June 27, 2007

On The Bike

Indoors though because of the welcome rain.

And by about 4 o'clock so could watch "It's academic", while spinning for 20 minutes.

The calculations of distance travelled were a bit hard for my feeble mind, since the cyclometer (if that's what it's called) cannot be reset to Zero before commencing a session, except time starts at Zero.

Until Next Time.

June 25, 2007

Having a Rest Day From Running

And did I need it.

Have been catching up on ACTCCC Race Results from Saturday, changed my Blog Settings, thanks to a message from Ewen, and about to update the ID Checksheet for ACTCCC Events.

Saturday at Molonglo Reach 10km, after 7.5 km , I was leaning forwards so much that it was noticed by others.

I was feeling like not neing in control of myself, and had to slow to a walk, did that several times until 9km, when the turn marshall offered me a drink, when I had just about collapsed on the ground.

The drink refreshed me, and I just managed to Jog most of the way to the finish.
Sunday I started in an early group for nthe Vets handicap over 9.3kms at Mt ainslie, carried water and drank at evry km on the way, and jogged all the way.

So the analysis is that I went out too fast on Saturday and suffered for it.

Will keep an eye on anything unusual in the coming weeks, but will put it down to an exhausting week, and a long run on the previous day.

Until Next Time.

June 22, 2007

A Little Further North

We went to Singleton last Monday and have just returned.

The Putty road was closed Monday morning, so having left our trip until the afternoon, I suppose we were lucky to get through.

There were the remnants of fallen trees across the road, and plenty of rocks, presumably swept there by the floodwaters, so it required a lot of concentration to weave around them all without doing any damage to the car.

We stayed with friends of my wife, she has known for more than fifty years, they've lived in the area for over 20 years, and survived the floods by being in Singleton Heights, just above the highest reach of the floodwaters.

We could see the dampness all around, and the Hunter river was still flowing copiously.

A couple of days, one overcast, and the next fine enough for a run, enabled a good look around.

And a visit to Lake St Clair, which is at it's best storage level for 10 years, and can hold half the capacity of Sydney Harbour.

Slept better in Singleton than our first night back in Canberra.

Hope to sleep better tonight.

Until next time.

June 12, 2007

Must have been the shoes

I garnered a pair of shoes from a running mate (RM), the old Brooks Beast substitute.
It was supposed to be the same model, but only of a different colouring.

My pair had just about worn out underneath and were falling apart in the uppers.

Then I asked my RM if he still had his old shoes that I could borrow for a test drive.

I wore them at the Cotter 15 miles a couple of months ago, and they felt great.

I tried to swap him a new pair of Brooks Beast for his old pair, but the size didn't fit him, so he graciously donated his old shoes to me.

Yesterday, I headed around West Basin, and ran about 3 minutes faster than the previous month.

It was a cool morning, and a bit of sun was breaking through.

The shoes must have been the factor which helped me go faster.

Today was a rest day, and the RM shoes will basically be reserved for Cotter Runs.

Until Next Time

June 06, 2007

No Posts Since April !!!!

What a long time without a posting.

But I've been running and running, and achieved a six day streak.
That is six successive days of running.

And preparation of the June Edition of Canberra Runner, which is now at the printers.

The Canberra Marathon Eve and Marathon has been run, and the Canberra Half Marathon was a great success.

Timing at those events was achieved with a Seiko timer, with a big roll holder, and a big roll of printer tape.

The roll allows for 2400 lines of print, which comfortably accommodated all finishers in the Marathon and Ultra, and all finishers in the Half Marathon.

The usual practice in the past was to start 4 clocks and switch clocks at each 400 finishers.
The big roll procedure needs no such change, although managing the larger than usual printout needs careful management of the paper printout, it actually is wound up inside a paper roll holder.

Well, that's my post for now, and I'll be going out for the 6km BBQ Stakes today.

Yesterday at Lake Tuggeranong Stakes, Ian C completed his 500th run, and was awarded an appropriately numbered T-Shirt, he has also been involved in the administration of that run, and is an ACT Athletics Official.

Until Next Time.