February 24, 2011

BBQ Stakes 23 rd February 2011

Walked part of the course today. in 68 minutes or so.

Didn't take the Chifley shops route, so the distance was not correct.

Gee the grass at the top of Waldock Street is almost head high.

But left early enough to partially complete the course and have a few minutes to spare, before heading over to the start area.

Refer separate post for the day's Stakes report.

Then went to the doctor's in the afternoon for the regular blood test and some other doctor's discussion items.

Had dinner at the Southern Cross Club, and satisfied my appetite before heading home. No dessert tonight. Usually it is a small tub of youghurt.

Might be able to walk the course every week now, and notch up "several more events" towards my overall total.

BBQ Stakes Wednesday 23rd February 2011

Winner today was Laura Toyne, across the line at 39:36 with Lloyd Edwards second and Matthew Murphy third.

Lloyd has 343 runs with 12 wins and a P.B. of 21:12 on 27 th Feb 1991.

Lloyd only has two regular runs these days, the BBQ Stakes and the Customs Joggers. Second was Matthew Murphy on 40:34 and third was Andrew Walker. 57 ran today, with Caroline Campbell having her first anniversary run, she is now competing regularly in the BBQ Stakes.

Sonja kept the time today, following her win last week, and says she doesn't always run her best every week because of her training being a bit irregular.

Due to a misplaced switch on the clock, the printer battery was depleted.

However the times should have been stored in the memory for later retrieval, but could not be retrieved.

February 22, 2011

Lake Ginninderra Handicap 22nd February 2011

Today's run was under a clear sky with reasonable temperature and no wind to detect.

18 runners arrived for today's start.

James Bradley had a win, with Jim Roberts and Graeme Deards winning the bottles of wine. Rad Leovic had a time of 52:08 off a start time of 5 minutes, his net time being 47:08, for the 7 Kilometer course.

This is good after his run in the Stromlo running festival last Saturday.

Alistair Rogers and Gerard Wilde did the officiating today.

Doug Fry helped with the place cards handing out and recording.

Andrew Sutcliffe ran today, partly in preparation for his running the Canberra Marathon in April. And a couple of others were training for the Canberra marathon, wondering how many others would be in that event.

February 16, 2011

BBQ Stakes 16 th February 2011

On what turned out to be a wet track, the rain started after 11 am, 42 runners were present today. The book in area was under the underpass, but the runners started and finished at their usual start position, out in the weather affected area.

42 started and finished today, with Marc Wilson taking an early mark to enable him to catch a plane after the run. Sonja McKenna came in first at 40:04, Lloyd Edwards finishing 20 seconds behind at 40:24, and 3 rd over the line was Kerrie Tanner.

Sonja has 163 runs, with 5 wins and 33 runs since her last win, with a P.B. of 28:24.

Fastest last week were Julie Quinn and Greg Regester.

Matthew Murphy was presented his trophy for last year's second place in the pointscore, and Helen Larmour was not present to receive her engraved trophy. (The Honest John Trophy) for 2009.

It was so wet, that John Busteed used the shelter of his umbrella to participate.
Was this a first??

February 13, 2011

Sprint Marathon Relay 2011

Place Team Time Names
1 Blue 2:29:04 Kym Reid Capt
Natalie Archer
Paul Archer
Chris Dragisic
John Spooner
Ken White
2 Pink/Black 2:31:20 Geoff Monro Capt
Kym Chisholm
Heidi Johnston
Elle Knight
Tiffany Reedy
Gareth Smith
3 Gold 2:33:32 Bernie Millett Capt
Emma Adams
Allison Duncan
Stuart Grey
Helen Larmour
Krisztina Mohacsi
4 Pink 2:34:44 Bruce Graham Capt
Bob Chapman
Katie Forestier
Andrew Matthews
Michelle Wells
Maria White
5 Blue/Black 2:35:37 Peter Thomson Capt
Ruth Baussmann
Nick Blackaby
Crris French
Geoff Moore
Nadine Morrison
6 Green 2:37:33 Craig Wisdom Capt
Gary Bowen
Carol Ey
Graeme Patrick
Bryan Thomas
Jim White
7 Green/Black 2:38:40 Brett Morrison Capt
Neil Boden
Jeff Grey
Alison Sims
Ewen Thompson

A spread of 9 minutes or so is very close.

February 10, 2011

ActewAGL 25th Annual Women's and Girls’ Fun Run/Walk 2011

YMCA of Canberra Runners Club

Media Release

Issued by: Kym Chisholm, Race Director, Tuesday 8 March 2011

ActewAGL 25th Annual Women's and Girls’ Fun Run/Walk 2011

Stage 88, Commonwealth Park, Sunday 3 April 2011, 9am

More than 1000 women and girls are expected to participate in this year’s ActewAGL Women and Girls’ Fun Run/Walk. 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the event.

The event is hosted by the YMCA of Canberra Runners Club and involves the work of about 50 volunteers. ActewAGL is the major sponsor and The Canberra Times, the major supporting sponsor.

The event fund-raises for a charity, OvCan, a local ACT Ovarian Cancer Support Group who also raise awareness of ovarian and gynae cancers. It is a very important time for them as February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

The Chief Minister, Jon Stanhope, MLA will start the race at 9am. He was the originating convenor of the Women's and Girls’ Fun Run.

The event provides excellent community footage, especially the mass start at 9am, and aims to promote a healthy lifestyle for women and girls of all ages.

Entrants will include a variety of school, mother and daughter, sister and work/organisation teams. We also hope to see Sue Counsel and Joan Mallory continue their stunning effort of participating in every single Women and Girls’ Fun Run.

