March 30, 2011

BBQ Stakes 30 th March 2011

BBQ Stakes 30 th March 2011

Today was the 200th occasion that Helen Larmour has competed in the BBQ Stakes, this was mentioned at after run presentations.

Roger Pilkington, 9th across the line, was today,s winner and will carry out timing duties next week. It was his 881 st run having clocked up 31 wins and 28 runs since his previous win.

Paul Baumgarten held the clock today after his win last week.

Several people started early today, Peter Hogan, Carolyne Kramar, John Busteed, Glen Carter. Ian Hore again ran today while still carrying an injury. Heather Powrie, who forgot to take home her jacket last week turned up early today, as did Kathleen Bleakley.

First placing across the line saw a sprint finish for the first placed runner to overtake Lloyd Edwards just before the line, only to find that he had finished too early and was thus ineligible for the winner's prize.

53 ran today, with one runner not booking in at the end, but that was later sorted out. It was a fine clear day, although a little cloudy.

Veterans Handicaps Clocking Up The Numbers

ACT Veterans Athletic Club monthly running and walking handicaps are clocking up the numbers.

Soon the 700th Handicap will be conducted, the current situation as for totals is 124 in the Waddell series, 222 in the Frylink series, and 345 in the Thomas series.

The Thomas Series is named after the former President, Bryan Thomas, the Frylink series is named after First President, Peter Frylink, and the Waddell series is named after Peter Waddell, a former well known Champion Walker.

The first Thomas series event was at the Jogalong course on 24th June 1979, the first Frylink event was on 27th January 1991 at Grevillea Park, the first Waddell event was held at Grevillea Park on 30th January 2000.

Will there be an announcement at the landmark Handicap weekend, since 3 handicaps are conducted over the same location each month.

Letters and Numbers on SBS

This show is on SBS Television, in the afternoons at 3:30 pm, and at 6:00 pm at night.

They also have produced 3 books where you can play the game at a time suitable to yourself.

I sent the first book to my brother and sister-in-law in Melbourne.

One likes the letter puzzles, the other likes the number puzzles.

The afternoon session seems to be repeated about one week later, which helps me pick up the answers I missed due to other things happening in and around the house.

The first book, I thought was only available at Dymocks, so I travelled to Tuggeranong for the purchase, the second and the third books, I have purchased in Woden Plaza. They have the copies of the book on the front counter, they say, because of its popularity.

Somehow, working through the book, seems a lot less interesting than doing it at the TV broadcast time.

Anyway, it serves to exercise the mind.

Why not give it a try ?? Either the show or the book.

March 29, 2011

Lake Ginninderra Handicap 29th March 2011

Lake Ginninderra Handicap 29th March 2011

A small number of helpers were present today for the running of this Handicap event.

Andrew Sutcliffe and Doug Fry were present to help, while Phil Carruthers arrived in time to indicate he would start early and get back in time to help, he handed out place cards.

Andrew had a "high tech" device to record handicap times, start times etc.. It was a Kindle device, which had a time display plus all the details necessary to record and display start times for each runner. It was eminently readable in the outdoor sunshine, and served to display times for runners to start.

It has stored all the necessary data related to this handicap.

The data is also available on the internet. Refer to the following link.

In the vicinity of 18 runners started today, including Carolyne Kramar who performed creditably in the event over a relatively flat course.

She has resumed running in some of the Canberra events.

The dates algorithm within the very smart GH webpage has been enhanced to include Easter due to the fact that in 2011 ANZAC day and Easter Monday will both fall on
25th of April which of course is not a handicap day of Tuesday. However with two important holidays on the same day Monday the powers have decided that Monday will be ANZAC day and Tuesday Easter Tuesday? hence the GH will be moved to Wednesday! The next time ANZAC day and Easter Monday will fall on the same day will be 2095. You can calculate the date of Easter Sunday in the GH webpage by typing easter
(1950,2100) in curly brackets for these years or any other range you might like. In 2038 things might get even more confusing since ANZAC day the 25th of April will be on Sunday, but on moving the holiday to the Monday they will find that that will be Easter Monday the 26th of April the latest Easter ever falls in its 4,300,000 years (approx) cycle!

March 23, 2011

BBQ Stakes 23 rd March 2011

I got to the BBQ Stakes area just in time to see the last few speedy runners take off. They were Greg Regester and Nick Walshe.

Greg ran pretty fast to be up near the top rather than the bottom, and Nick Walshe wasn't intending to run fast, and finished a little back in the field.

A good turn out today of about 45 or more, Brian Crowe doing the timekeeping.

Ian Hore despite carrying an injury, keeps on competing every week. Dolph Page did not arrive early enough to join in the stakes, but went for a run anyway.

No Adrian Plunkett, but things went smoothly. Kerrie mentioned Roger's Mum passing, but I'm not sure whether everybody heard that.

A jacket was left by one of the ladies,(Heather ? ), retrieved by Kevin Chapman for safe keeping until next week.

March 18, 2011

Lunch Time Runners -- Some Statistics

Canberra Lunch Time Runners – 800 + runs in the one event and most lunch time runs – combined events @ 18 March 2011

1000 +

Doug Fry 1216 BBQ Stakes

Rick Hatcher 1181 Customs Joggers

900 +

Terry Levings 905 BBQ Stakes

800 +

Roger Pilkington 880 BBQ Stakes

John Carmody 833 BBQ Stakes

Adrian Plunkett 818 BBQ Stakes

John Busteed 807 BBQ Stakes

Kevin O’Keeffe 799 Customs Joggers

Runners With Most Lunch Time Runs (Combined)

Customs Joggers/BBQ Stakes/Lakes Stakes/Lake Ginninderra Stakes

Doug Fry 1580

Rick Hatcher 1200

Ian Hore 1136

Information suppled by Lloyd Edwards. (18th March 2011.)

