne, Victoria) was a world champion marathon runner. He is popularly known as "Deek" or "Deeks" to the Australian public, and "Tree" to his competitors due to his thick legs and inner calm. He still holds the Oceanian record for the marathon.

Early life

De Castella was born of Swiss-Italian descent and was the oldest of seven children. He came from a family where sport was a way of life. His father Rolet ran marathons at 59 years of age, and his mother Anne was a state-level tennis player. Robert was an outstanding track athlete as a teenager and trained under Pat Clohessy from the age of 14.

Marathon career

1981 Fukuoka Marathon

de Castella first came to international attention when he won the 1981 Fukuoka Marathon in a time of 2:08:18, which was the fastest time recorded for an out-and-back course. It was not initially known to be a world best time, because his time was 5 seconds more than the time set by Alberto Salazar in the 1981 New York City Marathon. It later emerged that the New York course was about 148 metres short. de Castella's time was later ratified as the world record.

1982 Commonwealth Games Marathon

de Castella was the favourite to win the marathon at the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane. At the start of the race, Tanzanian competitors Shahanga and Ikangaa raced to the lead and were 50m ahead of the pack after five minutes. After the 20 km mark, this gap had widened to several hundred meters. By the 23 km mark, Ikangaa had taken the lead from his compatriot, with de Castella in the main pack some 250m behind, but closing. de Castella passed the now tiring Shahanga at the 38 km mark, and in the next kilometer drew level with Ikangaa then took the lead. However Ikangaa was not done yet, and re-took the lead slightly. The duel continued for the remainder of the race. Eventually de Castella pulled away, and won by 80m in a time of 2:09:18, 12 seconds ahead of Ikangaa. Briton Mike Gratton finished 3rd in 2hrs 12min, 6sec, and Shahanga faded to finish 6th. The race finished on the streets of Brisbane, not in the main stadium.

The Roads Scholar --- latest post

The Roads Whisper My Name

I do a lot of driving through the North Georgia Mountains and the Carolinas, and I've noticed that this part of the country has its share of quiet roads. Quiet, however, does not exactly mean silent. These roads actually talk to me through their tranquility, and they whisper my name, barely audible, but undeniable. They soothingly grab my attention, and once they have gotten it, under their breath, they always utter the same two-word refrain. Like a gentle breeze, they plead. "Run me."

Whenever I hear the call, I find myself for one brief moment rearranging the rest of the day in my mind, and, once that is done, I imagine myself pulling over to oblige the call. But there is always a reason I don't. Either I have an ultimately unyielding agenda for the day, or there are people waiting at the other end of my travels, or I'm just not ready to take that kind of risk, so the thought is fleeting. I have therefore always denied the invitation, tricking myself in to believing that maybe, some day, I'll return to answer that call. But thus far, though the roads are always inviting, I have not accepted the invitation.

The roads that whisper my name are always roads less traveled, and that's what makes them so compelling. These whispering roads of which I speak all have a similar character. They are, for the eye's eternity, tree-lined, with an abundance of shade, and the roads themselves are always ascending until they ultimately stretch beyond view, only adding to the mystery and intrigue. Perhaps, if just one time, I chose to pull over, and accept the road's request to run, it would make all the difference. But so far, I have remained indifferent.

There are risks in the unknown and unrevealed, and these roads gently dare me and seemingly taunt me to find out what lies just beyond my view. That's why they continue to call out to me, and goad me by saying "Run me." The roads that whisper my name remain an unaccepted offer, and an unsolved mystery, because I continue to stay true to the paths I know, where I feel safe and protected. They remain an invitation I have yet to accept. But the temptation grows to some day give in to the plea. "Run me."

Whispering roads are not like the roads I run every day, which have less and less to say as the years go on. The familiar roads no longer talk, as they did when they were new. They are reliable and predictable, and I run in peaceful communion with them, but there is little new on roads that I have come to know so well that I could traverse them with my eyes closed. They are, at the same time, safe, and somewhat monotonous.

