March 31, 2009

Still without the "All Clear"

The "all clear" is a bit of a guarded statement.

I can stop taking warfarin tablets now, after seeing the specialist yesterday.

Not exactly sure what that means healthwise, as that was my undoing a couple of months ago, when I was advised to stop taking Warfarin, and had a month or so on blood pressure tablets.

Subsequently the blood clots returned, and I was back on Warfarin again.

So, I will be walking slowly and carrying a big stick.

Not sure that is the correct expression for the current circumstances, but it'll do for the moment.

Another full body scan in early May will be done, and I think that's a precautionary measure, like a lot of the doctor's advice, and tests so far.

It's (the scan) is supposed to take several hours, including the scan, the injection of dyestuff into the body through the leg veins, and the recovery period afterwards.

Again at Capital Pathology, a short hop step and jump away from the previous scans and ultrasound tests . They charge like a wounded bull, so I will have to get a Medicare refund to "have sufficient funds to live."

That's putting a bit of a twist on the real situation, but the medicare refund will have to come in the form of a cheque.

Anyway, there's no sitting down on the job yet, so daily walks are the order of the day, glad that there is little rain on the horizon, but that has to end soon.

Always glad to have some positive progress.

Until next post.


Blogger Ewen said...

That's promising Friar.

The big stick will come in handy with all the dogs that are out and about these days.

8:27 pm, April 01, 2009  
Blogger Luckylegs said...

Agree! Promising is the way to go! The stick might be better used to keep all the "Ewens" away!

7:29 pm, April 06, 2009  

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