September 25, 2005

Vets Handicap Parkway Run 25th September 2005

Motion Base map, then Google Earth map.

Thomas Series Vets Handicap was called the Parkway Run.
It was run over 8km, being "out and back" with the back being different to the out as seen on the accompanying map.

The day began rather early with Friar being the first to arrive at the venue, to unlock the gates, at 7:20 am, closely followed by Jim O'D at 7:30 am, and then the organiser Cilla Dalton and Arthur, who was to mark the course with Jim.
They set out to mark the course, and then otheres started to arrive, George K and Carol B who usually cut up the fruit, Wayne B who was to be allocated to course marshalling duties at the 2km point and turnaround for the short courses. He had to leave the event early so was given this duty which finished early.

Then others arrived, and Friar gave the timekeepers a run down/through the process required, and a practice, and we were away with Group 1 at about 9:07 am.

After event activities included the usual drinks, biscuits and fruit.
Then presentations, and talks by various club officials, award of T-Shirts, and medals and shields for the placegetters, cleaning up and the gates were locked at 11:30 am.

Results were processed by Stuart R, and Michael F, and available at from about mid-afternoon.

Threatening grey clouds early in the morning didn't eventuate into anything serious or clear to a sunshine day, but alltogether the day was enjoyable.

Good to see Strewth with her new "Garmin Girl" with Heart Monitor.

Until Next Time

September 18, 2005

Canberra Times 30th Annual Fun Run

It was a great day for this Annual Fun Run/Walk, the proceeds of which go to the Heart Foundation; in the vicinity of $55,000 dollars this year.
Anthony Haber, and Jackie Fairweather were the major winners, with 3000-4000 runners/walkers joining in the event.
A large crowd enjoyed the fruit and drinks provided after the event and stayed for the presentations and barrel draws. A large entry from the Jogalong was present, and one of their members was thrilled to win the major draw.
Now she will probably be touched for luck, and touched for a loan.
Anthony broke 30 minutes (29:41) to win by 5 seconds, while at this stage I don't know Jackie's winning time. I believe she ran back to the start near Woden, after the event to collect her car, and returned in time for the presentations.

Meanwhile there were a lot of Coolrunners out today, with Luckylegs visiting Canberra for the event. Flashduck had a team of Chickybabes under her wings, and Aki also was seen in her resplendent cool running gear.

Friar had estimated that he would probably achieve 57 minutes or so, following a run at Mt Majura a few weeks previously, but surprised himself with a 54:33, slightly slower than the previous year, but pretty good considering he had to spend countless effort on the selection of which shoes to wear for the event.

Splits, (courtesy of "Forerunner Man" who kept me company on the run) were 5:04, 5:02, 5:10, 5:38, 5:35, 5:31, 5:13, 5:39, 5:31, 5:35.
Great start and did the first km comfortably, passed Kerrie Boden, saw CJ ahead, others passed me and said Hi, about 2km Caroline Campbell passed running on the grassy edge, Colin Adrian also passed, and the Nick Blackaby passed at nearly 3km, then the slow down but didn't feel like a different pace, although you might say this was the slightly uphill bit, and the walkers joining in the event, so there was a bit of a peek at Jim O'Donnell, Monika Short, Dave Mackenzie, Alan Burdon, and Mandy Zygadlo who I was told recruited over 120 to her team, then down past the 6k, and Gabrielle Brown helloed past; when she picked up a water satchel, I caught her but she again eased past, at the top of Kings Avenue, I egged those who had "cut the corner" that the real course was on the road, then Roger Featherston joined me on the road and he fessed that he was here on a family visit from Melbourne (his son works at The Canberra Times), and about 8km said hello to John Suiter on the side of the road spectating, he lives close by, and then it was all go to just before the finishing line to receive a big and enthusiastic cheer from the Faulks family, and over the line to have my time written down by Kerrie Wright, who, despite being injured, manages to keep running and helping at events.
After finishing, caught up with SpeedyGeoff and Katie, and Peter Trotter who injured himself during the event, Valiant Vets (Anne Young, Sue Counsel and Corry Collins), Bob Chapman, Bruce Wyatt, Val Bland, and a few others.
Adter picking up my clothing bag, had a chat to Rod Higgins, who shared stroller pushing duties with his partner, and swapped some stories about previous wind affected events, then a hello to Andrew Sutcliffe who told that he had used grassed median strips for the run and avoided a lot of the bitumen road, and the Chickybabes, I said hello to, then over to the presentations area, found Rad and Kevin, mingled around the presentation area and hada few minutes talking to Haberman, and back to the seat besides the Jogalong team, and the major barrel draw winner, Marg Van Belkom, who had helped pack the CT Red Bags with the goodies, she sounded really thrilled.

After the run, got a lift back to Woden to collect the car, and then home.

Until Next Time.

September 06, 2005

Mt Ainslie Run Up and Hardingman Report with Full Results

Mt Ainslie Run UpTuesday 6 September 2005

Weather: Perfect weather conditions of a fine, sunny, still 15 degrees.

World long distance mountain running champion Emma Murray moved to equal second on the all-time list with 3-time Australian representative Fiona Jorgensen when she clocked 13.12 to win today’s Mt Ainslie Run Up. Emma is in full training for the World Mountain Running Championship on 25 September and had completed her usual 100 minute run in the mountains of Tuggeranong earlier in the day, so seems certain to better Judith May’s 12.59 record when she has a crack at the record when fresh.
World rogaining champions David Baldwin and Julie Quinn were also in top form. In his 48th Run Up, Baldwin achieved his first victory, in 12.17, and graciously thanked last month’s winner David Osmond for being in Canada where David achieved an awesome performance in the World 24 Hour Mountain Biking Championship, finishing 6th. The legendary Trevor Jacobs was second in 12.34, holding off by 4 seconds a strong finishing Damian Green.
Quinn was only just outside her best time when she was second fastest female in 14.53. Susie Kluth was 3rd in 16.04 in a record women’s field of 8 competitors.