Perchance, the day will come when I wake up discovering that the same old road is no longer the comfort I had always thought it to be. Upon that realization, I may just hop in my car, and point it north, without any particular final destination, and without any specific activity to complete. I may drive with no other purpose but to hear, and be ready to respond to that whisper I've heard so many times before. "Run me." That road I choose may turn out to be a dead end, or it might possibly be a new beginning. But answering that whispering road might make all the difference.
Posted by The Roads Scholar at 8:43 AM

October 19, 2011

BBQ Stakes 19 th October 2011

Sean O'Halloran was today's timekeeper, being the winner last week. Everything was going well except a person at place number 33, went through the line, so messing up some later placings and times.

However Terry Dixon has been informed and hopefully he will get it sorted.

Kathleen Bleakley started at 16:30, later then her correct time, and that will also probably be sorted by Terry. Something in the order of 50 plus ran today, with the usual three or more starting early, including Anne Young who has been attending the masters games in Adelaide and winning lots of medals.

One lady living at number 29 asked could BBQ Stakes runners not use her tap, as it annoys her somewhat.

Tony Sergi won today, 2nd was John Paniagua and third was Daniel Sheahan.

Terry Levings ran almost last today, possibly expending his energy at the Weston Creek fun run on the weekend.

Results courtesy Kerrie Tanner

1 Kerrie Tanner,2 Hamish Armstrong3 John Duncan
4 Tony Sergi 5 John Paniagua 6 Daniel Sheahan 7 Geoff King 8 Terry Dixon 9 Andrew Walker 10 Kevin Chapman
11 Andrew Matthews 12 Greg Regester
13 Raymond Chao 14 Stephen Wells
15 John Barrett 16 Hugh Moore 17 Eddie Adams
18 Melissa Carters 19 Singh Talwar
20 Laura Toyne 21 Steven Murphy
22 Bruce Wight 23 Ellie Kukolic
24 Tony Wynd 25 Heather Powrie
26 Garry Lee 27 David Saunders
28 Andrew Blyton 29 Darren Leseberg
30 Damian Wrigley 31 Galvin Koh
32 Katherine Butler 33 Gary Bowen
34 Alex Lloyd 35 Keith Fox
36 Angela Scott 37 John Scheding
38 Alison Hale 39 Robert Ey
40 Matthew Fisher 41 Andrew Luton
42 Sonja McKenna 43 John Hall
44 Helen Larmour 45 Roger Pilkington
46 Richard Wang 47 Leanne Wilks
48 Simon Heinicke 49 Terry Levings
50 Kathleen Bleakley 51 Anne Young
52 John Busteed 53 Caroline Campbell
54 Judy Kuleas 55 Marc Wilson
56 Adrian Plunkett 57 Mira Daoud
58 Victor Daoud

October 18, 2011

Black Mountain Challenge 2011

Black Mountain Challenge 2011

The Runners Shop Brooks Black Mountain Challenge is a little under 8 weeks away. Online registration is now available. While there is a small administration fee associated with this we have kept our low race entry fees unchanged.

You can register at http://regonline.activeglobal.com/blackmountainchallenge2011

I hope to see you at this year's event.

Ian (Boyd)

October 15, 2011

Ben Donohoe Run and Walk for Fun 6 th November 2011


Welcome to the Ben Donohoe Run and Walk for Fun Website proudly sponsored by McDonald's®

6th of November 2011 - 9:30AM Start at Lake Ginninderra

About The Fun Run

Since its inception in 2005 the Ben Donohoe Run and Walk for Fun has raised over $220,000 for the ACT Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group, Make-A-Wish Australia® and Brain Tumour Australia (BTA), which has helped our local community by supporting families affected by cancer and bringing hope and joy to the lives of seriously ill children.

Now in its seventh year, the Ben Donohoe Run and Walk for Fun is one of the premier events on the ACT sporting calendar and one of the largest fun runs in the region.
We can only continue to “Make A Difference” with the generous support of our sponsors, members of the community, school groups and our valued volunteers.

October 14, 2011

Demetrious Pandouras

At the Customs Joggers run today, Simon Claringbold mentioned that Demetrios Pandouras is to be married tomorrow and that Simon is to be the best man.

