May 26, 2011

Vets Committee elected at AGM 25th May

The new ACTVAC Committee, elected at last night's AGM:

Jeff Grey - President
Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee - Vice President
Graham Burke - Secretary
Nick Blackaby - Treasurer
Plus Craig Wisdom, Kathy Sims, Paul Archer Jan Banens, Fran Harris

From Geoff Moore's Blog.

May 25, 2011

BBQ Stakes Wed 25th June 2011

Some 46 runners today, but Laura Toyne, who had a win a few weeks previously, recorded a DNF Today.

Anne Young didn't start today, but on Sunday ran her 60 th Half Marathon in a W 75 record of 2 hr 42 min 16 secs. No wonder shw got such a rousing reception when she finished.
Rad's half Marathon time was 2:32 or so, yet still ran today, and showed us his treasured records and a youngish photo.

Kathleen Bleakley, ran off early, still suffering Jet Lag after her whirlwing tours of the last few weeks. Damian Wright kept the times after his win last week, and Julie Quinn went for a run, but not in the Stakes today. Helen Larmour was late to start and almost the last to finish, pipped to the line by Ian Hore. Terry Levings was 30th across the line, Axel Godeck 32 nd over, Bob Harlow 35 th across, Rad 37 th across, Carolyne Kramar 39 th across, Peter Hogan was a well dressed spectator, and Greg Webster put in a an appearance, the first since the removal of the bars close to the start, which he used to hurdle early in his runs.

First today was Heather Powrie, Second was Keith Fox and Third place was Terry Dixon.

Last week's winner, Damian Wright did time keeping duty today, he has not been running very long, but is keen to participate, so we'll see more of him in the future.
Missing today were those who know Geoff Hawke, I think it was his mother's 's funeral today. I was told the funeral notice was in last Saturday's Canberra Times

May 23, 2011

Some Half Marathon performances

Rad Leovic 2:24:15
Ruth Baussmann 1:58:52
Roger Pilkington 1:40:13
Caroline Campbell 1:57:17
Greg Regester 1:22:57
Geoff Moore 1:32:04
Geoff Barker 2:33:18

May 16, 2011

BBQ Stakes this week

The winner today, was Laura Toyne, who had a win not too many weeks previously. Laura had another win, and performed timekeeping duties this recent Wednesday, a fine day.

Last timekeeping duties, she told me about running in Darwin, and the regular runs conducted by the Darwin running club.

She is a regular runner on Wednesdays, and was the joint winner of the 2010 BBQ Stakes Christmas Relays.

She has done the timekeeping duties previously, Kerrie Tanner was, I believe doing the Great Ocean Road Marathon, in Victoria.