September 30, 2006

Korea Report

Flew to Sydney on Friday 22nd September and stayed overnight at IBIS Hotel.
We were up early enough to catch the 5:00 am Sydney International Airport Terminal bus, Saturday 23rd, and flew to Korea, taking some 10 hours, but getting into the air in Sydney one hour late then scheduled.
We had breakfast and lunch in flight, but it was more like a late morning snack and a mid afternoon meal. Brekky was chicken, and lunch was BiBimBab. Arriving at Incheon Airport at 5:40 pm Korean Time. We were met after an uneventful stroll through Customs, and an interminable wait for the baggage to be unloaded.

Dinner was at my sister-in-laws place, the drive from the airport taking some 1.5 hours.

Sunday we had a drive to an outdoor eatery, driven by a cousin, the eatery being down a winding dirt road off the highway and next to the Han River.

Monday was lunch with one of my sister-in-laws best friends and another Auntie Cousin.
This was at a Karaoke Bar, when after lunch about 16 got up and sang three songs each.

Tuesday was lunch with another of my sister-in-laws' best friends, Mrs Kim at a typical Korean restaurant. Mrs Kim's husband has been an Ambassador in several countries.

Wednesday was lunch with another 2 cousins, connected through my father-in-laws' oldest brother and youngest sister.

Thursday morning was spent at the local hospital being treated for the infection to my left leg flaring up, and being prescribed more antibiotics, and being told not to run until it clears up.

Friday was spent at Lotte World, trying to get lost through the myriad of underground tunnels trying to get from one side of the road to the other.

We saw a large Korean museum, which took about 1.5 hours to absorb.

Saturday we have travelled to some resort hotel on the East Coast in preparatiion for a visit to Sorak National park tomorrow.
This time being driven by a cousin, with his wife, my wife, and sister-in-law.

BTW bicycle riders rarely wear safety helmets in Korea, nor do motor Bike riders.

Still fuelled by bananas.
Had some, probably 2, since they were already sliced, at the Monday lunch.


September 22, 2006

Forerunner Man

He is all charged up and will soon be "checking course contours" elsewhere.

I have been advised that I can plug him into 110 Volts or 240 Volts and rejuvenate him.

He will not be able to report until this has been tried, but he'll be accompanied by an experienced operator, one that can hold his hand and guide him around the contorted contours.

Until Next Time

September 17, 2006

The Canberra Times Family Fun Run and Walk 2006

The little green line on the map is the course.

Got up earlier than usual today to have an early couple of boiled eggs and coffee for breakfast.

Early on, met up with the hordes milling around the baggage truck, and then went looking for the timekeepers to hand over the timing clocks, and James Morris (the official announcer) to hand over the starting pistol, ready and primed for the general Manager of the Canberra Times to commence the run by firing the gun.

Then met Tim Gavel with his family, and their two young children who were looking forward to the event, and met a lot of other runners, including a surprised sighting of Stuart Doyle, back from his performance at the world mountain Running Championship.

Had a few words with Anthony Haber, who was today's male winner, and wished him well, also caught up with him after the run.

Spent a lot of time after the run, distributing the hot off the press edition of the Canberra Runner. So far we have given out over 100 copies personally, with the remainder to be posted this coming mid-week.

Good to hear also that Marty Dent won the Adelaide to Bay race today, with Brett Cartwright and Michael Shelley coming 2nd and 3rd, Lee Troop either 4th or 5th.

Until Next Time.

Still fuelled by bananas, had two today, though they were rather small.


September 11, 2006

MS Fun Run/Walk Sunday 10th September 2006

Sunday 10th September 2006
6.5 km around Lake Tuggeranong

1. Emily Brichacek (U18) 21:46 (Rec)
2. Noni Clarke 24:13
3. Jenny Brichacek 24:55
4. Leanne Wilkinson 26:49
5. Kym Chisholm 27:44
6. Amelia Carr 27:58
7. Christina Thorne 28:02
8. Catriona Windsor (U18) 28:14
9. Leah Afiabo 28:25
10. Cathy Newman 28:26
11. Alisa McDonald 28:32
12. Amber Cernovs 28:36
13. Sue Archer (W50) 28:45
14. Stephanie Siebert 29:30
15. Catherine Fullford 29:48
16. Michelle Hillard 30:04
17. Elle Knight 30:11
18. Marlene Reid (W50) 30:39
19. Eliza McGowan 30:53
20. Prue Lyons 30:59

1. Ben Dawson 21:44 (Equal Rec)
2. Scott Imhoff 22:29
3. Paul Considine 22:53
4. Trevor Jacobs (M50) 23:02
5. Andrew Adams 23:32
6. Gordon McGurk 23:40
7. Greg Register 23:58
8. Mick Corlis 24:04
9. Keith Cassilies-Southgate 24:05
10. James Minto 24:10
11. Chris Newton 24:12
12. Keith Law 24:29
13. Nathan Geale 24:48
14. Paul Archer (M50) 25:17
15. David Webster (M50) 25:19
16. Anthony Olliffe (M50) 25:25
17. Scott Wilkinson 25:25
18. Paul Torley 25:33
19. Rob Ginnivan 25:55
20. James Fletcher 26:20

September 10, 2006

The Canberra Times Family Fun Run/Walk

Canberrans are "gearing" up for this year's - The Canberra Times Family Fun Run/Walk.

The run is 10km commencing at 9:45 am, in Yamba drive near Justinian St Phillip.

The walk is 5km commencing at 10:15 am, Hopetoun Circuit Yarralumla on the inbound ramp up to Adelaide Avenue.

The events finish at Commonwealth Park on the grassed areas beside the lake in line with Anzac Parade.

Fyshwick fresh Food Markets are one of the sponsors which supply fruit for all finishers.

Entry Fees are in aid of The ACT division of the Heart Foundation.

Lucky Draw Prizes and presentations will be conducted after the run.

Come and join in, as Late Entries can be made at Canberra College on the morning of the run.
Fun Run T-Shirts and caps can also be purchased at Canberra College.

Vale Barry Raison.
An entrant with a large number of participations to his credit, will not be with us this year, Barry Raison died of cancer on 1st September 2006.

September 08, 2006

The Head Butt

Zinedine Zidane head butted Marco Materazzi in the final moments of the World cup final in Brazil.

Materazzi is reported as saying, when Zihane offered to swap his French jersey after the final whistle in response to persistent shirt-tugging by the Italian, he had replied, "I would prefer your sister."

Source:- The Canberra Times 6th September 2006.

I think Zidane showed remarkable restraint in only head butting Materazzi.
In other venues that sort of remark would have caused an all-in brawl.

Until Next Time
Out of Bananas.

September 07, 2006

Canberra Runner

The ACT Cross Country Club Magazine - "Canberra Runner" September edition should be printed and ready for distribution before The Canberra Times Family Fun Run.

I have been working hard over the past two weeks, putting it together, and collecting and collating articles and race reports for inclusion.

In the past, before retirement, I would take one week of Recreation Leave to compile the magazine.

Now, as a retired person, it is spread over two weeks, mostly in the mornings, and the race reports and results are usually formatted as soon after a run as possible.

The final collation was this week, over Monday and Tuesday, with some photos, and the contents page to be completed.

It was taken to the printers Wednesday morning.

So, look out for a bumper issue, soon to be distributed to ACT Cross Country Club financial members.

Note that one of the articles was held over from the June edition, pending permission to publish it. That permission was given, so the article is in this edition.

Until Next Time

Fuelled by Bananas
The receipt for my most recent purchase indicates $4.98 per kilogram. :-))
But today, shop prices were $11.98 per kilogram. :--((