June 29, 2011

BBQ Stakes 29 th June 2011

BBQ Stakes 29th June 2011

John Barrett was the timekeeper today after his win last week.

He looked at his rehandicap following that win and found he had been rehandicapped to 13:00 from 11:45, a penalty of 1:15 for the win, which he can now cogitate on how he should run in the next several weeks. With school holidays coming soon, he might bring his son to the stakes, to give him motivation.

Mark Wilson missed today's run through being elsewhere, but John Busteed and Julee walked and ran together, Julee running the entire distance for the first time. Andrew Guild 48th, and Gabrielle Wright, were the last home today. Anne Young and Rad ran together for a while and finished in 41 st and 42nd place, Heather Powrie was in 45 th place. Daniel Buckley in 46 th place ran todau after almost a year absence, although he ran the lakes stakes this week. Roger Palazzo ran today, off his correct handicap of 5:00, and finished across the line at 44:40. Matt Murphy started off 17:45, just following Greg Regester off 17:30, both following Bill Bennett.

Today's winner was Richard Jukes, his 48 th run, and his PB of 24:08 on 20th Sept 2009, Geoff King second at 40:08 across the line, and Lloyd Edwards was third across the line at 40:16. Andrew Walker was the winner of the previous week, and was given the winner's voucher. John Hall thinks his handicap is too generous and will contact the handicapper for a more reasonable handicap.

June 27, 2011

Customs Joggers 24 June 2011

Customs Joggers Run 1703 of 24 June 2011 and point score competition
Friday 24 June was our mid-year celebration and announcement of the winner of the point score competition for the first half of 2011. Congratulations to winner Mike Stracey, a steady and consistent performer through the last six months or so. Mike will have his name engraved on our prestigious trophy. Also, well done to Nathan, second and Peter Clarke, third.

The first three place getters received prizes selected by Mike, including wine, chocs and port.

Thanks to Mike for organising food, drinks and prizes.

Thanks also to Nick Walshe and the Runners Shop for providing voucher prizes and socks throughout the year.

For this week, those who participated will be given a time of 36 minutes and credited with a run, with no change to handicaps. Let me know if I have missed anyone from the attached list.

Next Customs Joggers Run will be Friday 1 July 2010 at 12:15 pm. Because of the construction work, we will again start on the bike path towards the car park. This will not be a point score competition but handicapping will continue and prizes of Runners Shop vouchers and socks will again be available for the first two eligible finishers on the day. Usual charge of $1 will apply.

Website address:


June 16, 2011

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 15 th June 2011

Marc Wilson ran his 400 th Stakes today. But had to leave early and thus was not presented with his T-Shirt signalling this achievement.

45 ran today with Judy Juleas, Marc Wilson and John Busteed starting early.

Kathleen Bleakley got there a little late today and was the last to finish, she recoreded her time at 34:28. Tony Sergi is about to, or has completed 200 runs and his T-shirt awaits presentation on his next run. Rad was 37 th today, Anne Young was 38 th, they ran together at the finish, Helen was 39 th, Roger was 40 th.

Nick Walshe ran a time of 28:17, as the backmarker and started at 20:22. Not sure of his finishing place, as a big group of runners decended on the finish line together. Andrew Walker was first, I think, Geoff King was second and Eddie Adams was third.

There was discussion today of the ACT Cross Country Championships this weekend at Stromlo Forest Paek, some races I believe will be running at the same times, a separate e-mail from Ken Etnon has been received about these events. Competitors sre advised to arrive early to familiarise themselves with the courses and conditions.

June 14, 2011

Sri Chinmoy 2k 5k , Half Marathon Report

Sri Chinmoy Half-Marathon, 5 Mile & 2 Mile Race Report

From The Website

The sun shone! … This may not sound like earth-shattering news – though we are so used to this race being held in the dead of Winter under a thick frost, that today's pleasant, sunny conditions came as a newsworthy surprise.

There was a special ambience to today's races, a lightness of mood pervading as the public holiday blended with the mild conditions and serene parkland setting. On days like these, smiles are worn easily and a run in the park seems the perfect salute to life.

The 2 mile race this morning saw some exceptional runs from some of our younger competitors – none more so than Keely Small, who celebrated her 10th birthday only a few days ago, and finished in 12:05, only 2 seconds away from winning the race outright.

Tom Sharp was the only male in front of her, his 12:03 gaining him the main prize. Not far behind was the 1st Under 13 boy – Henry Illingworth in 12:22. Trish Pollock was 1st in the Female 17 and Over category in 16:06; while Emily Alder took out the Girls Under 17 prize in 20:24.

The 5 mile race saw a scintillating run from the sprightly Natasha Cole, setting a new course record of 29:27 which placed her 3rd outright, and 8 minutes ahead of her nearest rival. Natasha was headed only by two young speedsters in Stuart Grey (28:30) and Joshua Torley (28:35) who staged a spirited race from go to woe.

First Male 50-59 was David Alder in 32:47; with Jim White first in the Male 60-69 in 43:10. Margaret Phillips led home the Women 50-59 in an excellent 42:50.

Craig Benson led the Half-Marathon field from the first lap and was never headed, finishing in 1:21:28 from Chey Pettingill (1:22:35) and Anthony Kennedy (1:22:55).

Sara Burgess ran an outstanding race to place 6th outright, winning the women's race convincingly in 1:26:53. Janine Bothe led the Women 50-59 with an impressive 1:44:49; and Diana SSchneider the Women 60-69 in 2:03:08.