Please visit our website – www.wgfunrun.com.au for more information.

Members of the media are invited to attend the event.

When: Sunday 3 April 2011, 9.00am

Where: Stage 88, Commonwealth Park

Media Contact: Kym Chisholm, Race Directory, kym@emailanywhere.com.au

February 08, 2011

The second running of the B&E Hobart Run The Bridge

Lee Troop And Anna Thompson - 2011 Champions 06 Feb 2011 The second running of the B&E Hobart Run The Bridge was another great success with over 1700 athletes crossing over the Tasman Bridge in the 10km or the all new 5km event. Amongst those athletes was now two times winner Lee Troop. Troop led the field out from the start and put the hammer down in the lead up to the bridge, hitting his rivals hard and breaking the chain as he crossed over the bridge in the run down into Hobart. Troop now holds both male B&E Hobart Run The Bridge titles and will hopefully be back in 2012, an Olympic year to go for his hat trick. Troop was slightly slower this year, which was quite understandable considering he is recovering from a blood clot on the lung, yet still managed a very slick 30min 13 secs. Runner up was Ethiopian runner and recent winner of the Cadbury Marathon Geleta Wondwosen closely followed by age group local David Thomas. In the female event we saw a new champion with Anna Thompson triumphing in a great time of 34 mins 43 secs to take the female course record and 7th overall. Anna was followed by Melanie Daniels who snuck up and pipped Clare Geraghty on the line. Geraghty was in a nice rhythm and didn't see the challenge from Daniels coming in the finish shute and payed the price with the loss of second place. There were some wonderful efforts amongst the 1700+ B&E Run The Bridge locals including B&E CEO Paul Ranson who ran the course in a very slick 37 mins 47 secs taking out the 45-49 year age group and 33rd place overall.....raising the question is Paul the quickest CEO in Australia? Also out on course enjoying the 5km was the inspirational team from St Vincents Institute with 15 team members participating in the 5km event and finishing in style with huge smiles on their faces knowing that they had accomplished something special. Congratulations go to Jaclyn Godfrey who was the highest fundraiser, raising $440 for Variety The Children’s Charity. Jaclyn is the recipient of a fantastic Brooks pack. With over $5,000 raised for Variety we encourage our participants to keep it going and continue raising funds for a very worthy cause....children in need! To everyone involved, the Premier Lara Giddings who presented the winner cheque, our volunteers from the Clarence Football Club, the B&E staff at the finish line and all the sponsors and participants....thank you for a wonderful 2011 and bring on 2012, an Olympic year!

February 04, 2011

Broulee Runners

Happy Birthday to the Broulee Runners - our running group will be celebrating our 4th birthday on 7th Febuary.
Thank you to Mike Kennedy for his drive and enthusiasm. Mike founded the Broulee Runners group on 7th February 2007 and has kept records of every single runner since that time.

We all appreciate your time and effort Mike and thank you to Robyn Kennedy as well.

February 02, 2011

Customs Joggers raised $138.50 for the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal.

Congratulations to the Customs Joggers on raising $138.50 for the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal. (This includes normal fee of $1 plus many donations on the day). In addition, we agreed to make this up to the next $100, so will add another $61.50 from our reserve funds to make $200. Mike has now deposited this in the Flood Relief Fund: sorry I am not up to attaching the receipt.

I have attached the results of Customs Joggers Run 1683 on Friday 28 January 2011.

Please check the results and advise me if there need to be any corrections.

Subject to any changes, winners are Geoff Barker and Sam Hatherley.

Given the bunch of runners who finished around 35:12, it’s been hard to identify place getters. So, rather than award three prizes in view of the good turnout of 27, we’ll celebrate the generous contributions by runners on the 28th by awarding three prizes for the next run.

Following a suggestion by Paula, we now have a flyer promoting the run on strips of paper on a bulldog clip near the pot. Please grab a couple and hand them out to runners you pass along the way to encourage them to join our group. Any other suggestions to recruit new runners will be welcome.

Next Customs Joggers Run will be Friday 4 February 2011 at 12:15 pm over our traditional course from where the toilet block used to be in Commonwealth Park. Prizes of Runners Shop vouchers and socks will again be available for the first two eligible finishers on the day. Usual charge of $1 will apply.

Many thanks to the Runners Shop for their continued support.

This will also be the second week of a new point score competition for the first half of 2011. This competition is expected to run until ?? June 2011.

Next Customs Joggers Run will be Friday 28 January 2010 at 12:15 pm over our traditional course from where the toilet block used to be in Commonwealth Park. This will not be a point score competition but handicapping will continue. Prizes of Runners Shop vouchers and socks will again be avilable for the first two eligible finishers on the day. Usual charge of $1 will apply.

BBQ Stakes 2/2/2011

On another very hot day, 41 ran the Stakes.

Winner was Martin Boyd with a time of 40.45, second over the line was Greg Regester40:48, and third was Laura Toyne for the others. So the Others won the teams for the day. Julie Quinn was also well placed for the others.

Martin Boyd has 46 runs and had his second win with a P.B of 23:30.

Andrew Guild was presented his 400 th run T-Shirt, and told stories of riding his bike through the thistles at the Cotter Run.

Bruce Wight was there to collect his voucher for a win some three weeks previously.

Robert Ey was the timekeeper today, after having his first win last week.

Gabrielle and Tim Wright passed by, after moving to Lyons recently,

Gabrielle has diagnosed herself, from the internet, with some form of diabetes, and cannot run, so has to consult a doctor for appropriate treatment. Tim however, may run the Stakes again.

Gabrielle has cut links with "Jogalong Jottings" after over 10 years compiling that publication for the Women's and Girls' monthly Jogalong..