June 29, 2006

Under the Parkway

Rode the Schwinn bike to Tuggeranong today, via Weston Creek Post Office to post a letter to a fellow runner.

Then via Chapman bike paths to and around Lake Tuggeranong and return.
Chose to ride along Cooleman Ridge, but walked down the Kathner St end of the trail.

However the title to this blog should be explained that at one bike path fork, I diverted under the Tuggeranong parkway for about 100 metres, before realising what I had done, so had to retrace my path to the correct side of the parkway before resuming the ride.

Good weather, and of course used the bell to warn others of my approach.

Numerous walkers, Mums with their prams, a few dogs on leashes, and only a few other bike riders, including one recumbent.

I can see a little bit of dust from today's ride, which I'll use a brush on to spruce up the Schwinn bike before it's next outing.

Until Next Time


Blogger allrounder said...

was that ride on one of the Schwinn bikes you won earlier this year? do you like it?

5:04 pm, June 29, 2006  
Blogger Friar said...

I've edited my post to indicate it was on the Schwinn bike.

I am getting used to it now, although I don't always ride in a straight line, and try to keep off the roads.

Getting used to changing the gears, but the seat could do with more padding for such longer rides, and could find a rear vision mirror useful.

8:31 am, June 30, 2006  

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