November 29, 2010

Black Mountain Challenge 2010

Black Mountain Challenge 2010

The Runners Shop Brooks Black Mountain Challenge is now only 2 weeks away. Online registration is now available. While there is a small administration fee associated with this we have kept our low race entry fees unchanged.You can register at hope to see you at this year's event.

Six Foot Track 2011

Six Foot Track Entry Postponement
Dear all prospective 6Ft’ers,I know many people are waiting anxiously for the 1st December, but Iam truly sorry to announce that I have decided to delay the opening ofentries for one week, until Wednesday 8th December 2010 at 9am Sydneytime.Our online entry providers have not yet met our complex requirementsyet, and despite being assured that it will be ready to go live onWednesday, I feel it is better to announce a postponement now, ratherthan Tuesday, so that everyone can have more time to make alternatearrangements.I hope that everyone understands that our goal is not only to get aworking online entry system, but one that needs to be testedthoroughly to ensure that everyone can understand the system.I will keep you abreast of developments later in the week, and if youknow of anyone else asking you about 6FT please ask them to subscribeto the newsletter, check the website or even read the newsletter viathe link on the website.Colin JefthaRD- Six Foot Track MarathonBlue Mountains, NSW, Australia

45km of pleasure & pain

November 28, 2010

Customs Joggers handicap Run 26 th November 2010

This was a mild and partly cloudy day. There were 28 starters, but one, Kris, did not record a time. We used our normal course, by the non-existent toilet block. There was a small swamp just before the finish.

Welcome to new starters Amalie Skjoctt and Kris from Denmark - apparently Princess Mary has recommended our run to them – Bill Arthur – Bill is from Wagga but takes part in a number of Canberra runs – Bernie Benedictos, Jamie Roberts and Anna Thompson, returning after a long absence. Also, welcome back to Nathan Williamson for a second run.

Congratulations to Pam for completing a 100 mile run in New Zealand.

In the above results, Chris Vincent was first eligible but generously declined a prize. As we had a good number of starters, three prizes are awarded this week to Peter Clarke, Ratna and Hugh Ford. All will receive prizes of Runners Shop vouchers or socks next week.

Many thanks also to Nick Walshe and the Runners Shop for the prizes of socks and vouchers.

Also thanks to Doug for holding the clock.

A reminder of our Christmas celebration next Friday 3 December. Mike will again provide food and drinks. We will have a pack run that day, commencing at about 12:25. No handicapping or prizes for place getters this week, but there will be a few barrel draws. We will meet at the shelter shed near the car park in Commonwealth Park.

This week was the nineteenth and last week of the point score competition. Results are eagerly awaited and will also be announced next week, with prizes for the winners.

Runners are asked to bring two dollars to help cover the cost of food and drinks.

November 26, 2010

New Canberra Running Club

Dear ACTCCC Members

Many of you may be aware from announcements made at the ACTCCC AGM and at recent ACTCCC events that a new running club called the Canberra Running Club Inc has been established. In 2011 the CRC will take over the running program that would have normally been provided by the ACTCCC.

A group of well known Canberra runners took it upon themselves sometime ago to establish this new incorporated body. Now that the ACTCCC is definitely being wound up this new organization is very active in establishing the infrastructure needed to take over the some 90 events that the ACTCCC has been conducting annually for many years. The ACTCCC committee believes that this new club will be expertly managed and will have the capacity and expertise to deliver the types of activities that the ACTCCC has delivered to Canberra runners.

It was announced at the conclusion of the ACTCCC spring series run on Tuesday that the new club is now in a position to take memberships for 2011 and is encouraging runners to become a foundation member of this new club.

The ACTCCC committee would like to pass on contact details (i.e. name and address) but not personal details to the new club so that they may contact you directly with further information, including details about membership. If you do not wish your contact details to be passed on then please advise us by 3 December 2010 ( We would like to encourage all our members to support this new club as it is important to demonstrate the resilience of the Canberra running community and its important for the new club to have your support as soon as possible so that it has the resources to deliver events from early 2011.

ACTCCC Committee
26 November 2010

NOTE :- This was received in the form of an e-mail message.