Richard Faulks took out the Men 50-59 in 1:34:04; not far behind the winner of the Men 60-69, the ever-green Peter Clarke in 1:31:21. Lachlan Lewis flew the flag for the Men 70 and Over category, finishing smiling and strong in 2:36:47.

Full results by age category are published, including split times for every mile in each distance – and an excellent photo album of the many faces that made this morning so memorable.

June 08, 2011

BBQ Stakes 8 th June 2011

On a cold (very Cold) day, 48 runners competed with Two runners starting early and Laura Toyne, carrying an injury, finishing near the back of the field. Anne Young also finished near the back of the pack.

Rad Leovic was presented with his (correct size) 200 run T-shirt. Keith Fox was today's winner on his 30 th run, his first win with a P.B. of 32:42, but sure to improve, crossing the line at 39:48, Roger Braid was second across the line at 40:20. Terry Dixon did the timing duties. Early arrivals were expecting cols conditions, across the top of the course and they were right in their expectations.

John Barrett again arrived at the start a little late for his start time, but put in a good run. He has regularly been travelling from Civic for this run each week.

June 07, 2011

Lakes Stakes 7th June 2011

Participation today, was courtesy of Rad, who gave me a lift to the venue.

And he had his car heater on all the way there and back, it was certainly needed.

He ran it in 39:44.

I took 63:02 for the 6 km run.

I was glad of the flat course. Made the jog easy as.

There was a cool breeze, very cool in our faces on the way out, and behind our backs on the return leg. Prter Foster boasted of his second best time on the course, due to a new pair of shoes from The Runners Shop current sale. Ian Hore looked like he had worked hard today, after his return to the finish, and also commented on the windy conditions.

June 01, 2011

From The Roads Scholar

But it's an Honest Sweat

I've never made a secret of the fact that I'm not an avid reader, and when I do read, it's usually for self-discovery, and not for entertainment. Most often, when I pick up a book, it is with a desire to learn how to improve some element of me, or to acquire tools which allow me to see things more clearly, or with the intent of learning to understand other people or myself in a different, more positive light.

Mostly, I read for inspiration, and last night was no exception. With my own writing in a dormant stage lately, I picked up an older book I hadn't looked at in a long time, with the hope of becoming once again inspired to write. When I opened it, the first thing I noticed was how discolored the pages had become since I had last picked it up. But though the pages had yellowed, the words were still as timeless and appropriate as when they were first written, and they danced off the aged pages as I read. The book was “Running and Being” and the author was George Sheehan.

I wasn't even half way through the forward before I realized that today was going to be a writing day for me. When I read about how, in his own opinion, Sheehan the writer and Sheehan the runner were inseparable and one would likely not exist without the other, I acquiesced, remembering how I used to feel the same way about myself.

Dr. Sheehan was not my first inspiration as a runner, but he was my first inspiration as a writer. Through him, I learned how to unite my two passions, creating a compound word “runnerwriter” which I define as the “path to the purest form of revelation and honesty.” Sheehan chose to write immediately after his run, opting to towel off instead of showering because “Honest sweat has no odor.” But if you look deeper, there's much more to it than that.

Running sweat is as honest as sweat can get. The activity of running breaks through the falsehoods and the colored filters, and reveals the truths about one’s self, others, and life in a way that no other activity parallels, at least to the runner. It is the unique and seemingly antagonistic combination of acute awareness and complete serenity in the same instant that makes running sacred. Many refer to that feeling as “Runner's High.” I think of it as “Runner's Truth” revealed overtly as honest sweat. Why should we be in such a hurry to rinse it away?

As I mentioned earlier, I have been experiencing another in a continuing series of bouts with writer's block. It's not that the ideas haven't been there. Running has been as enlightening as ever, and I've been learning more about the sport I love, the things I love, the people I love, and the person I am becoming than ever before. But somewhere between the run and the write, it has all been washed away time and time again. After being reminded again last night of how George did it, I'm confident that I'm back in the groove.

Dr. Sheehan knew better than to shower off the residue of the run before he captured his thoughts on paper. He simply ran, toweled off, and then wrote what the run revealed, while the thoughts were still fresh and honesty was still oozing out of his every pore. It resulted in primitive truths, written in modern words that will hold true for as long as the human species continues running and being.

So this morning I ran, accumulating new truths with every step. I delighted in feeling the salty truth serum dripping over my eyes, down my neck, squishing in my shoes, and saturating my singlet and shorts. Then, I toweled off, and sat down to write, still feeling the fresh film of sweat of the previous three miles in cool and crisp late April Atlanta.

Ah. But it's an honest sweat.



BBQ Stakes 1 st June 2011

BBQ Stakes 1 st June 2011

Rad Leovic was the centre of attention today, when he was presented with his 200 run T-Shirt.

There was some discussion of whether the shirt size presented was the right size or whether he could get a different size, but he still completed his 200 th run.

55 ran today, with Heather Powrie on timekeeping duties, this was a reverse run , first for the month. A few spectators were presnt today, a mother and daughter, waiting for the man of the family. Carol Ey was present as an injured spectator.

Several late comers still managed to run off their handicap. Kathleen made it in good time today, sometimes she is a little late starting. Helen Larmour managed to arrive just before her start group, she had won the 5 km Mothers Day Classic 5km run over the weekend, but was not recognised as the winner in the after event presentations, and Julie Quinn had a win in a weekend Rogaine. I think Health won the teams event, with Terry Dixon, Dolph Page and Lloyd Edwards well placed for the team.

Gabrielle Wright ran today, in an effort to regain some fitness, saying she has taken off some weight. Amme Young was 51 st today, Ian Hore was 54 th and Gabrielle was 55 th.