December 31, 2010

The Tuesday Group -- "Ascends" Mt Tennent

The Vets Tuesday Group.


This Group is listed in the Training Groups in Vetrunner. Geoff Moore is the training groups co-ordinator.

They never get many solid stories in Vetrunner, but consist of a variety of Vets club members.

They have people from all ilks of the club, and have had co-ordinators of ever changing faces.

Thursday, 30th December 2010, they ventured/walked/climbed to the top of Mt Tennent along the trail that is now well worn.

There used to be an organised run by the mountain running association to the top of Mt Tennent.

I remember it as a very challenging event, because the trail was steep and rocky in a lot of places, and care needed to be taken over its many rises and rocky parts.

This group meets at Black Mountain Peninsula at 9:00 am on Tuesday mornings, partaking of a run/walk for one hour, and then a gathering afterwards for morning tea and eats, where each person brings a plate, and all share in the eats and cameraderie, after the run or walk, and organise their next outing.

The group consists of mostly Vets, but others often join in the gathering.

December 28, 2010

Thredbo Running Week

When trying to send mail yesterday, Office Outlook said it could not co-operate.

So I delayed the prepared message, and let it be.

But a recovery from this hiccup occurred.

After a few hours, I tried again, and still the same result.

Then I considered a repair to the program. And even a fresh installation.

But lo and behold, the repair must have worked, I must have pressed the right buttons.

And a message was sent out this morning about the Thredbo Running Week for 2011.It's to be under the auspices of the YMCA runners Club, with Phil Aungles involved in the organisation.


January 8th to January 15 th 2011.

December 23, 2010

Inaugural Australian Running Festival

Entries are now open for the inaugural Australian Running Festival.
This exciting new major event will incorporate The Canberra Times Canberra Marathon along with a Half Marathon, 10km and 5km fun runs for all abilities from serious runners to joggers, wheelchairs, pushers and walkers held in the Nation’s Capital from April 9-10, 2011.

Australia's oldest city marathon established in 1976 has been relaunched through an entirely new event over a spectacular course with perfect autumn weather expected for the first major marathon of the year.

The Festival will raise much needed funds for more than 500 charities and will be supported by local clubs, including the new YMCA of Canberra Runners Club. “The Australian Running Festival will have the support of Canberra runners who will be pleased that the new Canberra Times Canberra Marathon maintains the tradition of a marathon event in the April calendar. The marathon is expected to be nominated as a championship event by Athletics ACT and the ACT Veterans Athletic Club.” Club President Geoff Sims.

Organised by the team behind the world’s largest running event and supported by the ACT Government, Race Director Fred Taylor invites the local running community to get involved and help Canberra re-claim its position as Australia’s Marathon Capital by 2013 – for the Centenary of Canberra celebrations.

Fairfax Events and The Canberra Times produce a portfolio of major running events including The Sun-Herald City2Surf, The Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon, Rebel Sport Run4Fun and The Canberra Times Family Fun Run. With a proud history of delivering world-class, vibrant, inspiring and professional events since 1971, our running events attract over 100,000 participants each year. In addition to providing significant social and economic impact to local communities, more than $5 million is raised annually for charity.

After 30 years of involvement, CSM have moved on from the previous Canberra Marathon to focus on international opportunities.

December 22, 2010

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 22 December 2010

A field of 34 runners today.

Simon Heinecke was the winner in a PB of 31:20, with a P.B. by 2 seconds, it was his second win.

Bruce Wight was in second place with 40:13, and Roger Pilkington was third over the line with 40:20.

John Busteed, a previous handicapper of this run, ran his 798 th BBQ Stakes.

With a regular attendance, he will achieve his 800 th shortly.

With holidays in the offing, there will be nil run on 5 th January (Australia Day) and 27 th January may not be held on that date, stay tuned.

December 13, 2010

Turkey Run Sat 18 th December 2010



Fadden Pines, Bugden Ave. Gowrie ACT

Saturday 18 December 2010, 10 AM

How much?

What is it?
A turkey run is where you guess your time and run without a watch. The distance will be around 4 km (an accurate distance will be announced on the day). Competitors can walk or run

The winner is the person whose guess is closest to their actual time.

Best Guess $100 Gift Voucher
2nd Best Guess $75 Gift Voucher
3rd Best Guess $50 Gift Voucher

I have asked for a copy of the results. I will post them here when they are supplied.

