March 07, 2009

Ford Telstar now sold.

The Ford Telstar that I drove for over 20 years, has now been sold.

The new owner indicates that it will probably only be driven around Canberra, and he is based in the Woden area. So if you notice it being driven by someone other then myself, don't panic yourself into making a phone call to report the sighting.

Just think to yourself, I've seen Friar driving that car, and ask the new owner how it's going.

It had over 200,ooo km on the meter, when the engine was replaced with a completely reconditioned setup, and has over 300,000 on the meter now.

It was obviously well built, but was helped along by being regularly serviced.

When leaded petrol was phased out, I switched to using unleaded fuel with the addition of an additive when filling up the tank.

I have many fond memories of the trips made by using the car, and it was a wrench to sell it ans see it being driven away by the new owner.


Blogger Ewen said...

How will we recognise you at races?

My Mum's unleaded Sigma is still going strong.

4:25 pm, March 09, 2009  

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