March 16, 2011

BBQ Stakes 16 th March 2011

BBQ Stakes 16 th March 2011

Today's Stakes saw Kerrie Tanner return from her good run in the Six Foot Track Event, running a P.B. of around 30 minutes and second in her age group, and second in the ACT Run Women's team. She ran about 36:08 for today's BBQ Stakes event.

Winner today was Leanne Wilkes, her second win. Her over the line time was 32:56.
Lloyd Edwards was second, following several weeks of good times and good placings. Damian , Surname unsure, was third placed.

Hugh Moore had a PB of 1 second. Terry Levings was 37 th but reckons he is improving, Caroline Campbell was 41 st, her Weston Creek Half Marathon time was 2 hours, 1 second, Roger Pilkingtom was 44th, running with Robert Ey, at 45 th. The new shopping laws on trolleys, could mean the use of such trolleys may have to be revisited for the BBQ Stakes. Hugh Moore crossed the line at 40:31 today, followung his Weston Creek Half Marathon run over the weekend.

Binh Dang has had a look at his rehandicap for next week and reckons he has a chance of a win, he will give it all he can in attempting a win next week.

Doug Fry walked the course today, with his Garmin reporting a distance of 6.04 km in a time of 67:04.

He suspects the extra distance was near the track following Waldock Street.

March 10, 2011

Customs Joggers Run 4 th March 2011

Customs Joggers Run 4 th March 2011

Today was a warm fine day. There was a very good number of 25 finishers. This was the sixth week of a new point score competition for the first half of 2011.

Welcome back to Mark Maslen after a long break. Also welcome to Carl Fellows for a second run.

Some fast times this week: Tim Calver 18:39 (Tim is preparing for the Marathon des Sables); Simon 18:38, Carl 17:56 and Mark 17:30. Martin has consistently good times under 20 minutes and Mark Oliver is even more consistent with exactly the same time this week as last week, 20:28.

Many thanks also to Nick Walshe and the Runners Shop for the prizes of socks and vouchers.

Also thanks to Mike for again providing drinks after the run.
In the above results, winners are therefore Emma, Lloyd, Yumiko and Mark Stokes.

Progress results in the point score competition, after five weeks so not including the above results: Nathan Williamson still leading on 215 points, closely followed by John Anderson 212, Martin Woods 205, Caroline 189, Simon 183 and Kevin 171.

Next Customs Joggers Run will be Friday 11 March 2011 at 12:15 pm over our traditional course from where the toilet block used to be in Commonwealth Park. Prizes of Runners Shop vouchers and socks will again be available for the first two eligible finishers on the day. Usual charge of $1 will apply.

This will be the seventh week of the point score competition for the first half of 2011.

March 09, 2011

BBQ Stakes 9 th March 2011

BBQ Stakes 9 th March 2011

"The Stakes prior to Six Foot Track"

Best wishes to all who are competing and to those running - The Weston Creek Half Marathon.

56 runners today, including Sonia, who didn't complete the course, after her gingerly start.

Binh Dann forecast he was a chance for a win and he did well, coming in first eligible at 39:22, His P.B is 34:05, with a recent PB of 35:30. Darren Leseberg was second on 34:32, with Lloyd Edwards in third place ,maintaining his good placings of recent weeks. Then back in the field, Kevin Chapman 48 th, Roger Pilkington 49 th, Robert Ey 50th, Pat Stakelum 51 st, Caroline Campbell 52 nd, Terry Dixon 53 rd, Terry Levings 54 th, and Ian Hore, injured and finished well back in the field.

Leah Afiabo came along to help, and told us about her sore knee, which required a minor operation, and her hopes of recovery. She might be riding a bicycle for a few weeks now. Bill Stefaniak also came to help record finishers today. The cyclists are now at a bit of a disadvantage these days, since the railings around the underpass were removed a few weeks ago. But they made good use use of some of the posts which are around the area.

March 06, 2011

Broulee Runners -- Easter Run

Easter Run - March 6th

A bit early, but we're organising an Easter Run

When: Sunday March 6th
Time: 7 am start
Distance: 10 km run/walk
Where: Meet at Corrigan's Beach Playground for a run to the bridge and back

Afterwards, stay around for a pre Easter breakfast together - grab a coffee - HOT CROSS BUNS provided on the day.

All runners/walkers welcome. Family can meet afterwards at Corrigan's Park - anytime after 8am.

Please let Liza know if you can make it.
Posted by Broulee Runners at 2:03 AM

March 02, 2011

BBQ Stakes 2nd March 2011

BBQ Stakes 2nd March 2011:-

A field of 51 today, with Matthew Murphy 50 th to sign on. Terry Levings finished in 52nd place, but admitted there were no others yet to finish after him.

So, maybe there was one person who didn't sign on.

After sorting out last week's results, when Laura Toyne was declared the winner, Terry Dixon braved the sharks newr Rottnest Island for a swim of something like 7 hours. John Busteed and Glen Croker nearly dead heated near the finish line, but Glen pipped John on the line for one better place.

Heather Powrie had on her new Garmin and sought help in pressing the right buttons, she found that she had to keep the buttons pressed for a few seconds.

Laura Toyne talked about her time of 2 years in Darwin, and her adventures with the Darwin Runners Club. They have a membership fee, with regular runs at various places around the city. There are not many safe places to run, traffic wise, but they still manage regular runs.

The overall winner today was Andrew Blyton at 39:38, with 115 runs, 5 wins, and a P.B. of 24:26 in October 2009. Second was Lloyd Edwards on 39:45, and Andrew Guild looking like he was nearly exhausted at the line in 40:22. Raymond Chao was fourth eligible today, and is in heavy training for the Canberra Marathon.