Twentieth Black Mountain Challenge 5kms

Twentieth Black Mountain Challenge 5kms
Canberra ACT , Sunday 12 December

World Mountain Running Championship representative John Winsbury overcame hot and humid conditions to take out the Black Mountain Challenge in 18.34, just 5 seconds ahead of Runners Shop proprietor and race sponsor Nick Walshe, with Jono Windsor 3rd in 19.21 just 5 seconds in front of M40 winner Stuart Doyle in 19.26. Early race leader James Minto was 5th in 20.13.
Just a week after finishing 2nd in the 60km Kepler Challenge in New Zealand, Australian mountain running champion Vanessa Haverd had a comfortable victory in the women's field in 21.28. Former race walking world record holder Kerry Junna-Saxby was a surprise second in 22.57, with Elizabeth Humphries third in 23.16. Race legend Fiona Jorgensen was 4th in 24.51 and Melissa Clarke 5th in 25.10.

Thanks for this report by John Harding.

December 11, 2010

Still Cleaning Up After The Storms

In Tuggeranong, a relative had their house badly affected. Rain came into the roof and dripped from the ceiling. Buckets were strategically placed to catch the drops.

Later in the day, the roof was supposedly safe, the lower level of the electricity was working "safely", but the ceiling lights were declared unsafe. Their were too many calls for SES help, to have an inspection carried out in the afternoon.

At our own place, the garage is slowly drying out, the carpets are now outside in the sunshine, and are beginning to dry. It's amazing how heavy a carpet can get when it is waterlogged. I'm sure when I first got them, they were easy to carry. But, when waterlogged, they could only be dragged outside.

I was puffing and panting to try and load them into the wheelbarrow, to make it easier to move them. It doesn't help that the pump up tyre is slightly (or more) deflated.

After a couple of days in the sun (fingers crossed) they may be dry enough to move back under shelter, when they are a lot drier.

And, some of the garden soil has been washed into areas we didn't want to plant vegies in. However, the grass was cut on Thursday afternoon by the mower, so the place looks tidier than it feels.

December 09, 2010

BBQ Stakes Christmas Relays 8th December 2010

BBQ Stakes Christmas Relays 8th December 2010

These were held as scheduled despite the attempted intervention of the weather goddess, as Trevor Hughes, a past handicapper would have said.

Adrian Plunkett, was his usual self, as the cuurrent guru and organiser of this event, and general organiser of the BBQ Stakes event. This was despite a bad fall from a ladder, while pruning the last branches on a fruit tree a few days ago,

Brian Crowe, who helps at most of the weekly runs, was in charge of the BBQ, and to his credit, was spot on with his catering which also covered some catering for vegetarians. Drinks were also catered, I think probably by Steve Smith, but there were only a few left over, this included soft drinks and varieties of alcoholic drinks.

An international flavour was in place at this event due to Roland Sherwood and Friend, and due to Helena and Rene, both introduced by Rad, they being brother and sister, the brother Rene staying with Rad for a few weeks on holiday at this time of year.

Winners of the relay event were Laura Toyne and Tony Sergi, both regular runners, and Terry Levings won the point acore for the year. Matthew Murphy 2 nd and Raymond Chao 3 rd in the pointscore for the year. Some runners were given a pair of socks, Helen Larmour and Caroline Campbell being lucky recipients.

Terry Levings has already circulated results, and if you want a copy, please ask me or Terry. (By e-mail if you wish).

And I apologise for not mentioning the assistance of Sonja McKenna with the cooking and the results recording.

December 08, 2010

Better Later Than Never.

Tax return now completed.

Should get a few dollars refunded.

It took about one and one half hours to visit our tax agent, for them to prepare our returns, and return home after the event.

Only recently The Canberra Times carried a report of a tax office worker who had not prepared a tax return, even though there are in the tax office, numerous messages sent to staff, to remind them to lodge their returns.

There are also messages on the Tax Office website, indicating that a late lodgement penalty may be applied, and tax agents offering their services in preparing late tax returns.

The tax Office keeps a list of all interest from bank accounts, even though previously, they only required information where accounts attracted interest of over $100.

So having done our return, we will now start again, on the record keeping in preparation for next year's tax return time.

And next year will probably get our tax return prepared a little earlier.

Does anyone use an accountant for this purpose. ??

December 07, 2010

Six Foot Track opens 8th December 2010

Entries opening at 9am Sydney time tomorrow, 8th Dec Tuesday, From: "SixFootTrack" Sorry about the duplicate email. Please ignore the last one. We are going ‘live’ as scheduled at 9am Sydney time tomorrow morning
(9am Wednesday 8th December, 2010).

Here is the entry link ( that
will be used. The online system will not be activated until 9am
tomorrow. It will also be on the home page (9am tomorrow…not now).
I am stressing this because I do get a lot of people emailing me and
asking for the link. The link is not there yet because the entries are
not open yet.

