November 05, 2005

Majura Vineyards One Peak Challenge

Upper Map from Google earth, Lower Map from Motion Based.

I won't put in the profile, but for those who know Mt Majura, there are some pretty steep and narrow tracks, or narrow and steep, and downhill on the Mt Majura road, which is not open to normal traffic.

The Majura Vineyards was the start and finish location for this event, and each finisher received a bottle of Pint Noir as they crossed the finishing line, from the Vineyards owner, many thanks from the 115 finishers, which included 4 relay teams of 3 runners each.

John Winsbury was first male, and Emma Murray, first female, she broke the course record by some 6 minutes.

Friar started off with a supposedly conservative speed, which turned out to be about 6 minutes for the first km, over some mown grass strip, and onto a forestry one lane track, then the going got tougher, with a hill to climb at the 3km mark, by good organisation, a water station, manned by Carol and Heather, was at the summit of this hill, then a long run down a gravel track to Mackenzie St in Hackett.

The track was followed around to the bus stop in Antill St Hackett, and then diverted around some grassy, narrow goat (near horse paddocks) track, covered by long grass, until another drink station at the 7km mark, this one manned by DaveO, then followed a slow climb up to the track around the base of Mt Majura, and the flattish trail along here was a welcome relief.

But of course the long climb up to the road at Mt Majura took ages, some of it along rocky narrow tracks, steppping logs and rocks, and managing to keep moving in a slow shuffle, drink station at Mt Majura road was 11km, manned by David B, and we knew the rest was downhill, and didn't Alice and Maria know it, they hurtled down the road like scared cats, while I was more sedate, more like a Wombat.

The male winner came past at this point,with 3km to go, and along the last grassy, freshly mown track, Vince came past wearing his black WrightSocks, referred to in one of my previous posts.

Refreshing soft drinks, fruit cake, and Power Bar, were welcome at the finish, stories were swapped, and I stayed until the last of the competitors finished.

As I said earlier, 115 finished, including PRB, Flashduck, Prue and Steve, Jim and Maria, Marg and Beryl, Anita Norma and Eric, and a host of others too numerous to mention.

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Blogger Ewen said...

You forgot one of the numerous wombats to be found around those parts. Yes, it was a great event (and sponsor) which will get bigger in future years. As for Emma... I continue to be amazed!

9:40 pm, November 07, 2005  
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