March 30, 2012

Parkrun is coming to Canberra

A new running series, parkrun, will begin soon in Canberra.

"Parkrun started in the UK in 2004 when a small group of runners ran a 5k at Bushy Park – the Bushy Park time trial. The concept of free, timed, weekly 5k runs gained momentum and the first Australian parkrun was launched on the Gold Coast in April 2011. There are now parkruns in Australia in 5 locations with around 3000 runners and numerous volunteers involved. Canberra will soon be the 6th location.

"Parkrun is coming to Canberra, commencing 28 April 2012 from John Knight Park on Lake Ginninderra. We think the 5k is an attractive distance for new runners, a good hit out for mid-distance runners and a good complement to a long-distance runner’s training regime.

"Our focus is on building a community of runners and people who love running, we are not looking to divide the loyalty of your club members. Parkrun is open to everyone, is free, safe and easy to take part in. Some people run with prams, some to consolidate their Couch to 5K achievements, some as a tempo run and some run to take down the Parkrun Australia’s course record of 15:31 (!!).

"I’m seeking your assistance to get this great concept off the ground in Canberra by spreading the word to your group (and others). We’ll be running from John Knight Memorial Park each Saturday from 28 April. So come along and say hi. Here’s a link to the route

"More information can be found at our website or join our facebook page ’Canberra Parkrun’."

Lakes Stakes 27 th March 2012

Lakes Stakes 27 th March 2012
An excellent turn out for this historic run on 27 th March 2012 saw 36 runners, including five who were at the inaugural run, Garry Lee, Lloyd Edwards, Roger Pilkington, John Busteed and Doug Fry. It was held in fine cool conditions, althoughy there was a bit of a drizzle as the results and presentations were being made. Peter Foster was the master of ceremonies for the run today, Peter also organises the weekly event, each Tuesday; with runners coming from far and wide, some leaving early and others new to the run, participating with a friendly spirit which runners in Canberra are well known for. Some came as far away as Belconnen for the run. Representatives from the Canberra Courier were also present to take photos for a report on the event. Jim and Maria White, a well known couple in Canberra running circles, ran together, as did Elle Knight and Kelley Flood.

Results of the event are available at the following web Site.
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March 28, 2012

BBQ Stakes 28 th March 2012

A smaller field today, of 46 runners, and Talwar Singh did the timekeeping, he has won the stakes 5 times now.

He is currently in training for the Canberra Marathon this year, his first attempt at the distance.

The course today, was damp and the runners had to negotiate some muddy spots, following a rainy night.

First home was Andrew Guild followed by Kerrie Tanner in just over 30 minutes, winner was Florien, second was Raymond Chao, also in training for the marathon, who crossed the line at 40:00, and third was Tavishi Mathews who has been running the stakes for a long long time now, from the Sri Chinmoy fraternity.

March 21, 2012

BBQ Stakes 21st March 2012

Julie Quinn was the timekeeper today, following her win the previous week 26:33, fastest for the females, the fastest male runner was Matthew Murphy, in 23:12. Numbers were down today at 58, following from the Weston Creek Half Marathon this past weekend. Talwar Singh ran 30:46 for a P.B. Jeff Gardner came in at 39:54, and Axel Godeck crossed the line at 34:06. Talwar Singh crossed the line at 40:45, 59 runs since his previous win, he has now won 5 times, with a P.B. of 30:01 on 28 th April 2010. "Stephen" was second today on 40:16 across the line and Jeff Gardner was third on 40:20? after moaning about a severe rehandicap he earned from last week. Terry Dixon was awarded his 300 runs T-Shirt, he also looks after results processing every week. John Busteed is still carrying an injury suffered from a fall from the roof of a backyard shed two weeks prior, but still walked the distance today, he vowed to complete the Vets walking handicap on this coming weekend.

This is Julie's official time keeping day, although she has time kept before, it was for Bruce Wight, when he was unable to turn up on his duty day. Kevin Chapman is approaching a milestone for the award of a T-Shirt, so he will get that on his next run.

