August 27, 2007

5th Vets Half Marathon

On some previous posts, I had indicated this run was on my agenda.
I finished in my slowest time after previous runs as follows:-
1983 - 95 mins
1985 - 92:16
1987 - 95:33
1989 - 100 mins

This year 138:04

Ran well though at an average of 6:30 per km.

Up to 15km was running and chatting with NB, then he slowed a little, and I kept on plugging away.
Was pleased to see so many others around the lake, with the later starters passing us at about 13km, and the drink stations and marshalls were all very welcome and helpful.
Had thought about carrying some gel but decided not to, as the water sachets were available, and near Scrivener Dam, had a jube and a lolly, which I stuck down my singlet, but couldn't find it later on. (Found it at home later in the day.)

5km splits were 31:25, 31:45, 33:22, 33:00, so was slowing gradually as the distance progressed, but went through 14km faster than our time in the City to Surf, 2 weeks previously.

That now makes 5 Vets half Marathons.

Until Next Time.

August 17, 2007

City to Surf

As usual, times and results of participants are collected for publishing in Canberra Runner, and in Vetrunner.

The collection is now as follows, thanks to Jim W, Jim O'D, Scott, Geoff, Nick, Rick, Narelle, Dave, and others who responded to my e-mail message.

Canberra Participants City to Surf 12 August 2007
Listed in Time Order (Updated 3 September 2007.)

Canberra Participants City to Surf 12 August 2007
Listed in Time Order
Name Time Placing

