January 29, 2009

Narrabundah Hill Again

Narrabundah Hill Walk looking into the sun.

Passed a guy who I didn't recognise.

Apologies for when he reads this entry, let me know your name.

Next time our paths cross, we can yell our names, and have a chat.

And your ladies' name too. I assume your wife.

And passed Bob Dent who I did recognise.

He was in the cross country club database, under several different name spellings.

Then I noticed the multiple entries, and merged, after consultation, all his runs under the same name.

He was also a regular runner around the traps, including I think, the BBQ Stakes and Cross Country Club marathons.

Great to see Carolyne and Bob at the BBQ Stakes yesterday, Bob was the timekeeper.

Madeleine was keeping Carolyne company. Good to meet her too.

Caught up with Peter Hogan as well with his high-tech gadgetry for monitoring his health.

Until Next Time.


Blogger Carolyne said...

I'm glad that you recognised me, and I was delighted to see you. Only sorry not to be able to chat more - some crayons and colouring in at the library was far too attractive!

I hope that you're surviving this weather OK.

9:00 pm, January 29, 2009  

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