March 21, 2007

Summer Series is over

But is the Summer over?

Hard to believe that 8 weeks have passed in the current Summer Series of The ACT Cross Country Club.

Named after Dave and Susan Hobson, the last in the current series was held last night.

Due to a little shortness of helpers, I kept time for the 2km event, and the first three finished almost in a triple dead heat, with 4 line judges adjudicating on the close finish.

Less trouble in the 5km event, although with 154 finishers, the middle of the field finish was jam packed with several given equal times.

It's an eye opener seeing some give their all, while boy/girl friends are looking after their mates at the end, the males ensuring the females take the lower place card.

Even at the end of the field, there is a sprint to the finish.

Parents and friends give encouragement to all.

There is a longer run this weekend, and by all accounts so far, there should be a big field in the 16km around West Basin, from Black Mountain Peninsula at 7:00 am.

A satisfactory field should also go on to complete 2 laps of "Wastage."

Until Next Time.


March 11, 2007

Ants In Your Pants ??

The Weston Creek Half Marathon Sunday 11th March 2007

Well they (the ants) nearly were, when we got to the 7km change for the first relay to second relay changeover point.

At the side of the track, an ant's nest of the bulldog type was there and guess who was standing in the dead centre of it.

Didn't take long for the ants to crawl up my and my team mate's legs, and bite us.
The ants didn't like being swished off.

Must make a mental note not to stand there next year.

Anyway, it was in the shade, so we moved away from the nest, and went up the hill to the corner where it was nice and sunny, and we could see the first runners coming through at 7km.

Then after the first relay change was made we moved down to the 14km change point.

It was a great day, and the last leg run was 7.1km. It took a while to get going, but managed some faster kms, timed by "Forerunner Man" at average 5:54 with fastest pace at 4:27.

That fast pace is hard to believe.

Last runner took about 3 hours, with half way timed at 1 h 30 minutes, and looked good as she crossed the line, a little behind Haberman, the race winner in 1:06:25 (or so), despite getting a stitch with about 3km to go.

Until Next Time

March 10, 2007

A Bit Of Colour

After painting one of the bedrooms a few weeks ago, testerday it was time to spruce up some faded timber panellinh outside.

The residual odour from the timber stain, was much stronger than that of the indoor paint job.

Still, a little bit at a time, is the way to go.

It was in the afternoon after the Customs Joggers Run.

Flashduck arrived a bit later, Flashdrake ran, PRB, Melissa, The Wrights, Allrounder, Jodie was a bit slower today.

DP took up the offer of a prize, in that he, and the rest of us, expect him to be dealt harshly by the handicapper.

Others were taking it a bit easier because of the Weston Creek Half Marathon this coming Sunday.

Until Next Time

March 03, 2007

From "Out of Circulation" to " In Circulation."

Having finished the preparation of the March 2007 Edition of "Canberra Runner" and taken it for printing last Thursday, I feel like being back to normal and having a little rest.

That means going out for more runs.

Added a run at Molonglo Reach on Friday, before the Customs Joggers 5km.

The recreational path was in places strewn with debris from the recent storms, made it a change in the feeling underfoot, and it was a slow jog, with plenty of bird life to enjoy, finished just before the Jerrabomberra Wetlands entry point, and returned to the carpark opposite the Duntroon Entry gates, about 4.5km.

Then on to Customs Joggers to celebrate the return of FlashDuck and Flashdrake from their Tasmanian holiday. Speedygeoff also ran, and Scotty, Simon, ran good times.

Drinks supplied by Mike were enjoyed after the run, and I followed Mike after the run to Glenlock Interchange just in case he had car problems on his return trip.

No problems ensued, so I carried on home, and so did he.

Until Next Time.