Brett Cartwright 41.21 3
Rowan Walker 43.16 8
Erwin McCrae 43.30 9
Anthony Haber 43.38 10
Alex Matthews 47.16 38
Stuart Doyle 48.26 60
Jonathan Blake 49.02 70
Scott Imhoff 50.21 97
Geoff Bruce 50.27 104
Geoff Hawke 50.42 112
Trevor Jacobs 50.54 123
Sarah Salmon 51.48 153
Tim Sawkins 51.50 154
Peter James 52.17 179
Greg Regester 52.28 190
Angela Bateup 53.00 224
Peter Zygadlo 53.57 285
Art Drisko 54.14 302
James Minto 54.46 345
Geoff Monro 54.47 347
Peter Young 55.15 376
Chris Newton 55.28 393
Jeff Rayner 55.45 427
Frank Kresse 55.54 430
Simon Mackenzie 56.15 455
Jeffrey Symmes 56.36 463
Peter Kenna 56.55 506
Sam Towill 57.00 514
Richard Faulks 57.06 524
Simon Baker-Finch 57.40 582
Tim Calver 57.42 588
Jim Owens 58.00 626
Nick Mesher 59.13 767
Peter Cullen 59.24 797
Martin McGready 59.45 857
Hugh Jorgensen 59.47 854
Andrea Ilakovac 60.15 903
Peter Skinner 60.28 938
Alan Towill 61.14 1032
Richard Marson 61.42 1103
Luke Grattan 61.45 1110
David Webster 62.08 1016
Graeme Lendrum 63.27 1461
Alan Wilson 63.39 1532
Jim White 64.24 1705
Grant Williams 64.46 1798
Gary Potter 65.22 1946
Christina Thorne 65.22 1946
Maria O’Reilly 65.35 1990
Grant Williams 64.46 1798
Charlie McCormack 65.53 2051
Emma Adams 66.17 2158
John Morton 67.56 2726
Nick Bakker 68.30 2904
Alan Green 69.09 3150
Elle Knight 69.30 3327
Ewen Thompson 69.37 3340
Mark Ellison 69.45 3405
Jeffery Gardner 69.52 3452
George Quarmby 70.44 3851
Peter McDonald 71.43 4300
Adam Robinson 72.27 4658
Bernie Millett 72.36 4735
Geoff Barker 72.48 4841
Sue Baker-Finch 72.57 4915
Phil Garvin 72.57 4915
Lloyd Donnelly 73.25 5169
Kerrie Loutitt 74.04 5543
Daniel Dawes 74.15 5637
Thea Zimpel 75.07 6097
Lorraine Stevens 75.10 6120
Rae Palmer 75.28 6272
Kathy Sims 75.55 6476
Charmaine Knobel 76.32 6799
Caroline Campbell 77.35 7368
Barbara Beard 77.38 7419
Bronwyn Calver 77.40 7404
John Alcock 78.02 7576
Roger Abbott 78.34 7877
Margie Van Belkom 78.36 7896
Fiona Gardner 79.51 8595
Peter Hogan 79.56 8647
Richard Hilhorst 80.06 8728
Ray Bramwell 80.19 8824
John Neal 82.23 9958
Cathy Montalto 83.37 10099
Kevin Chapman 83.11 10470
Dave Cundy 84.19 11073
Ammemarie Calnan 85.52 12034
Vanessa Palmer 85.52 12069
Megan Rhind 85.55 12066
Mark Kethro 85.55 17408
Jayne Crossling 86.14 12280
Katrine Benton 86.20 12332
Ann Dawson 86.24 12382
Jacqueline Millard 87.47 13207
John Parker 88.41 13742
Lorraine Jansen 88.58 13933
Cinea Ryan 89.14 14057
Marco Falzarano 89.23 14145
Dawn Casey 89.52 14429
Sarah Turner 90.11 14591
Roxanne Stockdale 90.26 14796
Amy Rhind 90.52 15013
Sue Counsel 91.22 15325
Beryl Walsh 91.25 15394
Margaret McSpadden 93.02 16273
Nick Blackaby 93.33 16578
Andrea Arnold 93.46 16711
Matt Peacock 93.48 16731
Krissi Brewster 94.16 16987
Brad Hetharia 94.17 17000
Amanda Heap 94.31 17178
Anne Young 95.09 17503
Michael Gardner 96.01 17968
Doug Fry 96.16 18102
Phil Coggins 98.15 19133
Elaine Slater 98.16 19143
Rick Hatcher 98.29 19242
Cathy Levan 98.47 19399
Tim Ryan 99.18 19586
Kerry Taylor 100.21 20115
Rad Leovic 100.47 20322
Helen Topor 102.49 21303
Vanessa Beck 103.48 21743
Norma Wallett 104.07 21868
Shelley Hatcher 106.08 22720
Monika Short 107.53 23429
Tracey Crooks 108.04 23505
Stuart Ducat 109.17 23994
Dave Mackenzie 111.11 24729
Wanda Stewart 114.03 25878
Carmel Lynch 117.46 27161
Betty Pearson 119.10 27646
Josephine Kulesz 119.23 27719
Kay Austin 120.47 28133
Diann Bramwell 121.45 28430
Angela Evans 122.09 28539
Hannah Sawkins 127.00 29931
Jenny Sawkins 127.00 29926
Rebekah Sawkins 127.04 29921
Joy Hilhorst 127.29 30094
Angie Lilley 133.26 31739
Natasha Lilley 133.33 31765
Jim Short 136.13 32417
Charlie Triggs 137.31 32760
Julie Triggs 137.32 32764
Lee-ann Brodrick 140.36 33663
Ann-marie Brodrick 140.38 33676
Nola De Chazal 148.48 36113
Lyn Percival 150.30 36621
Jim O’Donnell 153.06 37429
Robyn Hatcher 154.42 37958
Bailey Hatcher 154.43 37964
Sue Hatcher 171.35 43210
Sharyn Madwin 184.27 46844

Category Placings
Men 55-59 1st Trevor Jacobs
Women 30-34 3rd Sarah Salmon.
35-39 1st Angela Bateup
65-69 2nd Caroline Campbell
70+ 2nd Anne Young
Vets Men 40+ 1st Trevor Jacobs, Geoff Hawkem Jonathon Blake
Vets Women 40+ 2nd Maria O’Reilly, Charlie McCormack, Barbara Beard
Vets Team Men 40+ 3rd Jeff Rayner, Frank Kresse, Jeffrey Symmes.

Some of these have already been published in "Vetrunner", and in The "Canberra Runner" which will be off the press this week.

