November 27, 2011

27 th November 2011 Vets Handicap

A momentous occasion for Jim White when he won his first ever medal at the Vets Monthly Handicap at Weston Park today.

Although being the second across the line, Jim was the first eligible in the Thomas Series race to be given his first ever medal in the Vets Handicap series.

Kevin Chapman was also an awardee today of his 100 handicaps T-Shirt, having completed 100 Vets Monthly Handicaps, and quite often helping with the packing up after the handicaps were finished.

November 24, 2011

BBQ Stakes 23 November 2011

Today's winner was john Pivagos at 39:43 (excuse the spelling) He has 26 runs his PB was 25:04 on 4th August 2010. Jen Bright was second at 39:48, And third was Andrew Blyton. All in the front of the field of 61 runners.

Last week Raymond Chao ran 27:15, Heather Powrie ran 33:52. Bob Harlow is sitting on 398 runs, Bruce Wight on 399 runs. Ben Reay was stone motherless last today, a long gap after the rest of the field.

Sean O'Halloran has run 100 Stakes but is yet to receive his T-Shirt, an incentive to run next week.

Wednesday 7th December is the relays at 5:40 pm, and Dec 14th will probably be the reverse run for the team award.

November 18, 2011

The Canberra Times

From City News Magazine November 17-23 Issue Page 10.

Saturday edition has dropped in readership from 138,000 to 120,000, Sunday has shed 16.6 percent, Monday to Friday has dropped 7 percent.

Is this because of the Internet? I have been getting The Canberra Times home delivered for umpteen years now, so these figures don't apply to me.

November 17, 2011

BBQ Stakes 16 November 2011

61 ran this event in fine conditions. Matthew Murphy was the last to enrol. He had a new handicap but was not able to see it, due to his late arrival. He requestes we not pack up the starting information, until we are sure all starters have arrived.

Today's winner was Raymond Chao at 39:45 finishing time, it being his second win. He was about 6th over the line. Heather Powrie was second placed today.

Kerrie and Jen dead-heated across the line having run the course together as Kerrie is to run a leg of the triple tri over this weekend. Rad has several teams under his various names for this year's Triple Tri event, so if you wish to run that event in future years, ask Rad for information.

There was some mix-up with the place cards today, firstly the place cards were not taken to the event today so the timekeeper was asked to head over to IP Australia office to collect the cards, and they were sorted into place order on arrival, then when they were being handed out to the finishers, there were some cards mixed up, hope the runners sorted this out.

Youngster at Black Mountain Run Up

Black Mountain Run Up
2.6 kms, Canberra
Tuesday 15 November
A strong run from the inform Fluoro!
Males: 1 Stuart Doyle 12.20, 2 Grant Bluett 13.26, 3 David Baldwin 14.16, 4 Simon Claringbold 14.19, 5 Patrick Kluth 14.26, 6 Norak Theam 16.17, 7 Tony Olliffe 17.13, 8 Craig Wurtz 19.16, 9 Scott Yates 21.51, 10 Michael Burt 22.24.
Females: 1 Kerri Louttit 19.03, 2 Monika Short 23.45, 3 Emily Murray 31.50, 4 eq. Shannon Jones, Allison Jones, Alma Walter (1 week old!).

November 16, 2011

Lucky Legs ' Success

From Lucky Legs" Blog.

1st place in 70+ age category in which to my surprise this year there were no other competitors! Perhaps that's why my age category wasn't called at the presentations until I reminded someone that I really was there and had run the 5km event! I

November 14, 2011

Deep Space Mountain Marathon and Half Marathon 13 November 2011

Deep Space Mountain Marathon and Half Marathon
Namadgi National Park ACT
Sunday 13 November 2011

Former Australian mountain running representative John Winsbury of Canberra was in scintillating form as he strode to victory in the 2011 Deep Space Mountain Marathon in Namadgi National Park. Winsbury clocked 92 minutes for the half marathon over the course between the former iconic Deep Space tracking stations of Honeysuckle Creek and Orroral then went on to complete the full marathon in 3.09.34. There was a total ascent over the course of 1300m. Runner up was Sydney Australian ultra running representative Tim Cochrane in 3.16.45, with Tony Woolford of Coffs Harbour third in 3.44.12.

There was a Canberra trifecta in the women’s race with Louise Sharp fastest female in 4.05.10, from Bryony McConnell in 4.32.31 and Pam Muston in 4.41.30.

