June 28, 2012

BBQ Stakes 28 June 2012

A cool day still attracted a field of 56 or so competitors.  Robert Ey who has performed the time keeping duties previously was in action today, riding there and riding home afterwards.

George Pagotellis won the event today, and cheered loudly when he was announced as the winner.  There was still a little damp spot up on Oakey hill, but competitors are used to the damp spots. 

Brian Crowe was not present today, so others recorded the results of the second group of finishers.  I personally did not take my notebook today, due to a few complications before the event, so you will have to rely on the short summary above.  Heather Powrie forgot to bring her bike chain today, so managed to get Robert Ey to chain their respective bikes together. I listed some of heather's lapses to her , and now realise that perhaps I should go easy on her for a while.

We'll see how George goes with the timekeeping next week, and George's friend who has been accompanying him on a bike, has now joined in the run.

June 25, 2012

Customs Joggers run this week

Hi all

I have attached the results of the Customs Joggers run 1753 of 22 June. Please check and advise of any corrections.

Subject to any changes, prize winners are James Saville, Lucy McGarva and Laura Allison. All will be able to claim a Runners Shop voucher or socks as their prizes.

Many thanks to the Runners Shop for their continued support.

Also, attached is a list of recent prize winners. If you have not already done so, come along next Friday and collect a prize.

Next Customs Joggers Run will be Friday 29 June 2012.

Mid year celebration and announcing of the winner of the point score competition on 29 June

We will have a mid-year celebration on Friday 29 June when the winner of the point score competition will be announced. Note this date in your diaries.

For the run on the 29th, we have a pack run, with start and finish at the top shelter in Commonwealth Park – just up the hill towards the car park.

The pack run will start at 12:15 and run the CJ's course  of 5 km  at about 5 minutes per K (25 minutes) pace. Remember to arrive a bit earlier. Anyone wanting to run slower please give yourself some extra time and leave earlier. The pack will shout encouraging remarks if/when we catch-up.

All are welcome to join in for refreshments to be provided by Mike after the run. There will be prizes for the winner, and second and third, of the point score competition and barrel draw prizes for all.

Also, this is a good run to encourage friends or work colleagues to come along and give CJ's a try

Usual charge of $1 will apply.
Note that the attachments referred to in this posting, have not been included here. 

June 24, 2012

ACTVAC President

From ACTVAC Facebook page:-
Congratulations to Brett Kingston the new ACTVAC president

June 20, 2012

BBQ Stakes 20 th June 2012

62 runners today, and 56,000 th runner to cross the line in the BBQ Stakes.

Rather cold today even at lunchtime with the sun shining, but not long enough to warm the air after a minimum of minus 3 degrees or thereabouts.  There was also a mild wind to stop the temperature from rising, and the officials were also saying it was rather cold.  The 56,000 th runner was Charles (Sorry I didn't catch his last name) , and he is one of the newer runners.  Joanne the previous weeks winner sent advance notice that she was on the way and turned up on time to conduct the duties. 

We were also told about troubles that one of the runners had with their electric blanket, and are still in temporary accomodation, pending repairs to their house.  Smoke damage and fire damage, lucky they were at home at the time, the fire brigade says that is a common problem in the winter with electric blankets, make sure you have fire alarms, and check your electric blankets regulary.  The fault was in the connection between the electric cord and the blanket.

Ian Hore has reached 797 runs, Kathleen Bleakley has a total of 190 runs, and Caroline Campbell has 94 runs in total, so some T-Shirts will be awarded when they reach  even figures in their run totals,

Winner today was Robert Ey, who looked fairly comfortable, coming up to the finish line, it looked like he knew he had a chance of being the winner.

His time across the line was 39:32, his PB was 23:29, back on 7 July 2004, having 85 runs in tatal.

Alison Hale has been in the top finishers recently , and was well placed today.

There was some comment that the D.O.B. on Lloyd Edwards' Face book site was incorrect, it has now been corrected to indicate he is in the M60 Age Group.

June 17, 2012

ACT and Vets Cross Country Championships 2012

16 th June at Stromlo Forest Park

12 km

Philo Saunders  37:42
Mark Bourne 38:20
Erwin McRae 38:35

Vets results at Vets Website include 8 km:-

Anne Young 8km 57:57.3 Gold
Caroline Campbell 8 km 35:10.8 Gold
Terry Levings 8 km 39:35.9 5 th
Rad Leovic 52:13.4 8 km Silver
Michael Freer 52:05.1 Gold
Geoff Moore 34:48.4 Bronze

June 13, 2012

BBQ Stakes 13 th June 2012

Terry Levings was timekeeper today, and he sent everybody off on the run with professional aplomb.With something like 32 wins, he has had the timekeeping experience which matters.  There was a small problem today with the print on the results tape, but that was overcome,  for the 60 runners today.  The BBQ Stakes issued the progressive pointscore  at the half way mark of the year.

