January 31, 2011

Trevor Jacobs Does It By Degrees at University of Canberra

Trevor Jacobs Does It By Degrees at University of Canberra
Friday, 28 January 2011

Trevor Jacobs made the most of Oliver Poland’s absence and an outstanding run of 24 min 45 sec for the 4.2 km Orange 1 at University of Canberra in Round 12 of the 2010-11 Runners Shop Twilight Series to score the maximum 125 points and join Poland at the top of the table. This was Jacobs’ fourth 125-pointer in the series.

Shannon Jones time of 22 min 29 sec was not good enough to repeat her win at Aranda Hill and had to settle for second and 124 points. In his third cameo appearance for the Series Anthony Scott was next best on 123 points for his time of 22 min 51 sec.

Grant McDonald scored his fourth 122-pointer with a time of 24 min 31 sec and Lachlan Dow made up the top five with the best time for the course, 20 min 43 sec.

With a time of 24 min 51 sec Bob Allison was fastest over the 3.0 km Orange 2 course. Kim Tucklee (W Open) and Ann Ingwersen (W Masters) were the fastest women in times of 29 min 50 sec and 30 min 41 sec respectively.

After 12 rounds, Jacobs and Poland shared the lead with 748 points from the best six scores. Jones remains within seven points of them and they are the only three could win the series this year.

Regular competitors should remember that there will be encouragement awards in addition to the awards for the first, second and third. And if they have any doubts about their points score (which could be caused by an incorrect YOB in the data) they should email oact.online@work.netspeed.com.au

The next event will be at Mulligans Flat on 2 February.

The results for Round 12 are here

The RSTS points table is here

The competition rules are here

ACTVAC to trial chest numbers

Message to ACTVAC members (regular track and field competitors)From: Val Chesterton

Dear Members,

The ACTVAC committee has agreed to trial the introduction of chest numbers being worn at all Track and Field meets for the remainder of the 2010-11 season. The committee has acknowledged that it is a common practice in the majority of athletic clubs around Australia that members are required to wear chest numbers as a standard part of their weekly competition. Many of our Track and Field participants are already familiar with this practice as chest numbers must be worn at national and international competitions.

There are several advantages to the use of cloth chest numbers, including the professional appearance of club members and improved processing of results. Members will no longer need to provide their name and number or birth date, rather those volunteers recording results will be able to document the ACTVAC number which will be visible on all competing members’ singlets. This makes for much quicker and efficient recording of members’ placing in events.

Initially as part of the trial, a single cloth chest number (displaying your historical club number) will be issued to all members that compete regularly at Track and Field meets. Members will be able to collect their number in the Commonwealth Room when they register for the meet from February 3rd onwards. Members are required to wear this chest number when competing at all track and field meets. To ensure you have your number with you for all Track and Field competitions, make sure it is kept in your regular competition bag! The number can be affixed to your running singlet via safety pins.

For members who are not regular competitors at track, paper numbers will be provided.

The committee will review the success of this trial at the end of the Track and Field season.

Kind regards,

The ACTVAC committee

January 30, 2011

Lake Ginninderra Handicap Tuesday 25 January 2011

The Lake Ginninderra 7 km Handicap
Supporting the ACT Cancer Society

Ginninderra Handicap No 329 on Tuesday 25/01/2011

A hot day saw fairly low numbers and slowish times except for the winner Jeff Grey. Jeff returned to the handicap after a few years trained up and quick, previously having run 35 times in the 31 to 36 min range and posted a 27.52 in his first run back.
Second and third places went to Travis Borgo and Darran Hitchman.

Quite a few new starters showed up, Melissa Wilson, Fee Knights, Brian Daly and Graham Deards. The award winners for 2010 were announced and the Armstrong winner Simon Wall was on hand officiating to explain exactly how the Armstrong is calculated and what it represents. Runners near the front were rewarded, with numbers 1,3 and 5 being drawn as the lucky prizes.

Officials Simon Wall, Gerard Wildie, Andrew Sutcliffe

January 27, 2011

BBQ Stakes 27 th January 2011

John Busteed was awarded his 800 th run T-Shirt today.

He achieved this feat last week, but due to the organiser being on holidays, the presentation was held over till today. John's best in the stakes was 21:43 on 21 st April 1982,he was in the handicappers role at one time, and brings his own brand of colour to the event.

He was in hospitsl yesterday sufering a bout of viral meningitis, but that didn't stop him competing today. 24 competed on a rather warm day, with Robert Ey having his first win from 56 runs, in a time of 40:19, second across the line was Sonja McKenna in 40:22, Julie Quinn crossing in third at 41:16.

Laura Toyne was awarded her 100th run T-Shirt, she started in September 2002, and has 3 wins with a P.B. of 28:41.

Garry Lee also ran today after winning the Lake Tuggeranong stakes two days previously.

January 26, 2011

Vets Team Sprint Marathon Relay

This event will be held on Sunday 13 th February.

Please submit your entry to Jim White.

January 25, 2011

Norma Lindemann wins SCT Turkey Run -- 18 December 2010

The SCT Turkey Run:
SCT's annual 'Turkey Run' was held on Saturday 18 December 2010.

A small field of runners and walkers completed a two-lap course of 3.8k on the trails of Fadden Pines. The object of the event (besides having fun) was to estimate your finish time prior to the start and run/walk without a watch. Places were decided according to how close your actual time was to your estimated time.

