May 29, 2006

Ari is Happy

Our Daughter, Amanda, has now moved house and today was busy painting.
Ari gets cranky for a few hours at night time, but he has happy times during the day.

Don't know why his face is so red in this photo, maybe a sign of happiness.

I don't get that red, even after a long run.

His suit is the current fashion for young kids, or so Amanda says, and thay have been fortunate to have almost everything they need (for Ari) given them by friends and relatives.

Until Next Time.

May 26, 2006

A Private Screening?

Well, nearly a private screening.

This was a short time after the general much-hyped release of "The Da Vinci Code'.
So many documentaries have been shown on TV taking us around the actual filming sites, and covering aspects of the film. The sites are now popular for tourists, and lots of people are visiting them.

We were at The Tuggeranong Hyperdome yesterday, intending to visit the A-Mart Sports Store.

Instead we had a snack at the Food Court, which is next to the Hoyts Theatre complex, and being nosy, went into the entry at 12:10pm, to find that the film was to start at 12:30 pm.

So we bought the tickets and waited.

There were very few people hanging around so we went into the theatre, and just near start time, another person came in.

There were then 3 people at this session.

Noticed on the way out that there was another cinema showing the Da Vinci Code.

Anyway, I thought the book was better, because you could use some imagination in visuallising the scenes as they unfolded.
In the film, the atmosphere was dark, and a little complex. I thought that if you had not read the book, then the story may have been hard to follow in the film. FWIW.

Until Next Time

May 16, 2006

Canberra Half Marathon Weekend Events

13th to 14th May 2006.

What a great turnout, and a great Weatherwise weekend.

464 in the Half Marathon and numerous relay teams ( an innovation this year), 169 in the 5km event and 30 in the 1km event.

Some huge highs from the many PB's and a couple of lows from a clash with a Bike, and health problems, and not running to expectations.

The organisation was superb, and the events were conducted without any great hassles.

Ken Eynon, as the organiser, put in many hours in preparation for the events, many helpers assisted with some of the many tasks, and some even managed to run in one or the other of the events.

Coverage was obtained in the media, and sponsorships from many businesses all contributed to the atmosphere of the event, I'm sure the runners on finishing who received a bag of goodies and drinks, appreciated the support provided.

Until Next Time.

May 12, 2006

Nail Can Hill

Thanks to "Grog" for this profile.

Photos can be seen on his Blogsite.

This year's Nail Can Hill Run, "Canberra Contingent" was urged to enter by the evergreen Rad, who completed the run in some 74 minutes.
Dianna Schneider came tantalisingly close to beating her age without the 20% loading for females.
She aims to beat it next year.

However, looking at the course profile, I'm rather glad I didn't go, and the conditions were ghastly this year, with starters waiting in their cars, and under shelter until a few minutes before the start, and "dispersing" as soon as they had finished.

Jim W - the fun run accumulator, left Canberra about 4:00 am in the morning for the trip to Albury, and made it to the start in plenty of time, while others car-pooled, and used shared accommodation in hotels or houses of friends or relatives.

Until Next Time

May 09, 2006

More About Kingaroy

My previous post was the Motion Based Maps, and this post is the Google Earth Maps.

A close inspection of Google Earth indicates that I was running on the verges of the road, and thus through some house properties on the yellow run, although I swear I was running on the roads and a bike track on the purple run. Anyway, both maps give an indication of where I ran, and I'm pretty sure the distance was accurate.
While at Kingaroy, I was shown Jaimie's Parent's house in Gladstone, using Google Earth, he picked it up having local knowledge of the area.
He was also having a look at a possible area that he might move to for job purposes.

It just goes to show that people other than runners, use this technology.

Until Next Time.

May 03, 2006

Kingaroy Queensland

Both runs in Kingaroy were enjoyable, Run 1 at top left was on a blustery day, and started up a long hill before turning left and going along another road to an intersection.

This run was on the roads, since there were no tracks roadside.

Another left turn had me travelling south, past the Kingaroy hospital, before diverting south east and joining a main road, Haly St, through the town.

Run 2 at top right had me travelling past the recreational ground and on a concrete pathway, travelling south past a Primary school and past the turn off to the Airport, yes Kingaroy is that big, a population of some 12,500 people.

Amanda and myself had taken Ari shopping the previous day and we went to "Rose Cottage" for cake and Coffee. We had Teacake and Chocolarte cake umm - ummmm delicious.

Run 2 nearly went as far as Rose Cottage, but since my target was 10km for the day, I turned back for a total distance of a little over 11km.

Until next time.

May 02, 2006

Ari Xavier Coe

He was born on 19th April 2006 in Kingaroy public hospital.

Kingaroy is a small town in Queensland, the heart of pumpkin scones territory.
They also grow beans, which find their way into the baked beans market, and have other industries.

Amanda and Jaimie have lived there for some six months now, and have a rented house, which was large enough to house us for a week.
Sleep at night was interrupted by baby Ari calling his mother for attention, but his cries were not loud.
It was more like a whimper.
When awake he moved his arms and legs quite a lot, he may be a runner, but it is too early to tell.

His black hair and dark eyes, are unlike his grandpa, who he shall call Doug, and his Grandma will be called Nana.

Amanda and Jaimie have bought a new (older house) and are nearly finished with their interior rejuvenation. They will move over before the end of June.

Until Next Time.