Males: 1 David Baldwin 12.17, 2 Trevor Jacobs 12.34, 3 Damian Green 12.38, 4 Simon Claringbold 12.49, 5 Paul Veldcamp 13.11, 6 Norak Theam 13.21, 7 Paul Fischer 13.31, 8 Paul Blessington 13.47, 9 Silvano Sommacal 13:52, 10 Chris Newton 14.11, 11 Peter Clarke 14.18, 12 Ulli Faul 14.24, 13 Anthony Olliffe 14.28, 14 Mark Oliver 14.41, 15 Gary Molineux 14.42, 16 Sam Ryland 14.46, 17 Gordon McGurk 14.49, 18 Alex Kearns 15.25, 19 Richard Marson 15.40, 20 Jeff Howell 15.42, 21 Hugh Jorgensen 15.48, 22 Christophe Vial 15.49, 23 David Way 17.16, 24 Aaron Batten 17.24, 25 Geoff Barker 17.29, 26 Nigel Coldrick 18.33, 27 Rad Leovic 20.06, 28 Nick Blackaby 20.58, 29 Demetrious Pandouras 21.41, 30 Doug Fry 22.44.

Females: 1 Emma Murray 13.12, 2 Julie Quinn 14.53, 3 Susie Kluth 16.04, 4 Sam Reinhardt 16.34, 5 Carolyne Kramar 17.14, 6 Carol Baird 17.28, 7 Samara Zeitsch 17.42, 8 Vincenza Falzarano 19.48.

Today's event drew 39 *competitors, including Four (4) World Champions.
Emma M, Julie Q and David B, and Carol B.
Emma brought along her World Championship trophy and medal, and they were both admired by all. The trophy was too heavy to be carried on the plane in her hand luggage.

*If you think I can't count, there was another who started but pulled out after less than 1km.

As well, lots of school children in buses have their lunch in the picnic area at the base of the Mt Ainslie walking Trail.

I had a stint in the garden before getting onto the computer. Spring is here and we are getting it ready for planting vegetables and flowers.

Some vegies from last year are still growing, and last year we put in tomatoes too late for a good crop, although we had some small batches.

Until Next Time.

September 04, 2005

Gungahlin Art at Yerrabi Pond

My previous post indicated the Pelicans were real, but I was told they are sculptures.

These sculptures at Yerrabi Pond in the form of Pelicans were made by the artist "Neil Dickinson".
Neil told me they are in fact made from polyester resin and fibreglass.

The Village Building Company, who developed an estate on the western shores of Yerrabi Pond commissioned Neil Dickinson to provide some art works. Originally, the Pelicans were located in one of the house yards of the estate, but a new owner didn't want them in their yard, hence they were moved to their present location.
There are also Large Frogs near the Pelicans, and other artwork in Belconnen, like Waterbirds near one of the roundabouts.
Neil also has other artworks, like Wombats in the Hammock Hill Nature reserve near Bowral in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. These Wombats although sculpted by him, are not placed or located to his liking, safety concerns have prompted sighting the wombats in their current location and setting.

Neil, as well as his artistry, runs a landscaping business.

Until Next Time.

Yarralumla Relays 3 September 2005

Yarralumla Relays were well attended with 25 teams of four per team.
The course was well marked, and although there were some tufty grass, scattered dead leaves, and overhaniging branches to negotiate, not to mention the openings through the Kopper log low fences, there were no accidents on the day.
Many ran twice and three times for their various club teams.

Following the event, the end of season presentations were carried out in the Canberra Yacht Club building, with Jessamy Hosking and Peter Zygadlo being named the most improved runners for the year, and Ted Harrison receiving the Race Managers award for the conduct of the Dunrossil Drive trophy races under difficult weather conditions for the second successive year.

Until Next Time

September 02, 2005

Customs Joggers Floriade Course

With the notices today that the usual start area for Customs Joggers Handicap will be fenced off from 5:00 pm, The course for next week and until the fences come down, will be as per the posted maps.

This is a map from the run on 17 September 2004.

Follow the bike path under Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, and then cross the road onto the path beside the lake.
Follow this path past the Ferry Terminal, and go under the tunnel up hospital hill, and down to turn left at the path near the lake.
Follow this path and turn left just before the museum.
Run up the psth and cross the road after the roundabout.
Follow the path until near the last willow tree. Join the track next to the lake and follow the usual track until just before the bridge. Follow that path all the way up the hill and it turns right about 300 metres before the finish.

Until Next Week.

September 01, 2005

Gambolling With The Galahs

The Galahs weren't seen until near the top end of Phillip Avenue. But there were plenty of them and they were feeding on the ground.

A couple of girls/young ladies had cycled to the Antill St entry and walked up and down Mt Majura. While there were several ladies walking their dogs in the area.

The run today was the 10km Vets Handicap, Majura Nature Park course, over 10km, out behind the houses in Hackett, for 2.5km, turning up the hill that goes east over the saddle, but only travelling for about 300 metres before turning south and joining the lower Mt Ainslie track past the water tower, and returning to Phillip Ave, via a lower track, returning to the start/finish in a little over 64 minutes.

I tried to keep to the right hand side of the track on the way out and the left hand side on the return run. Felt good all the way at that pace, and had plenty of time to look around and notice the delights of the nature aprk.

I was intending to have a different run, but found that MotionBased only allows me to view the most recent runs, so when I loaded Majura Nature Park from last year, it said it was too old.

Thus the reason for the run was to get a "Forerunner Man" map of the area.

Until next time.