November 25, 2010

BBQ Stakes 24 th November 2010 - Results - see separate post for report

Finish Number Runner Name Gross Time Net Time,

1 Smith Steve 39:47 34:47, 2 Harlow Bob 39:49 27:49, 3 Teveloe Michael 40:23 30:38, 4 Levings Terry 40:25 30:25, 5 Murphy Matthew 40:26 22:26, 6 Beswick Dale 40:36 29:51, 7 Sherwood Roland 40:55 28:55, 8 Plunkett Adrian 40:59 38:29, 9 Walker Andrew 41:01 30:31, 10 O'Halloran Sean 41:02 30:47, 11 Wight Bruce 41:07 26:07, 12 Ward Stewart 41:06 28:21, 13 Tanner Kerrie 41:14 30:59, 14 Gardiner Paul 41:19 30:34, 15 Page Dolph 41:25 31:25, 16 Borgo Travis 41:27 31:42, 17 Bretherick Samantha 41:32 29:32, 18 Chao Raymond 41:34 28:49, 19 Regester Greg 41:35 23:35, 20 Sergi Tony 41:38 31:38, 21 Chapman Kevin 41:51 36:36, 22 Godeck Axel 42:07 32:37, 23 Scheding John 42:09 36:24, 24 Barrett John 42:20 29:20, 25 Wynd Tony 42:27 28:57, 26 Toyne Laura 42:29 32:29, 27 Heinicke Simon 42:46 34:16, 28 Barr Lorna 42:54 30:54, 29 Adams Eddie 42:59 28:59, 30 Bogatko Amelia 43:10 28:25, 31 King Geoff 43:34 31:04, 32 Fox Keith 43:38 41:08, 33 Farrington Paul 44:01 40:31, 34 Fisher Matthew 44:07 33:52, 35 Leseberg Darren 44:28 30:14, 36 Archer Paul 44:41 30:41, 37 Larmour Helen 44:44 31:29, 38 Talwar Singh 44:48 34:03, 39 Pilkington Roger 44:54 31:39, 40 Phillips Colin 44:55 38:40, 41 Buse Therese 45:01 42:31, 42 Aslimoska Nikki 45:01 42:31, 43 Campbell Caroline 45:05 39:05, 44 Stockwell Stuart 46:44 38:29, 45 Dixon Terry 47:28 35:43, 46 Hore Ian 47:29 37:59

Last Rites Run this Sunday Apology for clash of dates.

Good Morning All,The last rites run will take place in Stromlo Forest this Sunday at 9am. The start is in the corner of Cotter Road /Urriara Road,Due to the lack of parking in this area, runners could park at Stromlo Forest Park and run across. This is also a good option for those wishing to undertake a long training run before crossing to the last rites jog.A very small loop has been provided in the designated area and we ask runners to keep to this loop. Major construction is being under taken in all areas outside the loop and it is dangerous to be in these areas. So please do not run in any areas of Stomlo Forest under construction except for the marked loop. Contractors and companies are aware of Sundays event and have worked with the ACT Government to allow us in on Sunday.We apologies for the late notice and clash of dates with ACT Vets and other events. This day and date was set by the ACT Government as the only possible date as the area is now closed for development.There is still plenty of running space on the other side of Stomlo, or in Blewitts and at Narrabundah Hill.Cheers,Ken Eynon

BBQ Stakes Christmas Relay

Proudly Brought to you by the same mob that organise this run every week.

Date Wednesday 8th December

Time 5:30 pm
Cost $ 4:00 per head (Cheap)
Time 5:30 pm
Award Presentations Approx 6:45 pm.

Adrian Plunkett 6283 2388,

Terry Levings 62894559


contact either of the above for a handicap or a running partner. These can be arranged on the day, before the event.

Vegetarians catered for.

Two person teams, each run 3km, the aim is for the second person and thus the team to finish closest to 40 minutes.

The course is six kilometres.,

November 24, 2010

BBQ Stakes 24th November 2010

First across the line today was Steve Smith, closely followed by Bob Harlow, and then Matthew Murphy. Bob was given hopes of a placing, but then realised he was not eligible.

46 ran today, some being absent after the triple tri over the weekend, cycling running or swimming or cominations of those activities.

Terry Levings crossed the line at 40:25, then Matthew Murphy at 40:26, followed by Roland Sherwood at 40:55.

I think Terry Levings was the winner, but will be unable to carry out duty next week, so has arranged a replacement timekeeper already.

John Barrett should get his 700 th T-Shirt next week. He travels quite a distance every week to compete in this event.

