February 28, 2009

Princes Highway or Princess Highway.

Google on Princes Highway throws up both spellings.

The current 2009 ACTEWAGL Calendar alludes to the Princess Highway.

I lived in Camperdown when a little younger, and the Melbourne to Warrnambool annual cycle race went through those towns on the Princes Highway.

Everybody would line the main street, Manifold Street aka Princes Highway and cheer the cyclists.

Much like the streets of France are lined for the Tour de France..

So, should I tell ACTEWAGL that their Calendar is incorrect, or sit back with a snug grin on my face, comfortable in the thought that I know that they are wrong, and let them make the same mistake in future years.??

February 26, 2009


These metric terms take a long while to infiltrate our common usage.

We still run miles, even though race distances are in Kilometres, eg The Canberra Times 10Km Fun Run, The City to Surf 14 Kilometres.

Now how big is a hectare.

Even the old term of acre, was hard to vizualise.

Until Next Time.

One hectare is equivalent to: 10,000 square metres

Does that make it any easier to vizualise?

February 23, 2009

There's more

Narrabundah Hill aka Duffy Hill (They're the same)

Yesterday morning.

Peter Spitzkowsky and two of his running mates.

I knew it was Peter, he still wore his head band, the same colouring as he had many years ago.

His son also ran with the cross country club, on fewer occasions than Peter.

And I've just seen his name on a list of Volunteers for this year's Canberra Marathon.

Until next time.

February 22, 2009

Jack and Jill - Not Jack, only Jill.

The nursery rhyme came to mind while heading for home towards the end of our morning walk.

You guessed it, it was around Narrabundah Hill.

Or as speedy calls it "Duffy Hill".

And as we were nearly home, met Jill, who used to run the Jogalongs, but now has a crook knee, so can't run any more.

Their house survived the fires, but not their garage, so some rebuilding was required.

Anyways, the two Jack Russells she takes for a walk on a daily basis, probably drags her along at a steady pace. Her husband also takes them for a walk on occasions, I'm not sure of their routine, but regularly say hello to them all, dogs included.

The previous meeting was when I was on the bike.

Until next time ,

February 19, 2009

grandish opening R4YL Shop

From Speedygeoff's blogspot posting

grandish opening Thursday, February 19, 2009
A new shop for runners opened yesterday in Cook, northside Canberra. I attended the launch, Rachelle put in an appearance as well. A large turnout of well known local athletes also attended. The shop is the first Run For Your Life shop in Australia, more to come no doubt. Daniel Green and his staff have moved into Cook and from there will be producing their excellent R4YL magazine as well as selling running gear. Shoes mainly were on display, also some great looking running singlets. These people are also heavily involved in organising the Stromlo Running Festival, have you entered yet?R4YL facebook page: http://www.new.facebook.com/group.php?gid=54385432782R4YL website: http://www.runforyourlife.com.au/Stromlo Running Festival: http://www.stromlorunningfestival.com.au/ what I am reading: the R4YL magazine, of course!DVDs I am watching: Wall-E. I am 30 minutes into it. Interesting. But I had to stop watching it so I could go to the R4YL launch.

February 18, 2009

Festival of Forests Fun Run

was wondering if you could do a favour?
I have attached the flyer and the online entry URL for the Festival of Forests Fun Run and Walk onSunday 15th March at the Arboretum. It is a wonderful opportunity for people to walk over the site that is being created for them in the future (some trees do take some time to grow tall). If you know of anyone who would like this flyer (maybe your distribution list) , either to use themselves to enter and /or to send on to their children's school, organisation or to other clubs, that would be great. All profits are going to Carers ACT.
<> Registration is by 1. online entryhttps://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?ID=1622 2. mail entry form 3. Enter on the day (7am) Organisers would prefer early online entry to ensure enough supplies are available. Entrance to the course is through the main entrance of the Arboretum, off Lady Denman Drive via the Tuggeranong Parkway underpass - leave cars at designated parking areas and take shuttle bus - or ride to the site as there will be areas to secure bikes.
Undulating Course - three tracks, 2km, 5km, 10km. Water will be available around the courses. The registration tent is on the Events Terrace and will have secure place for belongings.
Lorraine and Frank Stevens

February 12, 2009

Growing Old Gracefully

I was wondering whether this expression applies equally to Males and Females, or whether there are separate expressions for Males and Females.

A search by Google didn't throw any answers my way.

So I tried a search on

You know you're fourty when,
You know you're fifty when,
And didn't find any suitable answers for my thoughts.

So, have a look at my comment, when I post it, as to the reason for this thought.

Until I comment.

February 11, 2009

BBQ Stakes 11th February 2009.

The BBQ Stakes today attracted a field of over 50 runners.

Lloyd Edwards was the timekeeper, being the winner at the previous week's event.

A friend of his, who lives nearby in Woden saw Lloyd, and had a chat with him while the event was in progress.

Also, Alex Lloyd was walking past and stopped for a chat. She was on the Vets club committee a couple of years ago, and participated in the shorter track events, and if I remember correctly, tried the hurdles. She was out for a walk, a new year's resolution to get fit again.

Until next time

February 09, 2009

Familiar Faces

Early on our jaunt around Narrabiundah Hill, we spotted Geoff Hawke, and he spotted us.

We exchanged early morning greetings.

Geoff and his daughter were looking good, on an easy, early morning jog.

They live in Weston Creek, and their house backs near the Cooleman Ridge running track.

It was only a couple of days ago, that I heard somebody say they had not seen Geoff for a while, so relax guys, he's still around, with his distinctive running style.

Until Next Time.

February 08, 2009

Missed the Stromlo Runs

The doctor decided that it was time to check everything again.

So I was told to have blood taken out for about 6 items to be checked.

Got home after 9 o'clock, and hoed into brekkie.

The blood tests had to be taken after fasting, gee that's hard.

Especially since most days we wake before 6 am, and head around Narrabundah Hill.

Another hot night meant we were weary and drained of almost all get up and go.

A shower freshened me up, and then we were off to the Clinic, we were first customers today.

Back to the doctor this Tuesday, for his diagnosis.

Would have loved to spectate at Stromlo.

Maybe next time, at The stromlo Running Festival.

From Cool Running:-

I dont know all the placings but the winners were Dent, Brichacek, Gregson, Weightman