August 29, 2012

BBQ Stakes 29 th August 2012

58 runners today, with Judy Kuleas and Anne Young starting early, also Kerrie Tanner, Andrew Guild and Samantha, Kerrie's daughter, also starting earlier.  Sam had a cold but still ran, Kerrie and Andrew and Sam had a hot coffee immediately after the run.  Anne Young had a bit of a dizzy spell and indicated she would immediately consult her doctor.

John Hall running his sixth recent event was today's winner, he has about 378 runs over 20 years at the stakes, and a P.B. of 26:35 on 12 March 1986, and a recent P.B.

Jen Bright started late and ran fastest last week, in 27:43.

Sandy Locatia was second, and I didn't hear who was third.

Amgela Chapman was the timekeeper today, and got her photo and story in the Sunday Canberra Times, together with runners from the stakes.

August 24, 2012

BBQ Stakes 22nd August 2012

rad finished in 45:12, among 52 finishers today, before he flies out for a holiday and World Duathlon Championships.  And of course he brought another cake to help celebrate his birthday,Andrew Guild finished well up in the placings, haveing deceided to run the BBQ Stakes from his correct handicap.
One of the newer ladies was the winner today, I don't know her name, so she will have her first taste of time keeping next week.  Another of the newer ladies thanked Kerrie for the organisation, and said she really enjoyed the run and the organisation.

August 21, 2012

Rad Still Celebrating his birthday.

On the 20th anniversary of his 65th birthday, Rad is still celebrating, this time at Black Mountain Run Up, by taking a cake and candle, while John Harding provided some drinks and some power bars, and other eats/drinks, while Trevor Jacobs and Stuart Doyle provided party hats to provide a festive
 atmosphere for the occasion.  Rad ran the race in 25:33, his fastest in the last three months.  Stuart Doyle blitzed the field in 12:33, a return to form, Anthony Scott came in second at 13:23, with Simon Claringbold in 14:13, a multiple time place getter, John Kennedy rode his bike there and ran 15:25, and Diana Schneider ran with Rad, Geoff Barker also ran in 21:52.

I believe his actual birthday is 29 th August, so there will be another celebration soon, probably at the BBQ stakes tomorrow, Wednesday 22nd August.

He is then headed overseas to France for a holiday, and will compete in the World Duathlon Championships, and enjoy a well earned holiday.

August 19, 2012

Celebration of Rad's Anniversary

Rad Leovic will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of his 65 th Birthday on , I think 29th August this year.

He has started celebrations  by sharing a Birthday cake at Lake Tuggeranong stakes, together with a candle in the cake, and is slated to celebrate again at Black Mountain Run Up, this coming Tuesday.  Not sure of his celebration in Sydney City to Surf, which he completed in around 108 minutes, (108:28, and his self timed watch indicated only a one second difference from the official time.

He has previously asked the City to Surf organisers to include an over 80, and over 85 category in the results categories,

He is off to the world triathlon championships soon, with a well earned holiday, and as part of the Australian contingent which was presented with their official team uniforms last week.

August 15, 2012

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 15th August 2012

Kathleen Bleakley had the honour of receiving her 200th run T-Shirt today, at the BBQ Stakes run.

Julie Quinn was also in the limelight today with her 40 th birthday, and wearing her new wristwatch timing super watch, given by David B. (For her birthday.  She is still getting used to it and learning to press the right buttons.

The BBQ Stakes course has been measured again, and will be 6.01 km if all runners take the correct   path at the top of Waldock Street.

I don't know whether a Blue line has been painted there yet, but there were plenty of footsteps there today from the 60 or so runners.

Andrew Guild had a super run today, and came back among the early placegetters, while Caroline Campbell has an achilles problem and won't be tunninh in the Vets half marathon this Sunday.John Busteed is back in action again and ran with Judy Kuleas, who has graduated from walking to running the whole distance..

August 14, 2012

Lakes Stakes Tuesday 12th August 2012

Running today were Peter Foster, Colin Phillips, Lloyd Edwards, Daniel Buckley, David Low, Cameron Curry, Ross Paine, Paul Doelle, (First Run), Tim Craig and Rad Leovic.

Rad warmed up for the Vets Half Marathon this weekend, with a time of 41 minutes 22 seconds.

He also brought a lovely cake with candle to celebrate his 83 rd year of running, having completed the City to Surf in 108 minutes.

The cake was from Michelle's in Woden Plaza.

He will next be in action this coming Friday at the Customs Joggers run in Commonwealth Park.

Daniel Buckley returned from his run in the Gold Coast Half Marathon in about 2 and a half hours.

August 09, 2012

BBQ Stakes 8 August 2012

A good field again with nearly 60 running, including a first timer, Mark Campbell, who finished in a credible 18th place, in a time of 30:30.

Winners were Stuart Stockwell, with 84 runs, at 39:58, first, Second Andy Matthews 40:09, third Michael De Velde at 40:15.

There was mild confusion at the place cards, but everyone took a card, and booked in.  Terry Dixon will hopefully sort out the results.Tavishi has run 13 years since her P.B.

It was a rather warmer day than usual, which led to a good turn out, despite the City to Surf this coming weekend.

Rad will be travelling to Sydney with Peter Hogan and staying at the YMCA.

Kevin is not going to Sydney this year, probably buying his daughter new eunning shoes, may have depleted the bank balamce.  ??

August 01, 2012

BBQ Stakes 1 st August 2012 Caroline Campbell's day

Teams trophy day, winners were the Others, including Damien Kennedy and Michael de Velde.

Actual winner today was Caroline Campbell,  as well as being her birthday, she was the first eligible finisher.  Kerrie Tanner cooked some cupcakes, enough for one to each finisher, very tasty and iced as well.  Kerrie also took a photo of a lot of the finishers as they crossed the line. It was a reverse run today for team trophy, last time winners didn't bring the trophy however.  Katherine Butler was actually the first to cross the line, but was not eligible for the win.  Danny Hansen was second across the line and Damien Kenneedy third across.

John Barrett was late to the start line, George Panotelis had a sore ankle twisted in the bush capital weekend events, and did not compete today, but turned up at the start and made his presence known.

Phil Toomey continued with his participation, as did axel godik, who had fallen from his mountain bike, and had not run for a few weeks.

Caroline Campbell's first run was 24 th February 2010, so has chalked up her 100 th run in a very short time duration her P.B. was 34:52, on 24 th February 2010.

Johhn Busteed, who I believe visited his brother in Coffs Harbour,  did not run today, an unusual miss from the stakes, so Judi who often keeps John company went with Anne Young early today and finished full of running..

Gary Bowen had trouble with his orthotics in the vets handicap at West Stromlo over the weekend and was due to visit his supplier after the run today.