November 22, 2005

120 Kph

That seems to be the speed at which a large number of motorists travel on the Freeway from Canberra to Sydney/Sydney to Canberra.

With good cars and good conditions on the road, we were passed by many, when sitting on the speed limit of 110 kph, and even when occasionally reaching a higher speed near 120 kph, were still being passed by higher speed vehicles.

We arrived in Sydney Friday evening and stayed at The Boulevard Hotel in William St, now outdated, but with good accommodation packages, a full buffet breakfast, and underground parking, close to the City. Outdated in respect of no bathroom fan, no dual flush toilet cistern.

A Chinese restaurant where we dined on Friday night, at the top of William St, had glass panels, allowing uninterrupted views along William St. It did not seem like the waiter had travelled much outside Sydney, and didn't know how far it was to Campbelltown.

Our Daughter and Boyfriend arrived about 9:30 am to have Buffet Breakfast with us.
Saturday was spent at Taronga Zoo, no elephants because they are holidaying at Western Plains Zoo, a chaurlift from the Ferry terminal took us to the top entry, and we spent a few hours wandering around.
The Giraffes looked in top class condition, and the monkeys were playfully climbing up and down the ropes and trees.

Dinner was at a Korean BBQ restaurant in Victoria St, Kings Cross, all you can eat, after making a selection from the dishes, and cooking it on a BBQ at your tablel.

We met our daughter and Boyfriend again at the Ferry Terminal to Manly, Wharf 2.

Sunday morning at the Oceanarium at Manly after a ride over on the Ferry, and we returned on the Ferry Cat to Circular Quay for lunch at an Italian Restaurant, "Eastside" good quality, and Desserts and Coffee, before leaving for Canberra at about 2:00pm, and arriving about 7:00pm.

We always stop every two hours, no matter where we are travelling, for petrol, coffe, rest-stops, or otherwise.

That was a very tiring weekend, and was very sleepy most of Monday, but am feeling better today.

Until Next Time.


Blogger strewth said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and a lot of fun.

10:16 pm, November 22, 2005  
Blogger CJ said...

I'm with you Friar - I always prefer to stop every couple of hours when travelling for a break, a coffee, maybe something to eat.... Sounds like a wonderful time in Sydney and some great restaurants.

11:10 pm, November 25, 2005  

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