A new lady joined the run today, her name is Nicole, and she mentioned that she had an enjoyable run. The floriade course was used today and the weather was good, we parked in the floriade parking area and there were plenty of spaces. Thea Zimpel ran today and looked quite good as she fimished. Winner today was Mike Stracey. Beware the handicapper. Ewen Rhompson was cleanly attired today, hasn't done this event for a long time, might return sooner as he is on a mission to reduce his 5 km time.

October 13, 2011

Bonshaw Cup 2011

Date:- Friday, 28th October 2011

Where:- HMAS Harman Sports Oval, Canberra, ACT

When:- Registration opens at 9:30AM

Entry Fee:- $10 per person or $40 per team (includes trophies, prizes and lunch).

October 12, 2011

BBQ Stakes 12 th October 2011

In the absence of Matthew Murphy, last week's winner, Doug Fry and Caroline Campbell took over the timekeeping duties, and the handing out of the placecards. A total of 51 runners today enjoyed the fine sunny weather. Axel Godeck who very recently retired has now notched up 32 years participation in the stakes, with a P.B. of 34:38 recorded in 1950,

Winner today was Sean O'Halloran in 39:40, and his P.B. is 39:41 achieved in 2011. Mike Davel was second over the line at 24:38, and Roger Pilkington ran into 3 rd place with a time over the line of 40:00 Minutes.

Lloyd Donnelly also came along today fully prepared for duty and recorded finishing times and names. Thanks Lloyd.

October 11, 2011

Top skaters figure in strong ACT Team

Noticed in PB Canberra Times 11 th October 2011.

The ACT has named a strong squad for the Australian Figure Skating Championships in Brisbane in December.

Bethany McMahon and Karuna Henderson, who both placed at last year's event, will again skate for the ACT.

Karuna's mother, a few years ago, brought the refreshments to the Women's and Girl's Jogalong for quite some time, although not a strong runner, she performed that task for quite a long time.

Haruna's mother, was the person, who helped us get over the first weeks after the Canberra bushfires.

October 10, 2011

London 2012 Olympics: Linford Christie and Dwain Chambers barred from buying tickets

Former Olympic champion Linford Christie and world indoor champion Dwain Chambers will be barred from buying London 2012 tickets through the British Olympic Association because of their previous drug bans.

Linford Christie will not be allowed to buy tickets for London 2012 because of his previous drugs bans.

By Simon Hart

The BOA announced earlier this week that all Team GB Olympians from previous Games would have the opportunity to purchase four tickets to the London Olympics from the BOA’s own allocation, with one pair of tickets being made available for the sport in which they competed.

But the BOA has confirmed that athletes who have been found guilty of a serious doping offence will be excluded from the offer.

A BOA spokesman said: “Individuals who have been found guilty of a doping offence are not extended the same privileges as other members of Team GB. This includes the opportunity to purchase tickets through the BOA to the Olympic Games.”

Christie, the 1992 Olympic 100 metres champion, served a two-year ban after testing positive for the steroid nandrolone in 1999, though he has always protested his innocence. Chambers, who finished fourth in the 100 metres at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, was also suspended for two years after testing positive for the designer steroid THG after becoming involved in the BALCO doping scandal. He later admitted taking a cocktail of performance-enhancing drugs.

Cyclist David Millar, who competed at the Sydney Olympics, also faces being excluded from the BOA ticket offer after his confession to taking the blood-boosting drug EPO led to a two-year ban in 2004.

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Australian Outback Marathon

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Held every year on the last saturday in July.

Next event on 28 th July 2012.

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Rad's Hopes dashed in the Call Room

After arriving in the Call Room for the world mountain running championships, Rad was told that he would not be allowed to run in the World Mountain Running Championships. There was no effort to repay his entry fee. After all the efforts to get there and then have this happen, was a big dash of hopes for all involved.

Lucky Rad was combining this run with a holiday tour.

"What will be will be".

October 09, 2011

Robert Arthur Dent, AKA Bob Dent

Notice of passing in The Canberra Times 6 th October 2011.

