September 30, 2006

Korea Report

Flew to Sydney on Friday 22nd September and stayed overnight at IBIS Hotel.
We were up early enough to catch the 5:00 am Sydney International Airport Terminal bus, Saturday 23rd, and flew to Korea, taking some 10 hours, but getting into the air in Sydney one hour late then scheduled.
We had breakfast and lunch in flight, but it was more like a late morning snack and a mid afternoon meal. Brekky was chicken, and lunch was BiBimBab. Arriving at Incheon Airport at 5:40 pm Korean Time. We were met after an uneventful stroll through Customs, and an interminable wait for the baggage to be unloaded.

Dinner was at my sister-in-laws place, the drive from the airport taking some 1.5 hours.

Sunday we had a drive to an outdoor eatery, driven by a cousin, the eatery being down a winding dirt road off the highway and next to the Han River.

Monday was lunch with one of my sister-in-laws best friends and another Auntie Cousin.
This was at a Karaoke Bar, when after lunch about 16 got up and sang three songs each.

Tuesday was lunch with another of my sister-in-laws' best friends, Mrs Kim at a typical Korean restaurant. Mrs Kim's husband has been an Ambassador in several countries.

Wednesday was lunch with another 2 cousins, connected through my father-in-laws' oldest brother and youngest sister.

Thursday morning was spent at the local hospital being treated for the infection to my left leg flaring up, and being prescribed more antibiotics, and being told not to run until it clears up.

Friday was spent at Lotte World, trying to get lost through the myriad of underground tunnels trying to get from one side of the road to the other.

We saw a large Korean museum, which took about 1.5 hours to absorb.

Saturday we have travelled to some resort hotel on the East Coast in preparatiion for a visit to Sorak National park tomorrow.
This time being driven by a cousin, with his wife, my wife, and sister-in-law.

BTW bicycle riders rarely wear safety helmets in Korea, nor do motor Bike riders.

Still fuelled by bananas.
Had some, probably 2, since they were already sliced, at the Monday lunch.



Blogger Luckylegs said...

Great trip, Friar...hope your leg is OK by now; hope to see you again in Canberra later in the year.

5:57 pm, October 01, 2006  
Blogger Ewen said...

Don't talk about bananas!

Sounds like an interesting trip... but you're missing the perfect Canberra Floriade weather!

10:14 pm, October 01, 2006  

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