It is 8 years since Kerrie Tanner commenced in the BBQ Stakes.

She is not consistently under 30 minutes yet, but puts in a good run every week, she was in the top ten this week, I think.

November 11, 2010

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 10th November 2010

A huge crowd, thought to be a record for an ordinary mid-week run turned up today.

Gabrielle and Tim Wright had not attended for yonks, but were there in all their splendour.

Gabrielle was one of the earliest women to receive a commemorative T-Shirt, possibly on her 200 th Run.

Tim of course in a soccer shirt. They have moved closer to Woden now, so may be able to attend more often.

They are both known for their contributions to the Monthly Jogalong, Gabrielle for Jogalong Jottings and Tim for his help with the 3 km event.

The Runners Shop was represented by Brian Wenn and Nick Walshe, Nick being the back marker and running the fastest on the day.Winner was Stuart Stockwell with 62 runs and 2 wins with a P.B of 30:30.

Galvin Lee and Matthew Murphy were second and third over the line. (To be confirmed when I get a copy of the full results.

Garry Bowen brought his brother and wife to the location, but they went shopping at the plaza.

Results courtesy of Kerrie Tanner:-

Over the line results.

1 Amanda Hobson 35:49, 2 Tony Sergi 38:31, 3 Stuart Stockwell 39:42, 4 Galvin Koh 40:04, 5 Martin Boyd 40:23, 6 Brett Peluso 40:31, 7 Matthew Murphy 40:35, 8 Leanne Wilks 40:37, 9 Kathleen Bleakley 40:40, 10 Matthew Fieden 40:41, 11 Plunkett Adrian 40:46, 12 Marc Wilson 40:48, 13 Beswick Dale 40:51, 14 Raymond Chao 40:53, 15 Bruce Wight 40:55, 16 Leah Afiabo 40:59, 17 Amelia Bogatko 41:02, 18 Terry Levings 41:05, 19 Nathan Smyth 41:09, 20 Des Brown 41:18, 21 Walshe Nick 41:19, 22 Roland Sherwood 41:29, 23 Terry Dixon 41:32, 24 Bob Harlow 41:36, 25 Bill Bennett 41:48, 26 Kerrie Tanner 41:49, 27 Wenn Brian 41:50, 28 Axel Godeck 41:56, 29 Andrew Blyton 41:57, 30 Kevin Chapman 41:58, 31 Bill Simeonovic 42:01, 32 John Scheding 42:03, 33 Paul Archer 42:09, 34 Paul Gardiner 42:16, 35 Greg Regester 42:19, 36 Geoff King 42:24, 37 Eddie Adams 42:25, 38 Paul Farrington 42:32, 39 John Paniagua 42:34, 40 Geoff Hawke 42:35, 41 Darren Leseberg 42:41, 42 Gary Bowen 42:45, 43 Simon Heinecke 42:53, 44 Andrew Matthews 43:05, 45 Tony Wynd 43:10, 46 Lorna Barr 43:11, 47 Lloyd Edwards 43:14, 48 Colin Phillips 43:17, 49 Heather Powrie 43:18, 50 Matthew Fisher 43:26, 51 John Barrett 43:41, 52 Stakelum Patrick 44:04, 53 Hall John 44:13, 54 Toyne Laura 44:21, 55 Page Dolph 44:27, 56 Baumgarten Paul 44:31, 57 Fern Lees 44:56, 58 Caroline Campbell 45:07, 59 Roger Pilkington 45:09, 60 Joe Arrouk 45:19, 61 Talwar Singh 45:57, 62 Thuy Reilly 47:02, 63 Andrew Guild 47:34, 64 Ian Hore 47:42, 65 Binh Dang 47:49, 66 Tim Wright 50:48, 67 John Busteed 51:44, 68 Glen Croker 51:45, 69 Gabrielle Wright 54:56.


Christmas Relays Details:-

Date is Wednesday 8th DecemberStart time is 5.30PM (No lunchtime run that day for the BBQ Stakes)Location is the BBQ pit beside the Lollipop Child care just opposite the Woden Library.BBQ and a couple of drinks to follow (We do allow for vegetarians and soft drink is available). We do our trophy presentations as well.Event is a team relay with each team comprising 2 runners.Distance is 6.0k's with handover at the 3.0k mark, with a shortcut available to that point for the 2nd runners.Handicap is worked out by team members to allow you to finish in exactly 40 minutes. You sink or swim based on your own expertise at judging your pace! If an individual thinks they will take 24 minutes to run 3 k's then their team member will need to complete their 3 k in 16 minutes. NO watches, GPS units etc allowed!Winning team is the one closest to 40 minutes. Individuals welcome and we can allocate a partner.