If you are unsure about anything please read the relevant information
on the 6FT Website ( ), in particular the

Entry Information Page ( )

Detailed Online Entry Procedure (
onlineentryprocedure.php )

We have tried to cover every possible option and believe that all the
necessary information is on the website or has been given via email.
We will not be necessarily responding to any emails enquiring about
information that has been made available. We simply do not have the
time. If you are unsure about anything, please check the information

In summary, we have this year split the entry categories into three;
Guaranteed, 6FT veterans (1 to 4 finishes) and Novice Entries.

The list identifying the ‘guaranteed’ entrants is in the detailed
online entry procedure. I just want to emphasise that even if you have
done 5 6FT’s or more, you still have to be qualified in the last 5yrs
(6FT) or last 3yrs (other qualification).
If you are not sure that you fit the ‘guaranteed’ category, then enter
under one of the other two types that best meets your status. If you
enter as a guaranteed entrant and you clearly do not meet the
requirements you will be de-registered.

6FT Veterans: If you are not a guaranteed veteran, i.e. 1 to 4
finishes (inc. last 5 yrs) then simply choose this category.

Novice Entry: If you have not 6FT before, not guaranteed and have
qualified in last 3 yrs then choose this option.

If there is anything else that needs announcing then I will do so
before entries open.

Good luck and train well.

Colin Jeftha

Race Director
6FT Track Marathon

Black Mountain Challenge 2010

Less than a week to go to Black Mountain Challenge.

From: "Ian Boyd"
It is less than a week to the running of the Runners Shop Brooks Black Mountain Challenge.

Rregister online at:-

You can also enter on the day at the start at Black Mountain Peninsula for a late entry fee of $15.

I hope to see you there.

Kind regards


Ph: 61 2 62591463
Fax: 61 2 62591463
Mob: 0421 308801

December 06, 2010

Six Foot Track - Entries opening Soon.

45.0km mountain trail run, starts 8am Saturday from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves. Time limit 7 hours - entry criteria apply. Approx 800 runners. Incorporating the AURA National Trail Ultramarathon Championships contact: Race Organiser, Six Foot Track Marathon, PO Box R1227 Royal Exchange, Sydney, NSW 1225. email: Visit the website for more details.

Customs Joggers Run 3rd December

Friday 3 December was our Christmas celebration and announcement of the winner of the point score competition for the second half of 2010. Congratulations to John Anderson, a quiet and consistent performer through the last six months or so. John timed his runs well, not being able to run today through having a tooth removed. Hopefully, John’s win will ease the pain. John will have his name engraved on our prestigious trophy.

The final results in the point score competition were:

John Anderson 663

Richard Marson 649

Tony Olliffe 637

Mike Stracey 636

Kevin O’Keeffe 610

Simon Claringbold 600

The first three place getters received prizes selected by Mike , including wine, chocs, knives and Runners Shop vouchers. Mike also received a prize for having completed more runs than anyone else but missing out on net points.

Thanks to Mike for providing food and drinks and prizes, to Anna O’Keeffe for organising, for Simon for announcing winners and to those Customs Joggers who came along and had a run on a slightly wet day that was actually good for running.

Thanks also to Nick Walshe and the Runners Shop for providing voucher prizes and socks throughout the year.

For this week, those who came will be given a time of 36 minutes and credited with a run, with no change to handicaps. Let me know if I have missed anyone from the attached list.

Next Customs Joggers Run will be Friday 10 December 2010 at 12:15 pm over our traditional course from where the toilet block used to be in Commonwealth Park. This will not be a point score competition but handicapping will continue and prizes of Runners Shop vouchers and socks will again be available for the first two eligible finishers on the day. Usual charge of $1 will apply.

There will also be a run on Friday 17 December, but then a break on Fridays 24 and 31 December, resuming in 2011 on Friday 7 January 2011. A new point score competition will begin on Friday 4 February 2011.

Website address:

Provided by Nick Blackaby.

December 03, 2010

BBQ Stakes 1st December 2010

First Name Surname Gross Time.

Samantha Bretherick 40.56, Dolph Page 41.02, Sean Ohalloran 41.08, Matthew Murphy 41.19, Belinda Robinson 41.4, Roland Sherwood 42.08, John Paniagua 42.12, Marc Wilson 42.18, Adrian Plunkett 42.21, Geoff King 42.23, Terry Levings 42.3, Dale Beswick 42.37, Gary Bowen 42.46, John Barrett 43.15, John Hall 43.43, Singh Talwar 44.16, Leanne Wilks 44.37, Caroline Campbell 45.05, Helen Lamour 46.51, Roger Pilkington 46.52, Ian Hore 47.26, John Busteed 47.32, Kathleen Bleakley 50.14.

Note that in the interests of getting the results posted as early as possible, they are posted in this format.

Thanks to Kerrie Tanner for supplying the results.