The winner was Norma Lindemann who was just six seconds away from her estimated time. Norma won a $100 gift voucher. Second was Gwyllym Young (12 secs and a $75 gift voucher) and third Paul Considine (14 secs and a $50 gift voucher).
Place Name Time Diff Under/Over

1 Norma Lindemann 0:06 Over
2 Gwyllym Young 0:12 Under
3 Paul Considine 0:14 Under
4 Ryan Young 0:25 Under
5 Geoff Monro 0:39 Under
6 Jim White 0:58 Over
7 Felix Huber 0:58 Under
8 Maria White 1:12 Under
9 Steve Karvelas 1:32 Under
10 Zara Huber 1:48 Over
11 Charlie Modrak 1:49 Under
12 Michael Burt 1:53 Under
13 Linda Huber 1:54 Over
14 Eric Lindemann 3:26 Over
15 Lilly Bogsjevic 7:59 Under
16 Freia Huber 11:35 Under

Customs Joggers Run 1682 on Friday 21 January 2011

I have attached the results of Customs Joggers Run 1682 on Friday 21 January 2011.

Please check the results and advise me if there need to be any corrections.

Subject to any changes, winners are Bronwyn Calver and Roger Hollis.

Next Customs Joggers Run will be Friday 28 January 2010 at 12:15 pm over our traditional course from where the toilet block used to be in Commonwealth Park. This will be the first week of new point score competition for the first half of 2011.

Prizes of Runners Shop vouchers and socks will again be available for the first two eligible finishers on the day. Many thanks to the Runners Shop for their continued support.

Also on this date (28 January) we will take the opportunity to raise funds for the Queensland Flood Appeal by contributing all the takings on the day to the Appeal. So, in addition to your normal $1 fee, please consider adding generously to the pot and note that we will make an additional contribution from our accumulated funds. We will investigate whether it is possible to issue receipts for tax deductions but, with scammers around, this may not be possible for a small, unofficial group like ours. If you really need a receipt, then please go along to the nearest bank as they are all accepting donations.

January 20, 2011

BBQ Stakes Thursday 27 th January 2011

The BBQ Stakes will not be held on 26 th January, which is the Australia day public holiday, but instead will be held on Thursday 27 th. January

Same Place, Same Time.

Come and see John Busteed receive his 6oo th run T-Shirt.

BBQ Stakes 20 th January 2011

Today was the 800 th run for John Busteed. A total of 45 ran on this auspicious occasion.

John is one of the stalwarts of the Stakes.

Not as fast as previously, aren't we all.

John missed a few runs, but is now in regular attendance.

He is one of the first to arrive, sometimes as early as 11 a.m. But then he goes shopping and comes back in time to change for the 12 noon start.

Due to holidays of one of the organisers John's 800 run T-Shirt was not available for presentation, but will be presented shortly. The Mystery of the half dozen beers left near the start area, has gone unsolved. They were there as early as 10 am, and remained uncollected after today's run was finished.

I think Kerrie Tanner was today's winner on 39:56, with Greg Regester hot on her heels at 39:58. Bruce Wight, last week's winner was unable to time keep today, Julie Quinn offered to time keep and did an admirable job. Matthew Murphy, finished in 11th place, he always runs a fast time, which he was doing last year and finishing high in the placings. He finished in 11 th place today.

The BBQ Stakes will not be held on 26 th January, which is the Australia day holiday, but instead will be held on Thursday 27 th instead.

January 15, 2011

Griffins and Canberra Marathon

Some news re: Griffins. I got the following response from Fairfax today...


The following was posted to the cool running Group


Thank-you for your email.

I can confirm that Fairfax Events are currently in discussions with the YMCA of Canberra Runners Club regarding the Griffin award programme offered previously by the ACT Cross Country Club.

We are working towards a resolution and will update you on any progress.

Kind regards,


Fairfax Events

January 05, 2011

BBQ Stakes Thursday 5 th January 2011

BBQ Stakes today was the first run for the month and hence in the reverse direction.

A field of 42 signed on for the run, but only 41 finished.

The odd runner out was Robert Ey, who helped a wanderer on the track, find his right target. Robert thus didn't complete the event.

Hugh Moore invited a couple of running friends from Sweden to the event, the lady started off Zero, and the man started off 10 minutes, and ran well, the trouble with these two was they came from a country where there is lots of snow at the moment, so this weather was not kind to them.

Garry Lee did well on what I thought was his 389 th run, coming off a win in the Tuggeranong Stakes yesterday. He has a PB from 1980. Garry came in at 39 plus minutes, with second placed Martin Boyd finishing at 40:25, and 40:29 being the finishing time of 3 rd placed Bruce Wight.

Kerrie Wright resumed after the Christmas break, and Kerrie was joined by Elle Knight for this short run, as distinct from Elle's regular long runs.

Some runners are headed to Thredbo Running Week, held in January each year, so numbers may be a bit smaller for the next couple of weeks.

Also Garry Bowen brought a friend along for the run.

The teams event today was won by the Others.

January 01, 2011

Eating Out

The Hellenic Club in Woden has a greek style restaurant.

Rhe Trattoria.

We had (1) Veal Saltimbocca and (2) Vitello Funghi.

Both delicious and well presented.

They have a fairly extensive menu.

And it was packed long before we finished.

Some nights it is wise to book ahead, if not the bistro also serves excellent meals, Membership is at minimal cost, and the club has it's own car park adjacent.

Cost about $67, but extras cost more.