November 09, 2010

BBQ Stakes Christmas Relays 8th December 2010

Wednesday 8th December 2010 from 5:30 pm.

From a message to Customs Jiggers from BBQ Stakes.
Greetings from your Southside cousins at the BBQ Stakes, the second longest running lunchtime event in Canberra after the Customs Run ! A number of the regulars at Customs Joggers have participated in the BBQ Stakes over the years and some have participated in our annual "Terry Levings" relay event at our annual Christmas Pointscore run. A warm invitation is extended to all Customs Joggers to attend this annual run, if you desire, and details are as follows:
Date is Wednesday 8th December
Start time is 5.30PM (No lunchtime run that day for the BBQ Stakes)
Location is the BBQ pit beside the Lollipop Child care just opposite the Woden Library.
BBQ and a couple of drinks to follow (We do allow for vegetarians and soft drink is available). We do our trophy presentations as well.
Event is a team relay with each team comprising 2 runners.
Distance is 6.0k's with handover at the 3.0k mark, with a shortcut available to that point for the 2nd runners.
Handicap is worked out by team members to allow you to finish in exactly 40 minutes. You sink or swim based on your own expertise at judging your pace! If an individual thinks they will take 24 minutes to run 3 k's then their team member will need to complete their 3 k in 16 minutes
NO watches, GPS units etc allowed!
Winning team is the one closest to 40 minutes.
Individuals welcome and we can allocate a partner.
All RSVP's to me to allow for catering.
Cost is $4.00 and that covers your BBQ.
Volunteers to help with cooking BBQ and helping at half way and finish are always welcome.We will have officials on site from about 4.45.


November 04, 2010

BBQ Stakes 3 November 2011

BBQ Stakes 3 November 2011

Results courtesy Kerrie Tanner.

Finish Number Runner Name Net Time
1 Cayrs Phaedra 36:51 2 Borgo Travis 31:28
3 Plunkett Adrian 37:45 4 Stockwell Stuart 33:33 5 Lee Garry 26:22
6 Wilson Marc 37:54 7 Larmour Helen 27:10 8 Koponen Georgina 38:11
9 Wilks Leanne 33:43 10 Walker Andrew 29:28 11 Sergi Tony 34:18
12 Bilos Peter 28:57 13 Tanner Kerrie 30:16 14 McKenna Sonja 34:08 15 Chao Raymond 27:54 16 Toyne Laura 32:10 17 Murphy Matthew 22:45 18 Koh Galvin 36:50
19 Robinson Belinda 35:07 20 Wight Bruce 25:56 21 White Felix 24:57
22 Arrouk Joe 26:57 23 Donnelly Lloyd 33:04 24 Brown Des 25:06
25 Sherwood Roland 29:26 26 Levings Terry 31:15 27 Bogatko Amelia 28:27
28 Afiabo Leah 31:29 29 Adams Eddie 27:32 30 O'Halloran Sean 31:19
31 Bowen Gary 26:20 32 Carloff Robert 39:51 33 Swann James 26:15
34 Heinicke Simon 32:20 35 Fox Keith 39:22 36 Scheding John 36:13
37 Chapman Kevin 36:45 38 Williams David 33:47 39 Page Dolph 32:08
40 Hennig Victoria 29:55 41 Godeck Axel 32:42 42 Moore Hugh 29:42
43 Marlton Peter 30:52 44 Powrie Heather 36:04 45 Phillips Colin 36:07
46 Farrington Paul 38:46 47 Gardiner Paul 32:03 48 Leseberg Darren 28:38
49 Hall John 32:47 50 Fisher Matthew 33:27 51 Barr Lorna 31:14 52 Kennedy Mike 32:38 53 Talwar Singh 33:30 54 Hale Alison 40:10 55 Pilkington Roger 29:10
56 Bleakley Kathleen 33:14 57 Stakelum Patrick 36:26 58 Hore Ian 47:08 59 Paniagua John 32:27 60 Baumgarten Paul 31:58