February 29, 2012

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 29th February 2012 - Leap Year event.

Today's Stakes 29th February 2012.

It's not often we have 5 Wednesdays in one month, but this is one of those months. Might be another Zillion years ?? before this happens again.

As predicted last week, Jeff Gray had a run today, the idea being to pick your own start time, and run as you wished, the closest finisher to fourty minutes being the winner. Dolph Page was declared the winner finishing closest to fourty minutes. Kerrie Tanner needed a "photo finish" to decide on the winner. The run was out and back, with a turn around at the 3 km mark, clearly marked by Terry Levings. (A bollard which had been borrowed for the occasion.) The track was a bit muddy. All negotiated the part muddy/slippery conditions, marked by a drizzle during the duration of the event. Adrian Plunkett, (fresh from another medical treatment), Bryan Crowe and Doug Fry, provided some help with the timekeeping and the place card handing out. Today there were 68 finishers whereas on the 29 th February 1984, (28 years ago, there were only 8 finishers.

February 22, 2012

BBQ Stakes 22 nd February 2011 Jeff Gray President of ACTVAC attended.

Today's event attracted more than 60 runners, Mira Dowd again achieving a good time for her run.

First was Daniel Sheehan at 39:44 across the line,with 30 runs total and 2 wins. Second today was Florien on 40:16, and third was Heather Powrie, on 40:19, possibly helped by arriving later than usual, and rushing to start on her correct time.
Caroline Campbell celebrated 2 years running the stakes by finishing 2 places better than last week, Jo Arouk, last week's winner ran a time of 28:12 for that win. John Scheding now has run 297 stakes and Terry Dixon has run 296.

So a couple of T-Shirts are due soon to those runners.

Today the stakes had a visitor, Jeff Gray, the President of the ACTVAC. He had a good talk with Adrian Plunkett about the stakes. I think he has intentions of having a run in the stakes, but time will tell. He has run and won the Lake Ginninderra Handicap.

February 18, 2012

Canberra Times Article 18 th February 2012

Letter to the editor

by Ken Eynon, Latham

It amuses me the number of locals and Australians engaging in raising money for charity by undertaking such things like running, cycling, climbing, and many more activities but all in overseas locations (Best feet forward for the London run", February 16, p 10.

Not to take anything away from local charities, but surely the costs to get to these overseas locations, the fees to enter these overseas events and the support team needed in many instances are not cheap?

Far better to do the activity locally, reduce the costs and give the money saved to the charity. More so when all the money raised is local.

February 15, 2012

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 15 th February 2012

A huge turnout again today, with Jo Arouk taking out first place followed by Theo and Geoff King in third place.

67 participated today, an increase on last week.

Caroline Campbell was the lucky recipient of the drink bottle, awarded by random selection, with Ellie Kukolic from last week, despite feeling rather nervous, being the timekeeper and performing well. John Barrett was the 50,000 th finisher in the BBQ Stakes, Mira Dowd cracking a Personal Best last week of 36:48. Simon Mcallister was the last to start off today, and ran a self timed 34 mins 15 secs.

February 11, 2012

Latest Health Report

Following Monday's CT AORTOGRAM The medical Report was as follows:- There has been no significant interval change. No definite new abnormality detected. The appearances of the aorta and left sciatic notch AVM are essentially stable in appearance. The aorta has a maximal dimension of 28 mm.

Comment, No significant interval change since March 2011. Thank you for referring this patiemt.

This means to me that I am on track as being stable, and the specialist who will see me in late March, will say the same thing.

My own health report was a jog today of 5 km in 40 minutes, and felt good all the way. I think when I first started jogging many moons ago, that was the time taken over the distance. So I'm back to where I started from.

February 10, 2012

Veteran athletics for all levels

From The Canberra Times (Times 2 page 9) Friday February 10th 2012,

An eye catching story about Veteran Athletics. And photo.

Congratulations to the person who achieved the publication of this story about Veteran athletics.

YCRC Events Tuesday 14 th February 2012

From: "Ken Eynon"

Just a reminder that Tuesday 14th Feb Summer Series events will be held in Telopea Park. The 2k and 5k events will start at 6.15pm sharp.
The start/finish is on Telopea Park East close to where Currie Crescent joins Telopea Park East on the Manuka or South side.

All welcome, free to YCRC members, Memberships for 2012 taken on the day and can be made online at www.canberrarunner.com.au by clicking on the Home tag. One day race registration available to non members at $6 for adults and $4 for those under 20 years of age.

Ken Eynon
YCRC Committee

February 09, 2012

Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 7th February 2012

Peter Foster 33:07, Lloyd Edwards 30:59, David Low 28:28, Erik McPherson 27:26, Cameron Curry 28:49, Ross Paine 32:14, Daniel Buckley 38:29, Colin Phillips 34:24, Andrew Riley 20:11, Slavisa Stojilovic 27:41, Steve Nolan 26:09, Tim Craig 28:27, Beryl Walsh 54:00, Peter Hogan 54:00.

A reminder that the 27th March, 2012 is the 1000 th running of this event.
It will also be the 20 th anniversary with the first run occurring on 24 th March 1992.

Enquiries to Peter Thomson phone 0407 702 683.

February 08, 2012

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 8th February 2012

The number of competitors grabs the spotlight today, with 63 competing.
They ranged from Phillip McGilvray, who hasn't run the stakes for about 4 years now, but had an up to date, square type garmin, his best marathon time is around 2 hours 30 minutes. He came home first but was ineligible due to his long absence from the stakes. Timekeeper was Axel Godeck recently retired, who had a win last week and has run somewhere like 369 stakes, and no need to guess which AFL team he follows, since it is mentioned quite often at the run, of course it's Carlton. Today's field included Richard White, who I think was talked into a run in the stakes by his father, Jim, and the people at IP Australia. Sorry I don't have the names of the placegetters, but I think first was Ellie across the line at 39:44, second was Florienne and third was Daneesh. The trophy for the 2011 Honest John Award, named to honor John Carmody, was given to Terry Dixon, and the pointscore trophy for 2011 was ready to be awarded to Bruce Wight, except the engravers spelled his surname incorrectly as Wright. That will be given back for correction, to the engravers before being formally given. I think Paul Baumgartner, being 20 th across the line received a special prize, an upmarket drink bottle. Mark Wilson has donated several such prizes for randomly being given.