Seven Marathons in seven days in seven states



In March 2009 Sydney endocrinologist Terry Diamond ran solo from Canberra to Sydney in a bid to improve awareness of osteoporosis and bone disease. The Diamond Run, as it was named, was the equivalent of covering a standard marathon (42.125 km) every day for seven days.

Now, Dr Diamond has embarked on another cause. On Sunday 18 March he began, at Uluru, a trans-Australia trek that when it ends in Sydney next Saturday, 25 March, will have seen him run seven marathons over seven days – but this time in seven states!

And he has a new ‘cause’. This time he is running in support of the estimated eight thousand Australians suffering Retinitis Pigmentosa,

An Associate Professor of Endocrinology and Metabolic Bone Disease at Sydney’s St George Hospital, Terry Diamond is incorporating into his seven daily marathons seven Australian icons. His sunrise run at Uluru and his second marathon in Fremantle today is to be followed by runs over the same distance in South Australia’s Barossa Valley (Tuesday), Victoria’s Great Ocean Road (Wednesday) Canberra on Thursday, ending at Parliament House, then on Friday he’ll run the Gold Coast Marathon route before ending his odyssey at Sydney’s Bondi Beach on Saturday. Perhaps nor surprisingly, Dr Diamond’s huge contribution to his cause has been badged The Eye-Con Run.

March 18, 2012

Friar Tuck Short attribute.

Friar Tuck. Chaplain and Steward of Robin Hood.

In this spacious isle I think there is not one
But he hath heard some talk of Hood and Little John,
Of Tuck, the merry friar, which many a sermon made
In praise of Robin Hood, his outlaws, and their trade.

This item found, and I don't know where it came from, so I posted it anyway.

March 15, 2012

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 14th March 2012

Geoff Hawke returned to the stakes today, after several months, due to being injured. Bob Harlow also ran today, apparently runners in Canberra are blessed with multiple choices of events. Bob participates in many triathlons around the country. Leanne Wilkes has now been one year without a win.

70 ran today, and were following Julie Quinn, who achieved her first win at 39:33; that she had not won more stakes runs, was a surprise to many others. Of course, she competes in many long distance events during the weekends, so may relish a short run at the stakes. She has run 63 times for a P.B. of 25:19, in August 2010. Talwar Singh finished at 39:40 for second. and Alex was third placed. Elle ran a fast 25 minutes last week. A T-shirt for 100 runs was given to John Scheding, whose first stakes was in September 2004, he also runs the Customs Joggers events.

March 14, 2012

Alleged Spam


I apologise to those who have received a spam message, allegedly from me.

I can assure you I have not sent such a spam message.

I am trying to suspend my account for the immediate future.

Do not reply to that message, if you do, then the spammers will have confirmation of your e-mail account name etc., and they will then be able to scam you in the future.


Doug Fry.


March 07, 2012

Halls Gap Victoria Sunday 27 th May 2012

6km run
6km walk
1km run

Halls Gap in the heart of the majestic Grampians National Park, one of Victoria's most stunning natural features, will play host to the Run The Gap event on Sunday May 27, 2012.
Wildlife such as emus, kangaroos, echidnas and deer may be found along the course & participants can choose to complete either a 6 km walk/run along Fyans creek trail or, as part of the 11km run a lap across the wall at the stunning Lake Bellfield. With breathtaking views of Mt. William & the Sierra Ranges, Halls Gap Village is the perfect place to finish, where participants are able to enjoy a complimentary BBQ Brunch in the Parklands.

Find out more and register at

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 7 th March 2012

Bernie Crowe on one of his sparse visits to the BBQ Stakes today finished in 58 th place. At the other end of the finishers, Ian Hore finished in first place, just after the 39:30 finish time for eligible finishers.

This was his 784 th run. He didn't wear a watch, so this is a genuine time.

Talwar Singh was second, third was Julie Quinn, Geoff King was next, then Leanne Wilkes.

The day was rather bleak, with only sparse sprinkles, and the track was a bit wet following all the rain and some run-off washing a deeper gully in the track.

All times didn't print out, so we will have to wait for the clock printer batteries to be changed to get times of the later finishers, when Kerrie installs new batteries and prints finishing times. Kerrie will have to replace the printer batteries, then run the printer times again.