Had chalked up a number of runs (138) in the BBQ Stakes and other running events in Canberra

Richard Scutter extends a welcome to a new arrival

Olivia Sabine Scutter

Welcome to Olivia Sabine (pronounced Sabina) Scutter ... arrived 5 Oct 2011 (8 minutes this side of midnight) ... 7lb 5oz and 49cms long ... at Coffs Harbour ... images from her first day ...

October 08, 2011

Row like marriage dispute

Sourced from



Lord Coe and Frankie Fredericks lay final piece of turf at London’s ­Olympic Stadium

Wednesday March 30,2011

By Colin Bateman Olympics Correspondent

THE final piece of grass was laid as construction was ­completed at London’s ­Olympic Stadium yesterday – but the turf wars still go on.

The two bodies charged with running the 2012 Games were described as being like a bickering married couple by former Olympic gold medal winner David Hemery, vice chairman of the British Olympic Association.

“I find it very sad that the focus has moved on to what is like a marriage dispute going on,” said Hemery, whose body is locked in a cash wrangle with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG).

“I would love to see greater harmony between us. We have had a great relationship with them [LOCOG] in the past and having this dispute in the public domain is not helpful.”

Earlier yesterday, former Olympic sprinter Frankie Fredericks shovelled the last piece of specially grown grass from Scunthorpe into place . The £486million, 80,000-seater stadium in east London that will be the showpiece of the Games has been completed on schedule in just under three years and was handed over to the organising committee.

I find it very sad that the focus has moved on to what is like a marriage dispute going on

David Hemery Vice chairman of the British Olympic Association

Fredericks was there as a member of the International Olympic Committee’s inspection team who are on a three-day visit to London to check the progress .

What Fredericks would not have been aware of is the internecine rows going on in the warring acronyms. While the Olympic delegation were being shown around the stadium, which now has to have finishing work done – including the laying of the running track – across London at the BOA headquarters in Charlotte Street, Sports Minister Hugh Robertson was trying to bang a few heads together.

The Government are becoming increasingly frustrated with the spat between the BOA and LOCOG over how the profits from next year’s Games, hoped to be about £400m , are shared. Of that , once any debts are cleared, 20 per cent goes to the BOA, 20 per cent to the IOC and 60 per cent is due to be ploughed back into British sport.

The BOA appear to want a slice of the action as far as that 60 per cent is concerned and are prepared to take LOCOG to the Court of Arbitration for Sport – and the row is over-shadowing preparation for 2012.

Robertson met with BOA chairman Colin Moynihan yesterday to see if a swift resolution could be found to a dispute that his organisation looks destined to lose.

Yesterday afternoon, the 33 governing bodies of all the Olympic sports in Britain that make up the BOA Olympics Committee met at BOA headquarters. There had been suggestions of a vote of no confidence in Moynihan, but that did not happen.

In fact, no one spoke against the BOA taking the matter to its costly legal conclusion in the Court of Arbitration in the autumn.

Moynihan said: “Everything we are doing is for the sports and the athletes into the future. We want an amicable resolution to all of this and we are open to discussion.”‘Having this in public is just not helpful’OLYMPICS: London 2012

October 05, 2011

BBQ Stakes 5th October 2011

The first of the month when the race is run in the reverse direction.

One early tunner was caught out by running in the normal direction, due to her early start time, but she finished the run in an early placing, and booked in at the end. She is a seasoned runner, and has many runs to her credit.

Matthew Murphy, 500 runs to his credit, ran one of the fastest times for the day, the backmarker on the day. His best is 22:11 in 2010, today's run was timed at 22:20. John Schedding's son helped with relocating the trolleys to the finish line on the day, and spent some of his waiting time doing an experiment with the ants near the finish area. Daniel Buckley, last week's winner did the timing. Daniel is building up a string of first placings in recent months. Axel Godeck, now retired, finished at 39:54, Caroline Campbell finished second and Ruth Baussmann took out third placing. The teams event had Raymond Chao and Jeff King finishing well for IP australia, John Hall notched up his 30 th year of running the BBQ Stakes, Helen Larmour ran 28:19, recently.