Orienteering international Lachlan Dow won the half marathon in 1.38.08 from fellow Canberra Cockatoo Chris Helliwell in 1.39.21 and top alpine skier Mark Van Der Ploeg in 1.43.26. Charlotte Burgoyne was fastest female in 1.56.12, with world regaining champion Julie Quinn next in 1.58.52 and veteran Cathy Crompton third in 2.01.10.

Nick Horspool took out the out and back 8km in 35.18 from Scott Wright in 42.56 and Tim Adair in 51.21. Natalie Dawson was third outright and first female in 47.03, followed by Mandy Savery in 51.45 and Annette Mackintosh in 52.17.

In the Honeysuckle to Orroral 10.6 kms, Alice Moore was fastest outright in 1.02.43, with Carly Nix second fastest female in 1.10.34, and Breanna Visser third fastest in 1.14.38. Fourteen year old Jack Marron was fastest male in 1.14.36. Kevin Rowe was second in 1.21.52.

Many thanks to Namadgi National Park and to all helpers: Carol Harding, Kerrie Muir, Tony Henshaw, Paul Veldkamp, Ben Rhee, Stuart Lindenmayer, Kerrie Tanner, Steve Appleby.

John Harding's photo album is at

November 11, 2011

Vanitys Crossing to be closed to vehicle traffic.

Vanitys Crossing to be closed to vehicle traffic.

From:- Speedygeoff's Blog Poat

“TAMS’ decision to permanently close Vanity’s Crossing follows advice from ActewAGL and is a precautionary measure to reduce the risk of contamination or an event which would make the Cotter Reservoir unusable as a source of drinking water.
“Gates will be installed on either side of the crossing on Tuesday 15 November 2011. These will remain open until 6 February 2012, when they will be permanently locked to prevent vehicle access. People will still be able to access the area on foot or bicycle however we ask that people be mindful of how their behaviour may impact on the water and surrounding environment. Signage will be in place to inform people of the closure and of the water quality issues at the site."

This may affect some of our mountain runs if cars will need to detour to get to the far side of the crossing.

November 10, 2011

Barrenjoey 2k/5k Races PARKING NEWS


Early heads up re the Barrenjoey 2k/5k Races that will take place on Tuesday 15th at 6.15pm.

Please note that all runners will now be required to park in the new car park area which is off Lady Denman Drive at the on/off ramps to the Parkway.

Ken Eynon

November 09, 2011

BBQ Stakes Tuesday 9 th November 2011

Alex Lloyd was the timekeeper today and did a sterling job, sending all runners off their correct start time and recording the finishing times.

She has run something like 4 runs recently, and has copped a rehandicap for her win last week.

Anne Young was prepared to help today, but left before the finiish, as she had run a hard 10 km the previous day.

63 runners today with the backmarker being Nick Walshe from The Runners Shop, which provides sponsorship to the stakes on a weekly basis, and extra prizes at the end of year presentations.

This year's Christmas relays are to be held on 7 th December commencing at 5:30 pm, with a Barbeque and presentations to follow.

Today's winner was Andy Matthews, with 21 runs and one win. Second was Richard Jukes with Geoff King coming in third place, I think he runs for IP Australia.

For Information on Christmas relays, contact adrian 62832388, or Terry Levings 0409691616

Elle Knight was a welcome runner today she went and ran with Kerrie, and Daniel Bright who was in a pram and showing a sniffle from a cold, visited with his mother, Jennifer, after the run and met lots of finishers.

For those who rely on nearby toilet facilities, please note that the Woden Library now requires a library borrowing card to be shown for access to it's toilet facilites, with implementation from today, 11 th November.

Note also that there are toilet facilities in the Woden Health Clinic Building.

November 07, 2011

Ginninderra Handicap No 338 on Tue 24/10/2011

Ginninderra Handicap No 338 on Tue 24/10/2011
In damp and miserable conditions only five runners turned up equalling the lowest total since 1983. Jeff Grey started last and passed the field to win (his third win) from Matt Hirzel and Phil Carruthers. Matt Hirzel's cheer squad turned up hoping that he would win his second handicap in a row, however he was narrowly defeated by Jeff Grey fresh from a sub 3hr marathon. Sam Spencer had his first run in the handicap and was pleased, on finishing, that this was the first time he had run continuously over a 7km distance. Who knows where the handicap will take you! Sue Hobson had a run in 1986 and 6 years later in 1992 she represented Australia in the Barcelona Olympics. With three prizes and 5 runners the odds of a prize were good.