Terry Levings with 32 wins is in the lead now, with 200 points for his win last week, Second is Leanne Wilcox, and third is George Pagotellis.

Today's winner was Joanne Nathan, at 39:51 over the line, she has 14 Runs with a P.B. of 32:22 on 30th May 2012. Her first run was on 26 th October 2011.  Second was Gordon Calcino at 39:35, and third was George Pagotellis, one of the fastest runners competing.   Marc Wilson has notched up 17 years of Stakes running. Nathan Smyth ran his 50 th Stakes today, I think his second for this year, and his condition could be improved with more regular participation.  He is a relative of Cory Collins, who competes with the ACT Veterans Athletic Club.

John Busteed has 33 wins. and is now in training for a 12 km Fun Run at Terrigal. His wife is to compete in a Half - Marathon, on the same weekend.

Mentioned today was the passing of Glenda Regan, well known in the Canberra runnning community,  who holds the women's BBQ Stakes fastest time of 22:15, her funeral is this coming Friday, following a long period of medical problems.

June 12, 2012

Lake Tuggeranong Stakes Tuesday 12 th June 2012

The winner today was Ursula Hewat, who intends to run the forthcoming Gold Coast Half Marathon.

Daniel Buckley is also in training for the same Half Marathon on the Gold Coast.

Others to run today, were Jim White, who ran with Rob Smith-Roberts, Colin Phillips, who went off earlier then his handicap, Lloyd Edwards, one of the originals wearing his distinctive T-Shirt.
Peter Foster, the current handicapper, Steve Nolan, Tim Craig, Ross Paine wearing a pair of running "shoes", which he has had for about four months now.  These shoes were like thongs, with a string instead of a strap.  Rad Leovic also ran today, hope he was warm in the slightly cool wind, he said he was warm enough.  After the run Garry Lee was spotted going for a run at this lunch hour.  Doug Fry was tossing up whether to run on this flat course, but eventually decided not to run, having run at Stromlo Forest Park at the weekend, he carried out the time keeping duties in lieu.

June 10, 2012

Neil and Kerry Boden

Neil and Kerry Boden.

Happy 25 th Wedding Anniversary.

I missed the advert in the Canberra Times, but the advert was brought to my attention by another Vets Club Member. The advert was placed by their mother-in-law.

June 06, 2012

BBQ Stakes 6th September 2012

A reminder to those who use electric blankets, check your blankets in the mornings to make sure they are turned off and are safe.  An unfortunate fire occurred today, due to troubles with the electric blankets at a BBQ runner's place recently.

Also check your fire alarms have new batteries and are working properly.  The fire alarms saved this person's place from worse damage.

The BBQ Stakes today saw 57 runners today, with Gabeielle and Tim Wright both returning for the run.

If I am right, they have returned from their holiday in England.Daniel Buckley time kept today, his seventh stint at those duties.  He has now entered the Canberra Times Fun Run for this year and has been given the number 29 for his chest.

He has also been in training for a half marathon soon.

 Terry Levings has now remeasured the course following rhe changes ar the top of Waldock Street.  Terry is an accredited course measurer with extensive training and experience.  Terry was also today's winner, having crossed the line at 39:57,  with George finishing second and Lisa ?  coming  in third.

The team made up of the others won the team trophy today.

June 05, 2012

Mt Ainslie Run Up 5 June 2012

Mt Ainslie Run Up
2.3 kms ACT
Tuesday 5 June 2012

Heavy overnight and mid morning rain decimated the June Mt Ainslie Run Up field. Despite the wet muddy track and strong easterly headwind, Mark Bourne ran the fastest time up the mountain for several years with a brilliant 10.39. This was his final tune up for the Taipei International Stair Race coming up this Sunday.

Peter Zygadlo and Simon Claringbold were 2nd and 3rd 3 minutes behind. Vanessa Haverd had a good hitout to be fastest female in 14.08.

Males: 1 Mark Bourne 10.39, 2 Peter Zygadlo 13.32, 3 Simon Claringbold 13.59, 4 Tony Olliffe 16.03, 5 Craig Wurtz 17.59, 6 Andrew Bowman 20.21.

Females: 1 Vanessa Haverd 14.08.