August 21, 2006

Blood Brought the Ants

Everthing was fine at Friday lunchtime at Customs Joggers and had a good run accompanied by Marco.

But I had developed a cold by Friday evening.

Saturday was not much better so went along to Dunrossil drive with the tea making equipment, with no expectations of running.

But witnessed the course record of so many years broken by Martin Dent, third in the City to Surf 2006.

Sunday was the Vets handicap so went along again with the timing equipment and instructed the time keepers and other officials on some of their duties.

Decided, on good advice not to run, so helped with time keeping.

Sunday afternoon was glorious, so went out in the backyard to prune our plum tree, which is just starting to bud.

Used the pruners, and then collected the pruning saw.
Was climbing the steps to the garden, and tripped. Hit the left shin on the brickwork and let out an expletive - it hurt.

Then several seconds later, noticed blood streaming from the shin, the skin was broken in two places, and socks became soaked very quickly.

Applied a hanky and tried to stop the flow, but only served to soak the hanky.
Called for larger cloth by knocking on the window, there was too much blood flowing to go inside myself.

The hanky was discarded onto the grass, and immediately inundated by ants.
And they inundated the numerous blood drops on the concrete.

So cloth was brought out and applied, and eventually the blood stopped flowing.

A couple of bandages were applied and I came inside, and put the leg up to rest, while watching the footy for the rest of the afternoon.

Have not yet completed the pruning, but will compete in the Mt Ainslie Run Up tomorrow.

Will remove the bandage today, and put on a new one.
Hope the cold can be beaten soon.

Fuelled by bananas.

Until Next Time

August 15, 2006

City To Surf 2006

Worth the trip to Sydney to compete, and have a location where the weather was warm.
Maybe a bit too warm, with the red hat keeping in the heat.

Said hello to so many runners from Canberra, including PRB, Roy J, Marco, Kevin, Nick, Narelle, Richard, Alan, Diana, Dan, and heard of the good experiences of so many others.

Have to sit down and analyse the run, which went well until about the 10km mark, and then it was a bit of a struggle.

Already thinking of next year, and where to stay and what to do.

But next month is The Canberra Times Fun Run.
And before then a Vets Handicap, and other Cross Country Club Runs, and Mountain Run ups, and a little bit of training in between.

Fuelled by Bananas

Until Next Time

August 12, 2006

Customs Joggers

New people hear about this run from friends, from fellow runners, and from the Internet.

The run starts near Stage 88, and takes in the paths on Lake Burley Griffin Shores to near the Canberra Museum, and returns through Commonwealth Park.

It is over 5km on a handicapped basis with most runners finishing between 35 and 37 minutes according to their handicap.

It attracts up to 30 runners for each event on a Friday lunchtime, commencing at 12:15pm.

On occasions there is a special celebration with drinks and nibbles.

The Customs Joggers run has now conducted 1463 Weekly events.

Until Next Time

August 07, 2006

A Few Runs More

This week is looming as a good weather week, and a good running week.

Tuesday at Lake Tuggeranong Handicap, Wednesday at BBQ Stakes, Friday at Customs Joggers.

Good weather is supposed to be 14 degrees or more most days, and Sunny with the usual cold starts.

Results from the events at Deeks Forest Park on 5th August have just been e-mailed to The Canberra Times. Hope they publish them tomorrow.

Pointscore results still have to be done.

They must wait, for on this great day, on which I can see the sunshine through the window, I've just gotta go for a run.

Fuelled by bananas for energy.

Until next Time