Officials Simon Wall, Andrew Sutcliffe,

November 05, 2011

The Running Bug and the Web We Weave - The Roads Scholar

The Running Bug and the Web We Weave

Author -- The Roads Scholar

For nearly 30 years now, I have run. And for equally as long, I have been asked why I do it. It is an appropriate question, and one that is never really easily answered. I can usually respond to that question with an explanation that satisfies me, but rarely can address it to the approval of the questioner, unless the person asking is also a runner. I guess it would be like me asking a Proctologist why they Proctologize. But then again, I didn’t daydream about being a runner when I was in the second grade either.
The honest truth is that not only do we each run for our own personal reasons, but our individual motives change as we continue on our journey. I can assure you that as a 26 year old, I ran for much different reasons than I do today. When I was young, I didn’t worry about my health, or my girth, or my immortality, and I can assure you that today, I no longer train with illusions of running PR’s or with the belief that I will be young forever, and never lose a step. Although I pushed it back for as long as I could, the reality of aging finally set in and now I begrudgingly accept it. But it doesn’t mean I have to like it.
But even with my glory days far behind me, most mornings I set my alarm for a time long before dawn, throw on my reflective vest and a headlamp, go out the door, and run. And most days, when the run is completed, it is still dark. No wonder people ask me why. If I was anyone other than me, I would probably be asking myself the same question.
But running is a bug, and once a bug bites you, it grips you tightly. As I habitually weave my way around the neighborhood, spinning the same web day after day, month after month, year after year, I realize that I have no other choice. I don’t question why I do it, even though, as an objective observer, I know it doesn’t make sense. I am a runner, and therefore, I run.
I can remember when I was younger, living in North Carolina, around August of each year, as the humidity set in, big ugly spiders would show up out of nowhere, and would start spinning webs around my porch. At around dusk they would come out, and start spinning their webs, very meticulous in their approach. It was really a thing of beauty to watch them weave their calculated well-engineered webs, strand by strand, spoke by spoke. I rarely stayed to watch until that night’s web was finished, but the next morning, there it was, a completed symmetrical snare, sometimes perfectly undisturbed, and other times with a fly, or a moth caught within its clutches.
I never really thought much about it back then in my youth as a runner, but have come to realize that I am much like those spiders, and this is yet another reason I run. Did those spiders ever want to sleep in, and skip a night of web-weaving? Who knows? As a spider ages, does he ask if it is worth it to continue spinning the same web night after night? Probably not, because in reality a spider doesn’t have a choice. Their nutrition, their sustenance, their reward is all built into that web.
In much the same way, at a certain point in a runner’s life, the run becomes to a runner as the web is to the spider. As we weave our way around our running routes, spinning our own webs in for form of miles, we realize we need it to sustain us. We rarely question why we do it. We just know we have to. We are the species of human known as runners, and running is what we do. It becomes instinctive.
And for as long as the body allows it, the runner will not willingly not run. He can’t. To not run would leave him hungry, mal-nourished, and without the bug of nourishment. Running is the web we weave. And the web is what sustains us.
Posted by The Roads Scholar at 5:06 AM.

BBQ Stakes Christmas Run

This is held on the second Wednesday in December.

It is conducted as a two person relay event as a Turkey run at an estimated total time of 40 minutes, without wearing watches or earpieces attached to a music device, each person running 3 kilometres.

End of year presentations are made, following a Barbeque after the relays.

The relay start time is 5:30 pm, and BBQ and presentations follow.

Awards are made and trophies presented.

Runners make up their own teams, but if someone needs a team member, the organisesrs can help find a team mate. The target time for the run is 40 minutes, and closest team to finish in that time is declared the winner of the prestigious trophy, which they hold for 12 months.

NOTE that there is NIL lunchtime run on the day of the relays.

November 02, 2011

BBQ Stakes 2nd November 2011

The day following the runnung of the Melbourne Cup brought a good attendance of 58/59 competitors.

Dolph Page wore his recently acquired T Shirt.

He was carrying an injury so didn't perform to his usual high standard. Anne Young was also carrying an injury, and limped home saying when she wasn't running, it felt better.

John Busteed, Marc Wilson and Judy Kuleas left early and all returned in the early finishers.

Julee Quinn also talked about her next long run in a few weeks time, not a marathon, but a long run in a mountain running event.

Ian Fletcher, husband of former president of the ACT Cross Country Club, Emma Kate McGurk, recently had a birthday, and is still in Turkey.

Gary Bowen talked about his excellent placing in a triathlon over the weekend, ask him about it when next you see him.