Until Next Time

August 15, 2007

My 17th

City to surf this year was number 17 for me.
My result timewise was 96:17. That will save a lot of people the trouble of looking, although the newsprint is larger than in previous years.

We now, for the past few years, fly to Sydney on Saturday, and stay the night on Sunday.
We return to Canberra, flying of course on the Monday.

This is a much better arrangement than in the early years, when we showered in a motel room shared by a friend after the event. Then later, the motel allocated one room for people to shower at. Then we would drive back to canberra, on the sunday. That was tiring.

Runwise, it was a great experience, getting the luggage bag, and loading it onto the truck, waiting in line for a toilet to use for essential needs, lining up in the Green start area, when the siren "Gun" went off, walking for 100 metres before beginning to shuffle, , crossing the start line after two minutes, and then getting up the hill before the tunnel at Kings Cross.

Just after the tunnel, we slowed down, as did those in front, had me confused.

Took half a Gel at 5km, the remaining half Gel at 10km. Didn't feel like I was boosted in performance after that, although ran up Heartbreak Hill.

Finishing was good and getting the medal and the timing card was without a hitch.

Called in at the customs Joggers banner after collecting the baggage, and had a drink with a chat, and caught a bus back to the City, with Emma and friend amanda, while rad went to Bondi Junction.

Until Next Time

August 14, 2007

Unsung Hero at City to Surf

Noted on ACT Run Newsgroup.

A very special mention must be made to recent Weston Creek member, Thea Zimpel, who apparently saved a runners life at the 10km mark during the race on Sunday. I’ve only heard this second hand but apparently the male runner had a massive heart attack next to her, and she got people organised to get the ambulance, drinks etc and stayed with the athlete while they got him stabilised enough to get him into the ambulance. I believe she continued on and finished the race. Apparently also last year Thea managed to help a runner who fell unconscious. Its wonderful to have people like Thea out there who is more than happy to help others instead of their own personal glory. Well done Thea and I’m sure the person who you helped appreciated what you did for him.

Until Next Time

August 10, 2007

Wild Windy Weather

This week has seen several days of wild windy weather.
When running, it is a case of just putting the head down and plugging away when running into the wind, and just breezing along when running with the wind.

When running with the wind coming from the side, as in the Customs Joggers run today, it was trying to stay upright, without being blown off the shared path.

Of course the Stromlo Forest run last Saturday was really when the cold wind from the west blew in our faces as we ran up the hill on the New Forest Drive course.

Last night it blew and blew, and hasn't let up today.

Early in the week it was a small blessing, since it helped dry the washing, out at 2:00 pm, and dry by 4:00 pm.

It also prevents the temperatures dropping too low at nighttime, but the wind chill factor in the daytime is pretty grim.

Until Next Time

August 04, 2007

Stromlo Forest Park

The races today at SFP were 3.25km (one lap) and 6.5km (two Laps).
Dale Chatwin and Annette Sugden were the Race Managers and did a marvellous job.
Despite the cold west wind, runners plugged away at the uphill bits and flew down wind when available for the starting and finishing bits of the course.

Results are now on the Canberra Runner Website, with help from Gerard Ryan, and Point Scores will be processed tomorrow (Sunday).

Until Next Time

August 03, 2007

Jogging in Reverse

Jogging in Reverse, NOT Backwards Running!!

Yesterday it was a jog around Mt Ainslie in a Clockwise direction, the usual Mt Ainslie courses being anti-clockwise.

Started from the back of the War Memorial, near Campbell High School, and the intention was to do a long run, but the feeling after getting onto the lower slopes, was, today is not going to be possible to do two laps. So continuing onwards and upwards and was faster down the eastern side just after the saddle, just one lap, which however turned out to cover 10km.

The run along the eastern track was easier with the following wind.

But what a different perspective, the hills looked different than when trying to jog up.

Past the rifle range on a weekday, was eerie, because there were no shots being fired, it was all quiet.

Today at Customs Joggers hoping the sun will emerge as it does in Canberra about midday.

Until Next Time