April 30, 2009

It's gone

After a big cleanup, it's gone.

The Pergola, it's foundations, it's uprights, its cross timber beams (all oregon) and the remains of the grape vines, have all gone.

Only a couple of small depressions in the front grassed area, I hesitate to call it a lawn, even though it gets mowed when needed.

Must fill them in though, so we won't trip, and fall when walking out there.

Then a dry spell, to solidify the filling.

It sounds almost like a dental visit, creating a hole by pulling out a tooth, and then filling a tooth as needed.

Ouch, and another Ouch when paying the bill.

April 28, 2009

As if you didn't know - Moved forward from Chaos.

So I didn't put a title, because even I didn't know what this blog would be about.

So having started, here it goes.

Finally moving forward from Chaos, until the grandchildren visit again.

They flew to Brisbane today, and are headed to Kingaroy soon.

We got a phone call from our daughter, to say they had arrived safely.

We returned the child safety seat to the hire place (Hire For Baby) , and also the stroller which had been hired for when they were here.

Deposits returned and they asked had we been in an accident.
Must have been something about not being able to hire equipment, which had been so involved.

Also rang the Skip hire place, to say our rubbish had been placed in the SKIP, which was now ready for collection.
It will probably be collected tomorrow, so our next project can begin to be organised.

We are seeking advice on Landscaping experiences, so if you can recommend a competent person/company/organisation, please let me know. We asked a cousin who is working as an architect for a recommendation, but so far she has not made any suggestions.

Might have to get a pin, and riffle through the yellow pages.

April 27, 2009

Flat Tyre at home on a public holiday

That's not the situation I would ask anyone to endure on a Public Holiday.

So anyone would say, just change the tyre for the spare, and get over it.

What if you want assistance for a puncture and you have to get to the airport early in the morning. Something like early 5:30 am.

What if you want a complete tyre checkover.

Well, keep in mind "Tyres On The Go".

A one person business, who will come to you, and fix your tyres.

He was an apprentice in a shop in Woden, but has now moved out on his own, with a trailer set up to handle all of your tyre repair needs.

It's called "Tyres On The Move".

He operates on a 24 hour service. Is young and has all the necessary equipment in a trailer behind a 4 WD prime mover.

Web Address is www.tyresonthemove.com.au

Until next time

April 12, 2009


Emergence of crickets was one of the after effects of the rain, which was good and solid for something like one hour on Saturday from about 6pm, and the gutters overflowed.

Then at nighttime out came the crickets, singing , or do they chirp.

They must have been emerging from hibernation because they were fairly loud with the windows open. Their joy however, was short lived, because the rain didn't last too long, and neither did their chirping.

Howevever the ground was given a good soaking and softening.

Must have also awakened the ants, because there were a huge number around early on Sunday.

So, a layer of poison was sprayed," making hay while the sun shone".

This morning we got two newspapers delivered, The usual Canberra Times and the Sun Herald.

Then later on, our delivery person returned to retrieve the incorrectly delivered Sun-Herald.

An hour later our delivery person was again around trying to retrieve what he said were three incorrectly delivered newspapers nearby to our place. So, I don't know how much time he spent trying to remember where his deliveries had gone astray. Hope he gets it correct in the coming days.

In all the time with the current subscription, the delivery has only gone astray on less than a handful of days; once when it happened, I rang the newsagent, and they brought the correct paper around to our front door.

I don't know if that sort of commitment would occur with a CT direct subscription.

Until next time

April 06, 2009

Will I or Won't I

Now I'm here I've forgotten my reason for this visit.

Oh yes, I'm wondering how nuch time the contestants devote to training each day.

Oh well, here is the posting.

And it's about "The Biggest Loser"

The current showing is of the American Version, and AJ Rochester has gone from the screens in Australia,
I believe to be involved in a series of celebrity interviews.

The American Version doesn't seem to be having any issues with contestants not being willing to train.

I looked on the internet, and the show has been adapted to a lot of different countries.

The usual spin-offa has a host of deals on food which can be purchased.

It's partly commercial and partly entertainment.

Oh, well, the TV channels show it, thankfully a late time slot, I wouldn't mind if they took it off the TV entirely.

April 04, 2009

Duffy not named after this singer/songwriter


The suburb of Duffy was named after Sir Charles Gavan Duffy

He was knighted in 1873, and was a Member of Victorian Legislative Assembly

Duffy street names theme is Dams and Reservoirs.

Source:- Canberra Suburbs and Street Names. Origind and meanings.