December 30, 2006

Another Record for Rad

We went for a run today.

Five of us started at 6:30 am, and there was not a cloud in the sky.

There was a good slow run up the Mt McDonald road, then at 2.8km we veered into the forest trails, up a short hill past a dam, in which there was NO water.

You've guessed it now, that we were doing the "Cotter 15".

Continuing past Padovans crossing, we were surprised that there was NO water flowing under the bridge.

Usually on the approaches to this crossing we can see the stream some 400 metres before the crossing, but not today. There was however a puddle of stagnant water below the crossing.

Luckily we had brought our own water and devoured some, a couple of mouthfulls.

Rad, RB, NB, JD, Friar all continued to Vanitys Crossing, this time there was water flowing, and again it was at the lowest level since before the fish run had been installed.

Here we had a rest and a drink.

A lady had brought her dogs and canoe out and they proceeded to paddle east from Vanitys.

Then a couple of bike riders came past and rode across very slowly.

We continued up the hill at a slow pace, with a stop at the top for the view.

Past the Cotter Forestry settlement where there is only one of the original houses left, and the last final downhill to the Cotter Reserve.

There is also a new footpath edging under the road and around the playground to the east for the final run back to the carpark.

The sky by this time had become cloudy so the temperature during the run was quite bearable in contrast to twelve months previously, which had been in the mid thirties.

Rad thus becomes the oldest known person to run the "Cotter 15."

BTW it was also JD's birthday, and we wished him well.

Until Next Time

December 25, 2006

Stromlo Forest Park

From The Website:-

"Stromlo Forest Park is a world-class multi-use, recreational sporting facility available to both recreational and professional users.

Built as a result of the devastating 2003 bushfires that destroyed the Stromlo Forest, it boasts a purpose built event pavilion, criterium cycling circuit, grass cross country running track and mountain bike tracks to suit any level of rider.

Stromlo Forest Park also has various trails suitable for equestrian riders, runners and walkers keen on exploring the Canberra countryside.

Only ten minutes drive from the city, Stromlo Forest Park will be available to the public at most times."


During the Official Opening Day of the criterium cycle circuit, a series of running races were conducted by the ACT Cross Country Club.
Fleuro Stu won the 4 lap circuit of the cycle track, which I also ran, and Forerunner Man measured close to 4.95 km.

However, a run today at a more leisurely pace and Forerunner Man measured 1.191 km, close enough to the indicated 1200 m length of the circuit.

If I hadn't chosen a runner's line then FM would have measured 1200 metres, I could see that on the side of the track there were white paint lines every 100 metres.

The map on Google puts the distance as 1200m.!!

The running grass circuit is not yet available for use, and it is expected to be October next year, before the oversown grass track is ready.

From The Website:-

"It is planned that the Chief Minister for the Australian Capital Territory Government, Mr Jon Stanhope MLA, will officially open the Cross Country Running Tracks in October 2007.

The reason for the extended opening period is to ensure the turf has matured and root growth is sufficient to allow running on the surface without causing detrimental effect to the running surface."

Until Next Time.

December 23, 2006

Five From Five For Friar

Monday was a day in rest and recovery mode from the Tour de Mountain, see my previous post for a report on the TdM run.

Then Tuesday at Lake Ginninderra Handicap over 7km, with a recovery run, and managed to win a bottle of wine from the good sponsors who provide prizes for the barrel draw.

Ran the BBQ Stakes on Wednesday over 6km, along with a good crowd of friendly runners.

Thursday morning intended to run over to the Stromlo Forest Park cycling track, but on the way diverted to the Weston Creek Cycle track and returned to Duffy, after 7km.

Friday was a run at Customs Joggers over 5km, turning under the willow trees, with their pendant branches and leaves.

Saturday was 2 laps of Narrabundah Hill, over 5km each lap, clockwise the first lap and anti-clockwise on the second.

Whew, that is enough to call for a rest day on Sunday, and start all over again on Monday, well that's Christmas day, so if I'm running early, it will be a chance to hear the joyful sounds of Christmas as the children play with their presents.

Have a Happy Christmas and enjoy Christmas day with your families.

And Thursday evening was at the Vets track and Field, helping with the results through the photo-finish equipment.

Until Next Time

December 18, 2006

Tour De Mountain

Started at 6:00 am towards the back of the early start pack.
One of my remarks as I travelled towards Isaacs Ridge, was that it was going to be a long day.
It turned out to be the slowest TdM that I had run.

My excuse is that since the last leg of the Triple tri, I had not done much training.
No 10km runs 2 or 3 times a week that preceded the Triple-Tri.
Only the regular runs over 5km, 6km, etc, that are the distance of most of the lunchtime runs.

That is now my resolve, to get out more, and over longer distances, while of course keeping up with the shorter runs.

Up Isaacs Ridge tried to keep jogging but eventually decided that walking would be just as fast.
Then caught a young lady slightly ahead of me and we talked about not walking up Wanniassa Hills or Mt Taylor, little did we know what lay ahead.

Then slowly and surely I forged ahead of that young lass, and thought I must have been truly warmed up.
Then going down the rocky slope before the first relay change, there was a guy and his daughter going for a walk in the opposite direction, saying that they were nearly at the top.
I remarked that there were some good views waining for them.

At the relay change point, George gave me some encouragement, then I picked up some water at the drink station which was on the southern side of the road.

Just before the right hand turn to head up wanniassa Hills, Dr Fleuro (from the 6:30am start) came roaring past. I was asked to pass onto one of the following runners, that he was a "Silly Duffer".

It turned out that Dr Fleoro had tunrned up one of the side streets in Isaacs, and the following runner had called out that the good Dr had taken a wrong turn.

Anyways, just after this Dr Fleuro took a wrong track, and ended up in a fenced enclosure, that he ducked through the wire fence to get onto the right track.

Over the Hills, in just that 9 minutes, 9 runners passed me.

There were then a trail of runners passing from there to the top of Mt Taylor.

Over Athlon Drive, care was needed to avoid the cars travelling at speed, and they weren't going to slow, even for a tired runner.

Norma, who I thought was in front all the way, caught me towards the top of Mt Taylor, and powered away down Beasley St to finish a few minutes in front.

Again the last road crossing was fraught with the danger of fast travelling cars.

The race was Dr Fleoru's third win, and Emma Murray won the Ladies division, both in new course records, while I balanced out the average overall times, as already alluded to.
Emma's record was something in the order of 3 minutes.

Until Next Time

December 16, 2006

John Harding

Tripped and fell while running around Mt Ainslie on Wednesday, doing severe damage to his hip.

He has been hospitalised at Canberra Hospital and underwent surgery to insert a pin in his hip.

John is the "face" of Mountain Running, and the Tour De Mountain on Sunday 17th December is one he usually organises.

This year, the organisation has been delegated to some willing helpers.

This fall follows a number of runners who have suffered falls this year, CJ a couple of falls, Rad has fallen, myself (Friar) while gardening.

Take care everyone, we want you around for a long time, in good health.

Best Wishes and Regards for Christmas and the New Year.

December 06, 2006


Gremlins Got the cover of the Canberra Runner, Issue 178, December 2006.

They turned it into Issue 177, September 2006.

I'll punish the little G's if I catch them in action.

They left Emily Brichacek on the front cover however.

What a great year for Emily.

She won the Weston Creek Fun Run outright, cane second in the MS Fun Run, smashed the record for the Mt Ainslie run up, came second in the NSW 3000 m championships.

She deserves her place on the front cover of this prestigious magazine.

Until Next Time