May 31, 2012

BBQ Stakes 31 st May 2012

Getting used to the slightly changed course in waldock Street.

Due to changes in Waldock St for pedestriams and vehicle traffic, where the top of the street has a freshly laid concrete path. This makes for an additional 40 metres or so to the course.

58 runners today, with Rad making a return to this event following his fall in the Vets handicap, he was told not to run until the end of May, and took it easily today.  Helen Larmour performed the timekeeping and did an excellent job.  Helen has a P.B. of 26:12, and last week ran a time of 26:36.

Today's winner was Daniel Buckley across the line at 39:33,  he has a P.B. of 36:27 on 6 August 2008,  and 7 wins from 155 runs. Second was Damien Kennedy, across the line at 39:34, third was Bob Harlow crossing the line aj 39:36. What you might call a close finish.

Bill Rendall, a well known runner at the Vets Handicaps, was just passing by, and had a little chat with the early gathering waiting for their starts.

May 23, 2012

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 23 rd May 2012

Geoff Hawke kept the time today, and sent every body off onto a slightly changed course today. The change was at the top of Waldock Street, where a new path has been laid. One estimate is that the course is now clightly longer,

65 or runners today with Kathleen Bleakley the first to start, and Leanne Wilkes the last to finish.

Bob Harlow and Roger Pilkington ran together.

A light blue and white jacket was left in the trolley today, and will be available next week unless anybody claims it sooner.

Julie Quinn ran the north face 100 k in 11 hours 51 minutes over the weekend and still looked fresh after her run today.  Martin Fryer finished his mammoth run of over 870 km, progress had been reported on ACT Run, and it may be a while before he returns to Canberra.  Today's winner was Helen Larmour, with 245 runs and a P.B. of 26:12 on 12 November 2004 ?with 5 wins. Second was Andrew Jones and 3rd was George, whose name is too difficult for me to spell, accompanied by his friend riding his bicycle.

May 17, 2012

Martin Dent selected for London Marathon

This message posted by Ken Eynon
You will all be pleased to hear that Martin Dent has been selected to represent Australia in the Marathon at the London Olympics.

As Martin told the YMCA Novice Training Group he has been training for 20 years, for this which must be the highlight of his running career. A lot of credit must go to Marty's wife Kathy for the support she must provide. For those who do not know besides the massive training load that Martin undertakes, he is the father of three boys under 4 years, works full time (Minus one hour per day) and is the treasurer of the Weston Creek Athletics Club and has numerous other commitments.

Well done Martin and good luck in London. We will all be watching.

Ken Eynon

May 16, 2012

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 16 th May 2012

Today's timekeeper was simon Tuan, and despite a minor hiccup with the clock before the start, everything was fine once the clock settings were sorted out thanks to Adrian Plunkett.

The winner today was Geoff Hawke, with
 only a small number of runs since he returned to the stakes recently, after a long absence due to injury. He has a P.B. of 21:43 from 20 th August 2007.

He crossed the line at 39:42, second across the line was Gordon Calcino and third across was Sandy Lolicato, at 39:49.

62 contested the stakes today on a dry course.  Sign on sheets were a little confused today, but were also sorted out, some booked in on the other side of the sheet, which caused a little confusion, but Adrian Plunkett made an announcement about the sign on sheets at the presentations.

Not sure how many are participating in the ABS Fun Run this year, but the weather and the numbers at that event on the 17 th May, should ensure an enjoyable outing for all participants and teams.

 Ian Hore wore his GWS Cap today, and he was at the AFL  match recently held in Canberra.

May 09, 2012

BBQ Stakes 9th May 2012

BBQ Stakes 9th May 2012

Timekeeper today was Caroline Campbell following her third place,  placing last week, even though she was the winner, and it was something like one year since her last win. She has however helped with the timing several times since that win. Rad had a severe fall at the Vets handicap at Mt Majura last weekend and will be out of action for a few weeks, until he has recovered, although the doctor wants him to keep exercising with gentle walks. Helen Larmour surprised by turning up early today, and finished back in the field. Nathan Smyth had his first run for the year. Mentioned at the presentations were Simon McAlister, Kevin Chapman, 12 years in the stakes.61 ran today, Simon Quan was first eligible, his 14 th run and first win, with a P.B. of 26:49,  second was Terry Levings, angling for a win soon, following his good run last week. A field of 61 runners today, with at least one new runner (female). Nail Can Hill run results are in a separate post, I think 3 new runners in a recent run, including two females and one male. Nail Can run results; Anne Young 89:53, Carol Baird first W 60, Diana Schneider 63:58, second W60, Peter Clarke first M 60, 50:04 probably a new age record, 50:04,Jim White Kevin Chapman, Ewen Thompson had good runs although Jim is still troubled with his leg injury.

May 06, 2012

Nail Can Hill Run 6 th May 2012

Age Busters Anne Young 89:53 Diana Schneider 63:58 2nd 60+ Carol Baird 62:11 1st 60 + Peter Clarke 50:04 1st 60 + John Kennedy 5th 60 +

These people also ran, they are regular runners in this event.

 Jim White 59:47, Kevin Chapman 64:54, Ewen Thompson 59:30.
Customs joggers handicap run 1746 of 4th May 2012. Today was a fine sunny day. There were 30 finishers. We again started at our new CJs purpose built headquarters in Commonwealth Park. Good to see Laura Allison, Richard Niven and Trent Birkett return after long absences. Welcome to Anna Chanzeda for a first run. In the above results, Laura is not eligible and Phil finished before 34 minutes. Provisional winners today are Eliza Middleton Peter Jovanovic and Nathan Williamson. Subject to any changes, Eliza, Peter Nathan will be able to collect a prize of Runners Shop voucher or pair of socks on our next run. Many thanks to Brian Wenn and Nick Walshe  and the Runners Shop for the prizes of socks and vouchers. This was the thirteenth run in the point score competition for the first half of 2012, to run over 20 runs with the best 16 to count. After twelve runs, so not including the above results, Peter Clarke is still now leading on 475 points, from Tony now in second place 442, Giles 439, Adam 426 Nathan 403 and Craig on 400. Next Customs Joggers run will be Friday 11 May, again using our traditional course. The Floriade people are busy but we are still able to use our normal course. Usual charge of $1 will apply.

May 02, 2012

BBQ Stakes 2 nd February 2012

The day dawned clear, but early in the morning, the rain started, not heavy, but light drizzle, and is still continuing into the afternoon. Today being the first Wednesday of the month, the course was run in Reverse, with Sonia McKenna, last week's winner doing timekeeping duties. Those mentioned at the presentations today were Caroline Campbell, Terry Levings,Geoff King, Rod Rundle, Jen Bright, Andrew Jenes, Helen Larmour, and others. Helen brought her dog to the run, and finished soaking wet. Terry Levings reported that the track was not as wet or muddy as expected, Terry relaxed a little as he approached the finishing line and crossed at his leisure, being second or third to cross the finish.

Saving his win until he feels like a win.